Hotspur’s Hunches #4

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The Interlull is behind us and now we can get back to football again. The hunches are back and with them hints on how to lose money quicker than buying a Facebook share certificate.

Norwich vs West Ham

As many of us have witnessed Clipboard Chris has Norwich playing a pretty rustic style but effect brand of football which all points to this game not being exactly a collector’s item. Andy Carroll is knackered after just one game and will be replaced with the Premier League’s bluntest weapon. Prediction? A messy 1-1.

Arsenal vs Southampton

Southampton  have played some half decent football but cruelly achieved schnichts point wise. Gaston Ramirez is supposedly good stuff and if he features may give them more bite. Arsenal need scoring bite. They have 5 points from their first 3 games but have only scored twice. Long may it continue. Prediction? 1-1.

Aston Villa vs Swansea

You can bet that Villa will be all about containing Swansea, try to prevent their possession game and attack on the break. If Swansea have this sussed before the kick off whistle goes a game of football might yet break out. This would be another good scalp for Laudrup and so prediction? 1-3.

Fulham vs West Brom

Fulham have gone off the boil since that heady 5-0 job on Norwich on the opening day. sadly for BMJ, Steve Clarke has the Baggies too well organised to believe Fulham are going to experience much of an upswing here. An away win here after beating both the Merseyside teams demonstrate West Brom mean business. Prediction? 1-2.

Man Utd vs Wigan

Sluralix hasn’t had it all his own way so far. Which you have to reluctantly say is pretty much par for the course as United rarely get off to a gallop. Wigan have broken with tradition however and are sitting 8th from top, not bottom. I wonder if the possible added presence of Ryo Miyaichi can cause fox old Flagon Face? Prediction? 1-1

QPR vs Chelsea

Handshakegate. Prediction? 1-4.

Stoke vs Man City

Mancini has been in permanent grumble mode seemingly since about 20 minutes they were announced Champions. I guess it’s one way with preparing for their championship being belittled as a ‘blip’. Thing is, I don’t think it was and I’ll be amazed if they don’t win it again. Prediction? 1-4.

Sunderland vs Liverpool

I’ve this one down as the worst one – entertainment wise – on the card. All I want is Liverpool beaten. Give the media a genuinely naff manager to hound. Prediction? 2-0.

Reading vs Tottenham

See previous blog.

Everton vs Newcastle

Fellaini wants out. Allegedly. I’d ship him in without hesitation. He’s a quality footballer and I believe he’d be a good fit at The Lane. Oh yeah, the game. Prediction? 2-2.

Hotspurs Half Hour – Show 5 The Cincinatti Yid by hotspurshalfhour

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  • MysteriousStranger says:

    I need a drink. Thirst.

  • LLL says:

    Hmm… Rodgers genuinely naff, AVB only pretending to be then?

    I would say that neither can be judged accurately now, it is, after all, only 3 games.

  • Lesley King says:

    Very boring Lawro. However there has been a lot of talk nationally this week about Hillsborough for obvious reasons. I was at our semi against Wolves a few years before and it was mayhem and I believe from what I experienced that we were very close to a major calamity that day as well. Is there anybody on this blog who has been supporting Spurs long enough home and away who was there and wants to comment? There was booing that day too, but aimed at Clive!

    • Boy Charioteer says:

      Derby-Spurs August or September 1970 was the worst for me. We were being squeezed into a pen and I thought if I fall over I will die. Police thought we were cockney scum and just kept piling people in. I remember one Spurs fan after the match saying “Even the hard boys were scared at that one”.

      • Lesley King says:

        You sir are ‘proper Spurs’

        • Boy Charioteer says:

          Martin Peters scored for us and with about 5 minutes to go Phil Beal gave away a penalty and Derby scored. Unbelievably, despite being squashed as flat as Warner Bros. cartoon characters some Spurs fans attempted to have a go at the taunting Derby fans.

    • Frontwheel 2 says:

      Never got to that one,but a lot of my pals who went were a bit shaken,on a happier note the replay at Highbury was a great night out.It felt like a home game,standing in the Northbank cheering on the Spurs,same old same old.

    • Tspurs1 says:

      I remember it well , me and my brother managed to get tickets for the stand above and helped fans climb into it instead of getting crushed , I’m sure that’s why they erected fencing soon after, I know fans can be hard work but police treat you like cattle at times and really don’t care a toss

    • essexian76 says:

      Yes,and it was never a pen, not in a million years but then again to give Wolves a good seeing to at the Library was awesome

  • david says:

    Many years ago I saw Spurs play Sunderland and apparently the gates were stormed and the report there was 80,000 in the ground (standing room only days). It is not hard to see how Hillsboro happened. Lets hope all are better aware these days.

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