Graham Roberts vs Jan Molby

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Good afternoon.

Just when I thought I was out.. they dragged me back in…

Rambo Roberts, arguably one of the world’s worst football managers has been challenged formally by Jan Molby for the coveted title of Football’s Fattest Burnout.

But who will win?

Rambo’s position is pretty straightforward. Here we have a guy who if boxing referees legislated media careers, would have been counted out for his own good years ago. Last seen by me personally on the High Road signing photos for a tenner a pop off a trellis table. Revered in most of our hearts as a footballer, but …his time since then has been an unremitting disaster. His comments on AVB mark him as a mentalist. So tell me why Rambo is he persona non grata at The Lane, it can’t be because he thinks he has a commercial value as high as Jimmy Greaves…


Hahahahhahaha. Please, tell me this ridiculous barfly was paid for this direct into his fat palm and it wasn’t a case of the cheque from going straight to the landlord.

I score it as yet another unscrupulous media own goal. If you, dear reader are bored by all this, then please think about what is your rather sniffy ‘who cares’ contribution actually worth? Or maybe you are content to propagate these poisonous seeds by doing nothing. Maybe you are so demanding and cheap a supporter you only cheer when we’re winning. I don’t know, but I am certain you’ll tell me.

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