Hostpur’s Hunches #3

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Righty ho. Gameweek 3 of the Barclays Premier League and these are my thoughts on their possible outcomes.

West Ham vs Fulham

Lots of talk about Andy Carroll here of course. Carlton Cole, a man who has been pursued relentlessly by the Trades Description people for having ‘striker’ under occupation on his passport will now play second fiddle to the country’s second most expensive footballer. Mmmn. Hooftastic. Fulham have been what you might dare to call ‘free scoring’ under Martin Jol despite the absence of Dempsey. Prediction? 1-3.

Swansea vs Sunderland

So much for second season syndrome. I’ve a theory that Brendan Rodgers is actually rubbish and that the BinDippers, not for the first time in recent years bought a lemon. Laudrup comes across as an intelligent guy, but moreover his team are so far anyway, doing the business. The emphatic win at Loftus Road told me plenty and dull, dull Sunderland will have it all to do here. Prediction? 3-1.

Tottingham vs Norwich

Two games in. A loss and a draw. Win-less. Nobody gives a damn about how we look it’s all about getting Andrè Villas-Boas’ head on a spike as swiftly as possible. Getting rid of Harry was stupid, Levy’s only in it for the money and we’re all going to hell in handcart. Oh sorry, I wrote that after drinking three pints of battery acid.

If Spurs don’t win this by a distance then I’ll be more than surprised. But unlike some I will fall asleep in my pram after the game knowing all my toys are still within easy reach. Prediction? 4-0.

West Brom vs Everton

This unlike most times these two play each other will actually be significant and perhaps interesting game to watch. Everton have looked ‘brand new’ so far and Steve Clarke appears to have a the Boing Boing boys organised to within an inch of their lives. Prediction? 2-2

Wigan vs Stoke

No thanks.

Man City vs QPR

This could potentially get very messy. Mind you, I said that about the Liverpool vs City game last week and Mancini’s mob didn’t get ruthless. Mark Hughes has signed every Tom, Dick and Harrihno this side of Peking. Lots of ingredients but can he whip up anything decent with them? There are too many echoes of Roy Keane at Sunderland here for me when it comes to Hughes. Lots  of ‘I’m surrounded by idiots’ expressions on his face, but little football orientated to get get excited about.Prediction? 5-0.

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  • Davros says:

    Foresters embargo.

  • The Tottinghams says:

    Hooray for whoever is in my Fantasy Football team. Is there a prize arranged yet Harry?

  • Spurlative says:

    By the time ive finished writing this, i doubt im first.
    But here goes.
    Dempsey must have been brought in as third/second striker seeing as Kane has gone the other way.
    I have no doubt we will have more signings in January.

    I am quite pleased with the window. Trying to offload ***** at least shows what avb thinks of him.
    We havnt got shot of bentley either but something has to be said about GDS finally finding a new home.

    I jsut want to give a shout out to Rafa #vdv
    I will never forget that goal he scored and proceeded to celebrate by kissing that old lady in the crowd. He was a good servant to the club and i think we have a lot to thank him for. Wish you will VDV!

    I look forward to the new streamlined squad and the new signings. Its obvious we tried to sign Moutinho and thats great ambition shown by the club.

    I like the way things are going and expect dempsey and lloris to be in the stands today next to levy.

    Prediction for the game:

    Starts for dembele and siggy. Lennon benched.
    We’ll wrap them up with in 15mins going 2 nil up by then.

    As silvie van der vaart say: COYS!!!

  • Davros says:

    Damned iPad. Read “Firsters”.

  • Gus says:

    For those going to the game, scream the house down and carry our boys to a great win. For the rest of us, our thoughts and hopes will be aimed toward WHL. Come on AVB, let’s win and win well COYS

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