Date: 8th September 2012 at 6:33am
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Good morning.

These Interlulls have becomeĀ  increasingly tedious. I don’t know if football has moved on or regressed but International football is about as ‘on trend’ as a pair of plus fours. The first question is rarely ‘did you see it?’ rather ‘any injuries?’

Two Tottinghams featured in the goal rush. The Midget Gem and new boy Jan Vertonghen.


Textbook Defoe. The game itself was in the main unwatchable fare with Moldova looking not so much outgunned but a bit scared. James Milner also scored which if you missed the action, gives you an idea as to what joys you managed to swerve.


This is an interesting proposition for us now as Jan would appear (on the strength of this clip at least) to have the power and direction that several of our wannabe free kick specialists such as and lack. Perhaps the boss wants to include this in one of his Power Points for the Reading game?

Like the cut of Vertonghen’s jib? Well, if you want to listen to the world’s greatest here, you’ll also catch a remix of an Eagles classic dedicated to the bionic Belgian.