Date: 7th September 2012 at 3:47pm
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Good afternoon.

More proof that the PG Tips chimps are alive, well and working on national sports desks. Crusades are usually expensive or at least require those taking part to disengage their brains. The good news for HH readers is I don’t charge and you get to make your own mind up.

3 days ago with the headline: ‘That Didn’t Take Long! Unhappy With Just Four Days After Joining .’

This negatively spun claptrap used the quotes of a third party – in this case – to support what’s essentially a lie.

‘Hugo has not appreciated the statements of his coach. I am not going to create a problem that I do not need today. But if it were to happen then it would need some consideration. I do not want Hugo to find himself in this situation.’

Deschamps is clearly a bitter little horse meat sandwich muncher with an agenda. It is a cynical stunt on behalf of the Mail to use his comments to support a piece of fiction. Deschamps has since added:

‘He is one of the best three goalkeepers in the world. Hugo could play against any player in any league. Now, if he can help Tottenham to the next level, it could be a springboard towards a bigger club.’

The player Hugo himself has demonstrated a diplomacy to match Villas-Boas’. As per my last blog on this issue, it’s as plain as the nose on your face that the boss doesn’t want to be disrespectful to Brad. Hugo Lloris said yesterday:

‘I am a professional and I can put all this aside, I’m only and entirely focused on France. I’ve played enough matches in the past to be able to manage this.’

Articles like this are about as honest and truthful as sat on SNN on transfer deadline night in a suit we paid for making snide digs about us now having four goalkeepers. Good luck with that media career, Kev, the last famous chauffeur I saw appear on TV was Henri Paul.

I’ll be running a blog on every piece of nonsense involving this Club until the chimps start to think before hitting the publish button.

In other news, demand footballing supremo has joined Bournemouth.

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