Date: 23rd September 2012 at 9:04am
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Good morning.

The second wave of the weekend’s Premier League pickings. Yesterday’s hunches were a mixed bag accuracy wise. Laudrup’s remark about bungs to encourage teams to win matches was clearly a cry for help. I was closer on the Cheatski game who struggled, dived and dived again to nick a goal against the Potters.

I was pleased to see Southampton get back on the their feet. Villa fans will spend today on the settee eating ice cream, watching Bridget Jones’ DVDs. The Baggies ground out a goal in what looked like an uninspiring business from the bits I caught. I got the game wrong and the win panned out.

Liverpool vs

Whiners vs Gloaters. Brendan Rodgers is looking for his first Premier League win. He’d be better off putting a ‘Missing – Have You Seen My…’ card in his local newsagent’s window than asking for it. I don’t like either of these two, a nil nil draw would be the best outcome for the table but I’d like Liverpool to get beaten. Prediction? Away win by two goals.


Tough gig this for the Canaries. I’ve a soft spot for Delia’s mob, their fans are a decent bunch and they will travel in number, brightening up Tyneside with their old school scarves and crazy vowels. Pardew’s gang will quite possibly destroy them. A home win, maybe 3 0r 4 nil.

Manchester City vs

City’s performance against was seriously uninspiring stuff. They remind me of that army of brooms marching in Fantasia. You raise your eyebrows, but it’s not enjoyable viewing. Arsenal’s form isn’t as rock solid as they might have you believe. So far they have beaten Liverpool and a self-combusting Southampton.Home win, 3-1.

Tottenham vs QPR

The longer the wait for kick off has gone on the more cautiously optimistic I am becoming. My ‘win by a goal’ mantra is edging out into thoughts of a cheeky 2-0. Could we get three? I really have a good vibe about and whatever happens it would be great to see him get on the score sheet.

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