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Good afternoon.

Graham Roberts played for Spurs when I first diagnosed with Tottingham Intravenous. He was part of the whole yin and yang that was going on a Spurs in the 80’s. Glenda Hoddle would hit a sublime thirty five yard pass with inch perfect perfection. By contrast you’d probably be better off being hit by a family saloon car than Rambo. Graham won two FA Cups and a UEFA cup in his his time at The Lane.

So Roberts is an ex-player I have tremendous respect for. But (you just knew it was coming) his career as a coach has been less distinguished. Three years at Yeovil Town, a year at Clyde, then nothing for four years, then a year at Pakistan, then a year at Nepal.

So quite how Rambo having achieved naff all fannying about for nearly two decades as a manager feels he’s placed to pass judgement on Villas Boas after three games is beyond me.

“As a manager you have to pick up the boys. He needs to get a personality change. You might say that is the way he is – but you’ve also got to be happy sometimes and that breeds confidence in the lads so that they play better.

To me it doesn’t look as if he has learned from his time at Chelsea when he spoke badly to some players.

His speech is very slow and you are waiting for something to come out positive. As a player you can be lifted by the way the manager speaks. Harry was brilliant at that. He was bubbly all the time and, even if he was down inside, he always made it seem positive.” [link]

What a complete and utter load of garbage.

Under Roberts’ checklist criteria, most of the greatest managers football has ever known wouldn’t have made the grade Paisley, Ferguson, Clough, Hitzfield, Herrera, Mourinho, Revie, Beckenbauer, Munoz, Stein…

Roberts is either a Redknapp lacky or not very bright. ‘Bubbly?’ The men listed above were legendary football men. Not teenage hairdressers mincing around asking people, ‘you going anywhere nice on holidays this year?’ If footballers want to be spoken to nicely, I suggest they might prefer afternoon tea at their grans over playing for a manager that’s any good.

Elsewhere the venerable Top Spurs is running a piece that starts off with the line, ‘The first thing I would like to make to clear before this rant begins is that I think there are plenty of worse owners of football clubs than Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy’s ENIC’ [link] and then proceeds to give us over 1300 words arguing the opposite. Arguing that all THFC’s owners worry about is balancing the books and …it’s costing us as a football team.

1300 words from some clown trying to pass off the fantasies that we forced Van der Vaart out the door to save or make a few quid and that the whole Moutinho thing was a smokescreen.

Three games in and we’ve got a burn out and and bloke who’s writing at length about information he’s not been privy to. I could weep.

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  • Teddyboy says:

    How about some football related posts, that would make for some interesting reading.

    • First says:

      I’ll stick a football related post through your ears.

    • Teddyboy says:

      Point is, could we get the name-calling, harry/avb bashing business over with, and focus on the football team please, they should be grown men most of them, able to handle themselves in matches, so let us focus there. And then i guess we should also make it clear that this is “season of transition” apparently, so lets get it clear right now, that top4 is out of the question, and 6-9 place will be progress and transition. Not bitter, just that we have seen 1 or 2 “seasons of transition” in the past.

  • First says:


  • Bukkake-breath says:

    It won’t do any good being negative but I agree with some of Roberts comments Harry was good at interacting with the players and most loved playing for him which is a reason why he done so well.. I don’t get that feel with AVB we are 3 games in so not ready to panic just yet.

    • First says:

      A 39% (or whatever) win rate in the second half of last season is “he done so well”?

      Three games is a bit premature don’t you think?

      • Bukkake-breath says:

        Two top four finishes and 5th isn’t bad in fact the best we’ve had in my lifetime
        As I said
        “were only 3 games in I’m not ready to panic just yet”

        • cyril says:

          the question is not, with respect, where did we finish. rather the right question is did we do as well as we could have?
          in the season before last we got 6 points from 24 against the bottom four teams, she hadve 18 and had we had ferguson or wenger (yes wenger) in charge we would have had those ppoints (and the 3rd place finsih)
          last season we stuck by some tosser while he fixed his dodgey heart and then when he was defending himself ina court case and then he had the loayaly and respect for his employer to let his head be turned and win 9 games in the last 19, and three of those in the last 4. third place, again, would have been ours withother managers in charge. avb has lost modric (and had we finished 3rd twice i doubt we would have lost him-thanks harry) and also king, who was around last year a lot. he has lost kaboul so his high line and pressing game is challenged because he has to worry about gallas or dawso doing a terry for him. we discovered harry’s limits. we have yet to discover those of avb

        • Frontwheel 2 says:

          Nice one Cyril

        • essexian76 says:

          Your’e so right Cyril (FW beat me to it) I honestly couldn’t give a flying forklift who’s in charge-I just pay to watch decent football. I couldn’t care less where I watch it or who’s actually in the team, provided it’s entertaining and stylish-anything else is bunce in my eyes.Getting on a bit now-never seen us even challenge for the title-so nothing new there.

        • Phil McAvity says:

          The fact is that ‘Arry’s overall win percentage for his entire reign at our glorious club was 49%.

          You can say we were shit towards the tail end of last season, you are correct. You can call ‘Arry all of the names you want, most of them are true!

          However you cannot change the fact he has the highest win percentage of our last 12 managers. Also he is the only manager who has guided us in to the Champions League, winning the ‘Group of Death’ in the process.

          Personally speaking I liked the way ‘Arry had us playing, we were exciting to watch for the most part before it all went wrong. He made his bed and now he has to lay in it.

          However as I’ve said before ‘Arry is gone now and so has his style of football.

          I for one hope that AVB fulfils his potential with us and goes on to better ‘Arry’s win percentage. It will only be good for Tottenham Hotspur.

        • essexian76 says:

          Phil, you know my take-loved the football-hated the bloke, but it’s the season of change, whether we like it or not? I hated VDV last season, he really pissed me off to no end, fannying about, trying the impossible and yet no-one else seemed to see it?
          I don’t know if AVB’s the answer, I actually don’t know what the question was, but I do know, we need to look at same thing through different eyes, because we cannot compete on a level playing field with the Petrodollar teams or those with huge match day incomes-where we can stride forward is by gambling on hunch and it’s a huge gamble at the end of the day

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Yeah I know Essex, my rant wasn’t aimed at you as we came from a similar place last season regarding the football we played. I just think that many on here gloss over the good football we played under ‘Arry due to their hatred of the man himself. Doesn’t make sense to me?

          Regarding AVB I have to be honest and say I’ve seen both positive and negative things from him in the very short time he has been our manager. A couple of strange subs from him I feel but at least he makes them early enough for them to have an affect on the game. As others have said still far too early to judge the poor sod!

          At least now the transfer window is shut, AVB has his squad and he can start to work with what he’s got. I really do feel that Dembele is going to be huge for us this season if deployed correctly.

        • essexian76 says:

          Never thought it was-you know I love you..especially now you’re off the mustard an’ all (good shit,all the same) it’s just everything seems to instant these days because of the finances involved, but football’s not that simple, if you don’t have megawonger backing your team. I’m touching cloth with this bloke, no mistaking, but I loved going to Dreamland as a kid

    • ColinSC says:

      Harry was good at interacting with the players he liked. Dos Santos is a shining light in the Mexican team and was scoring for fun against class opposition during the Olympics Harry treated him like crap ending with him match unfit and totally lacking confidence. Defoe one of our top scorers was also treated badly. Harry ignored half the team and played the other half to exhaustion. Man manager, nah .. however he would have made a seriously good muppet master.

      • essexian76 says:

        International football v Prem Football is a different game entirely-no comparison,otherwise David Healy would’ve been in the 100m bracket

    • Habib says:

      Gomez is also a huge fan. As is Pavlyuchenko! And Bent probably has his name tattooed on his ass.

      Yeah Pienaar also loved the way he interacted with him. He was so depressed when he left Harry he went and scored 4 goals and 6 assists in 14 games!

    • Thepin says:

      What do you base your comment : ‘Harry was good at interacting with the players – most loved playing for him’ on exactly. Is it just your hunch, or do you work at Spurs lodge in some hands on capacity?

      The only interactions I have seen harry having with players that stick out is Bentley and co dunping a barrel of water on him, and an interview where he F’s and Blnds at a player that had the audacity to hit him with a ball. Apart from that I can’t remember much else in the way of interaction in public.

      Are you Joe Jordan in disguise???….

      • jerkinmahjurgen says:

        Harry is charismatic if nothing else. AVB is pretentious and seems to enjoy playing ‘I’m so intelligent’. These observations are very transparent. How can there be a discussion about it? It’s Harrys’ strength. He lifted the whole of Tottenham and got the media behind it too. I can’t see AVB lifting the morale of this squad. A totally different person to Harry, he needs different players, personalities and mentalities from the one’s at his disposal. You can feel the difference, nevermind see or hear it. As for HH, does a good football manager necessarily make good character assessments? How can you slur that Roberts management record would be the yardstick for judging any comments he makes? ‘You failed at management so stfu?’ You could twist hardened steel just by looking at it. Also, despite the number of players Harry pissed off, there are twice, maybe five times the amount, who speak highly of him and some would play for him again. Harry’s good at what he does. Get over it. AVB has his work cut out. He’s great with equations, blackboards and textbooks. That’s not a slur. But we need lifting. That’s not his forte. 4tai however u spell it. I think he’s also already worried re upsetting players. His social, relations, man-management style didn’t work there and he’s needing to fast-track an answer, due to quickly getting another top job. He’s cutting his teeth ffs and that’s just socially. We have history and expectations and compete against some of the words giants. We can’t afford such handicaps. ‘Oh, that didn’t work at Chelsea so I’ll try this’. We need someone who knows how to take a club and run it. You could argue he’s more a ‘coach’ than ‘manager’ but that’s flawed – he’s was paid as a scout. For the sake of our season and my happiness, lol, I hope I’m off my trolley.

      • Stop expecting everything instantly. What are you, a Big Brother contestsant?

        Why do the “players need lifting”?
        You talk about them like they were children. They need to play the game they’re asked to play, no more or less.

        AVB doesn’t ‘do’ the rousing speeches, the clap on the back, the swearing from the touchline – that is’nt him (see Stoke), so why do all the under 5’s on here expect him to change who he is? Just let the man grow at Spurs. He’s a gem. If it takes 10 games, even 20, who the f*ck cares… at least then, with the fantastic (and I use that word with forethought) squad we posess, we can take on the very best.

  • bob says:

    Roberts has been a rent a gob for years now. Didn’t Levy have banned from the lane for a bit a few years back for putting his oar in too much?

    My advice H is to ignore him, a bit like a crying child.

    It saddens me that footballers of his quality are reduced to doing nothing but passing comment on their old team in such a way as to incite grumbling amongst the fans to the detriment of their club. Surely he must realise that he is not going to change anything at Spurs with the moaning but I suspect he needs the money.

  • Ronnie Wolman says:

    Harry on that Fighting Cock article,highlited at Vital seems to be important.I just wrote on the last article here…

    On the subject of the Fighting Cock article.I just read it. I dont care about the writing,thats just semantics.
    Its the first of read about AVB’s comments.
    I actually dont see it as a bad thing. My fear about AVB was much bigger.It was that he was absolutely stuck in this one way of thinking. So I feel good that he had the balls to confront it now and not later.
    Im even more with AVB and now will be a test on his creative talent.But to be creative you have to go past the boundaries you set for yourself and he has.
    So now his intelligence will have to kick in but at least we know where he is at. Im pleased.

    what we have to do is work with the players we have and get them all playing cohesively as a unit.They havent.There have been terrible communication gaps in the defence at times (at times solid).
    AVB now opening up to other ways of playing should get the players involved in the conversation.That will make them feel part of it instead of getting instructions from the ivory tower and feeling disrespected and then AVB can custom the game to fit the players and add what he needs later.

    One more note.This article doesnt seem to appear anywhere else apart from Vital Spurs highliting it.
    So has it been verified?
    I think its a most critical subject within Tottenham’s season and dont see it anywhere else.

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