Date: 9th September 2012 at 12:50pm
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Good afternoon.

played for when I first diagnosed with Tottingham Intravenous. He was part of the whole yin and yang that was going on a in the 80’s. Glenda Hoddle would hit a sublime thirty five yard pass with inch perfect perfection. By contrast you’d probably be better off being hit by a family saloon car than Rambo. Graham won two Cups and a cup in his his time at The Lane.

So Roberts is an ex-player I have tremendous respect for. But (you just knew it was coming) his career as a coach has been less distinguished. Three years at Yeovil Town, a year at Clyde, then nothing for four years, then a year at Pakistan, then a year at Nepal.

So quite how Rambo having achieved naff all fannying about for nearly two decades as a manager feels he’s placed to pass judgement on Villas Boas after three games is beyond me.

“As a manager you have to pick up the boys. He needs to get a personality change. You might say that is the way he is – but you’ve also got to be happy sometimes and that breeds confidence in the lads so that they play better.

To me it doesn’t look as if he has learned from his time at Chelsea when he spoke badly to some players.

His speech is very slow and you are waiting for something to come out positive. As a player you can be lifted by the way the manager speaks. Harry was brilliant at that. He was bubbly all the time and, even if he was down inside, he always made it seem positive.” [link]

What a complete and utter load of garbage.

Under Roberts’ checklist criteria, most of the greatest managers football has ever known wouldn’t have made the grade Paisley, Ferguson, Clough, Hitzfield, Herrera, Mourinho, Revie, Beckenbauer, Munoz, Stein…

Roberts is either a lacky or not very bright. ‘Bubbly?’ The men listed above were legendary football men. Not teenage hairdressers mincing around asking people, ‘you going anywhere nice on holidays this year?’ If footballers want to be spoken to nicely, I suggest they might prefer afternoon tea at their grans over playing for a manager that’s any good.

Elsewhere the venerable Top is running a piece that starts off with the line, ‘The first thing I would like to make to clear before this rant begins is that I think there are plenty of worse owners of football clubs than Joe Lewis and ’s ENIC’ [link] and then proceeds to give us over 1300 words arguing the opposite. Arguing that all THFC’s owners worry about is balancing the books and …it’s costing us as a football team.

1300 words from some clown trying to pass off the fantasies that we forced out the door to save or make a few quid and that the whole Moutinho thing was a smokescreen.

Three games in and we’ve got a burn out and and bloke who’s writing at length about information he’s not been privy to. I could weep.