Does This Remind You Of Anyone?

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Good evening.

I have to confess that I didn’t go hunting this clip out on the basis that my hunger, my desire for International football no matter who is playing starts off poorly and usually fizzles out not long after. Ray Wilkins was on the television some time back and called it right. The Champions League has replaced International football in so many ways it’s difficult to know where to begin.

ODM has a plan to bin the conventional national sides of these sceptered isles and replace them with a Team GB. I’m not entirely sure if he’s serious but it might be a plan worth some consideration. I’m not sure what the answer is. Maybe we just chuck John Terry down a well and forget which one.

But the reason I dragged you here was to have a butchers at the clip above. The stance prior to moving, the almost tippy toe approach and the way his shoe goes through the ball. Yeah., very similar to that unhappy bloke at Real Madrid.

Now since Villas-Boas has arrived we’ve seen a less dangerous Bale. In the whole three games so far he hasn’t wreaked the havoc that we used to love to watch on the wing. Can the combination of Dembélé and Dempsey somehow galvanise him again?Mmmn. What is for sure is he’s been working on something quite sexy there and it works.

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