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Good afternoon.

Nothing earth shattering I have to say. the Portuguese site ran a speculative piece yesterday suggesting that come January Andrè Villas-Boas will try to resurrect the deal to bring João Moutinho to The Lane.  An interesting turn of phrase from the author, describing the situation on transfer deadline day night as…

“a negotiation that left the British on the brink of a nervous breakdown, after being forced to cancel a pre-enrollment Moutinho sent to the Premier League, just hours before the close of the transfer market in Western Europe.”

Also it supports the notion that there was a deal desperately trying to be hammered out and not a sinister work of fiction as purported by Robby Boy whatsisname from and others unable to cope with reality which is in the main, normally quite a humdrum business.

Today the player has issued the following in relation to the move…

“The market has already closed. Not worth talking more about it, I’m just focused on FC Porto and not on speculation. This club gives me all the stability to show my football”

This is what you’d expect from a professional footballer and I guess leaves the door open for ‘another go’ in January. The issue here is third party ownership. As I said on the last HHH, if you were buying a house – and we all know what a completely thankless grind that can be- and then just as you agree a deal a third party pops it’s head around the door in Harry Enfield ‘only me!’ style, telling you they own 15%, odds on it’s Game Over. Do Not Insert New Coin To Continue. Go Home.

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  • Habib says:

    Watch the Daily Mail say “Moutinho doesn’t want to come to Spurs anymore” – with a quote from Unnamed sources “Moutinho seems to have been put off by the Lloris saga and wants to be assured of first team football which AVB will not guarantee.”

    • Frontwheel 2 says:

      and is concerned that Jenas will keep him out of the team

    • Dannyspurs says:

      A source close reports – Moutinho has been put off by the Lloris saga and wants to be assured of first team football which AVB will not guarantee, also these complications have put Gareth Bales long term Spurs future in doubt”

      • jolsgonemental says:

        Bale doesnt have a long term Spurs future, and everyone has known that for a couple of years.

        Mountinho is yesterdays news. No interested.

        • rob thfc says:

          is that why he signed a new long deal is it! And if you are not interested why did u read this and put so many stupid comments up! Worry about your own team

        • TMWNN says:

          Didn’t the rat face sign a long term contract too?

        • jolsgonemental says:

          How gullible? It was a pay rise more than a long term commitment.

          Bale will be gone next summer if we dont qualify for CL. At best, 2 years if we fluke top 4. He isnt going to be a Spurs lifer.

          Put money on it. Thats just how it is.

        • rob thfc says:

          great supporters you lot are!

        • Patrese says:

          “everyone has known that for a couple of years”… So if one were to include this season, that’s 3 years that we’ve known that Bale’s going to leave.

  • mattspurs says:

    Won’t ‘Arry be our manager again by the next transfer window?

  • better not go to some of the so called big teams might find he dont even get on the bench

  • Andy says:

    It all depends on how much AVB “REALLY” wants him now, as he will sure a hell have to do a good job convincing Mr Levy to go back though another round of that shoddy paperwork saga.

    On one hand Levy will not want to lose face and get his man in the end and on the other hand he may likely tell them to take a running jump.

    It will be another circus come January, with crazy stories and wild accusations, as usual it will be the busiest time of year, a crazy time, it’ll just go bonkers. It’ll be as silly as a bum full of smarties.

    • Andy says:

      My last Kenny reference I promise….

    • UnkleKev says:

      Here’s a thought: if we still want him why don’t we make sure all the paperwork is taken care of over the next four months ensuring a swift and painless early January conclusion?

      Or am I being naive?

      • TMWNN says:

        Don’t be silly, it’s not as easy that. These deals are fraught with complications that are far beyond the comprehension of your average football fan and only understood by a select few.

        These complications are complicated to the extreme, ensuring that they can only be ‘de-complicated’ at the eleventh hour. Even then, unseen extra last minute complications can arise to scupper the deal, real or imaginary.

        • LLL says:

          He’s right. Eleven O clock is when it get’s really extra, super complicated. Complex characters start appearing from nowhere to complicate things just when you think they have all been uncomplicated. I don’t even understand it, or have any idea what these kind of complications are, and won’t even try and imagine it, that’s how bloody complicated it is. The term ‘third party ownership’ is as alien and unknown to me as ‘dark matter’.

          Sometimes it gets so flipping complicated at around eleven o clock that you forget what you were doing in the first place, have a complete mental breakdown and sign Gregor Rasiak or someone like that.

          Honestly, proper bastard complicated, that’s what it is.

      • Devonshirespur says:

        You;d expect that if Porto were unwilling sellers.

        Fact is they just cashed in on the Hulk, they can probably drive a harder bargain now for JM so will tough out the Jan window to see if any better offers some along.

        The Daily Fail amazes me. They have got so much mileage over AVBs comment about not guaranteeing Lloris the No.1 jersey it’s amazing.

        No doubt they’d be mocking AVB if he said “Lloris will walk straight in” after Brad put in a MOTM performance vs Norwich.

        They have an agenda against AVB/Spurs and they and their “Sportsmail Reporters” will not rest until they have achieved their mission of creating an actual news story by printing made-up BS to rock the boat.

    • Boy Charioteer says:

      Is that “lucky dip”?

    • Top Tottys says:

      …… that like a Saucer full of Secrets?

  • michael Daly says:

    The chairman’s fixation with last minute deals again left the club with unfinished business – I seem to recall a similar unseemly 9and unsuccessful) scrabble for striker(s) on the last day of the January transfer window the season before last? If the Moutinho deal hadn’t been left until the last minute, the 15% ownership could have been sorted. Spurious

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