Hotspur’s Hunches #6

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Good afternoon.

Ten games this weekend, 8 on Saturday 1 on Sunday afternoon and 1 on Monday night. Here are my thoughts on what might happen.Chalkboard for Manchester United when I get back from Ikea.

Arsenal vs Chelsea

The cheapest ticket at the Emptycrates for this game is £62.oo or at least that’s what they were saying on the radio. No wonder those defending poor atmosphere and attitude by fans at games are quick to mention the cost. Of course there is an obvious solution: don’t go. To spearhead this initiative I am refusing to attend this game in order someone who wants to scream and shout for 90 minutes can take my place. Prediction? A Walnutt goal but a 1-4 hammering.

Everton vs Southampton

I was pleased to see the Saints get back in the game midweek and surprised to see Everton looking so utterly lost in the same competition. The best probable outcome for Southampton here is a draw, but the Toffees are unlikely to oblige after undoubtedly being screamed at by Moyes on the way home from Leeds. Prediction? 3-1.

Fulham vs Manchester City

Mancini is doing a passable impression of a spoilt child these days. He mooched through the transfer window pulling the same stunt he has pulled previously in Italy when it comes to transfers; bleating that his bosses aren’t letting him spend. He has an extraordinary array of players at his disposal yet seems unable to produce a single ‘wow’ performance to echo any of last season. BMJ by contrast has been doing remarkable things at Craven Cottage and this could get interesting. Prediction? A toy free pram and a 2- draw. 

Reading vs Newcastle

No thanks. I’d rather have Justin Lee Collins move in. Maybe an away win.

Sunderland vs Wigan

Suddenly the Reading/Newcastle game looks tasty. Sunderland are dull, Wigan are Wigan. 1-1? 0-0?

Manchester United vs Tottingham Hotspur

The usual drill is we play fabulously but inevitably get crushed by the Manc machine. We will need to play as well as we did against Lazio and some (in the finishing dept) to make a dent. I’m sceptical that Defoe has enough for the task and might opt to start Ade and use the Midget Gem as a super sub. Prediction? May the spirit of the Lineker be amongst us 1-2.If we win this we could also win the league, so it’s all quite exciting.

Aston Villa vs West Brom

Villa beat City midweek and I would imagine they have yet to stop grinning about it. Are West Brom going off the boil? Can Villa keep the momentum going? Difficult to ponder either question with much enthusiasm, truth be told. Prediction? A shin-tastic 2-2.

QPR vs West Ham

Mark Hughes is making a fist of this job at Loftus Road and I would have a few shekels on him being fired before Christmas. His buying strategy has chillingly mirrored that of Royston Keane when he was at Sunderland and we know how that panned out. The question Tony Fernandez will have to ask himself is who the hell does he replace Hughes with. Given the time of year he’ll be puzzling this, I’d suggest it’s with a ‘Santa Please Stop Here’ sign. It couldn’t do any worse. Prediction? A mental 3-3 draw.

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