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This season has got off to an inauspicious start alright, it’s left me depressed by the fact that nearly a third of my readership think booing is somehow okay. Wow. So a sizeable chunk of you are even more self absorbed and fundamentally stupid than I am.

The aftermath of the transfer window has echoed the unprecedentedly stupid but low animal cunning that filled it when open. How many of the 35,000+ who devoured every word of the obviously hoax Twitter account Agent_ITK are now lapping up the conspiracy theory that the Moutinho deal was …what might one call the allegation? A publicity stunt? Jesus wept. Yeah and Prince Phillip working in conjunction with Mossad and David Lee Roth killed Princess Diana.

Rafa being flogged off hasn’t gone down well with the brain surgeons either. Yes his class and desire will be missed. Of course they will. But in an era dominated by extraordinarily aggressive player power it’s laughable to suggest Levy & Co. simply ‘cashed him in.’ Van Der Vaart papered over the cracks after Modric jumped ship but he was not the solution. The harpies wanting to believe otherwise don’t understand football let alone what Villas-Boas is up to here.

Next up is the one time great hope now born again precious oaf Huddlestone. I was a fan. I saw him as physically adept modern day Hoddle. He could have been mustard. But he gave up trying some time back. So I joined in and gave up too.

There are a number of things that grate with me about him. He’s been on the THFC payroll since 2005 and aside from a few ‘flash in the pan’ moments – from which he’s dined out on in a manner that puts the Nazarene’s loaves and fishes stunt to shame …we’ve had nothing but threats. The Metro are running with the most laughable cobblers that he might leave on loan to pursue the beautiful game in Russia or Turkey.

Please. This guy identical to both Jenas and Bentley. All of them clinging by their avaricious fingertips to contracts that reflect threats of usefulness that were never ever fulfilled. What’s even more galling is that the guy wants to raise £75k for Cancer Research.  He could drop them £75k without even feeling it. But no, we get a ‘sponsored haircut’. I guess his sponsored eyelash tint idea just didn’t make the cut.

Next up is the blocked public toilet in human form that is Emil Danchev. This schmuck is apparently peddling the tale that Spurs were in for his client Dimitar someone or another. More rubbish. The true to type behaviour of these two out and out rotters in relation to the poor bar stewards at Fiorentina tells you all you need to know.

Harry Hotspur is also available for children’s parties.

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  • Habib says:

    We have 18 points from last 16 games…. Where were the boo boys then? Oh I am sorry. Think about it game by game much?

    Huddlestone…. Like an impotent Challenger tank. It’s never the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of fight in the dog. Championship material.

    • Sonofajudge says:

      When’s everyone gonna realise that levy doesn’t give a fck about the fans or the football side of the club it’s all about profit to him, we don’t have to be inCL for him to make profits , work it out ins and outs this year = profit for levy, need a new striker yeah , Dempsey 6 mil
      Sack levy not avb

      • BrisbaneLillyWhite says:

        Want to suggest a replacement? Its all very well to say something needs fixing but its pointless without a suggested solution. I think Levy is doing a great job but if he were to go (and I assume Joe Lewis with him), I don’t know of any suitable replacement. Especially, not a spend happy Spurs loving billionaire that so many seem to think is out there.

        • Sonofajudge says:

          Maybe not but it seems every time We look like doing something good levy fcks it up
          Harry was the best manager we’ve had since TV , levy sacks him and starts again, now I may be wrong and in two or three seasons we might be unstoppable but levy won’t let it go that far and correct me if I am wrong but for 3/4 of last year we were pretty good

        • Jelly Smiff says:

          To BrisbaneLillyWhite Ever heard of Keith Burkinshaw?

        • Jelly Smiff says:

          To Sonofajudge Ever heard of Keith Burkinshaw?

          (Sorry BrisbaneLillyWhite,didn’t mean you.)

        • DaveYid says:

          And when will the Levy haters wake up and realise that the only person who can sack Levy and Lewis – as simplistic as I can put this – is LEVY and LEWIS. Not that I want them gone as I think they have done a great job keeping this club financially afloat. You can talk about their profit-hungry methods as much as you like but remember that it isn’t all going into their pockets. There IS a new stadium on the way and Id rather actually have a club to support than reminisce about having one which then folded due to overspending!!

      • Vic says:

        Profit for Levy? What do you think, he tucks away a few million in his back pocket after every deal? Tottenham Hotspur is a company! The profits go into the company to buy players, pay their wages and to build an effing great big stadium for dicks like you to boo in.
        Sack Levy? Have you never been to work? Levy is the boss – you can’t sack him.
        Go and support City or Chelsea.

        • Dannyspurs says:

          Vic – when your right, your right.

          As I understand it (a post a few months back), we make around £125m each year (gate receipts, premiership money, sponsorship etc).

          We spend around £67m on wages and £33m on running costs.

          That leaves 25m which could be used on transfers.

          A £10m player, on a 3 year deal at 50k p/w is an total outlay of £17.8m. Thats most of the £25m gone on one player.

          Without Levy, I’m not sure where we would be. It is annoying buying players so late and the long winded transfer negotiations but its in the clubs interests.

          In Levy I trust.

        • Sonofajudge says:

          It’s a lOng way for me to come just to boo. We’ve needed a striker for years and what do We get cheap stop gaps or shite and fortunately I’ve been a fan for 40 years so a bit hard to support Chelsea, I still remember when we were better than them and jelly smiff I actually do remember burkinshaw cause he was in charge when I first used to go( and I was actually referring to venables)

        • Habib says:

          “For you to boo in” Hahahahaha Classic!

        • essexian76 says:

          Engage brain and work this out for yourself-who would replace Levy, now think before you answer?
          Who would replace ENIC?, again have a god think about it?
          Who want’s to replace Levy and ENIC? digest and answer

        • essexian76 says:

          Please excuse the Freudian slip-of course, I meant ‘good’, not god

    • Stu Barney says:

      Habib, a very good stat, one which made a gloating chelski fan, who was ribbing me about AVB, quickly back track. We have not been at the races for a while. I really think Parker will make a huge difference when back.

      • Habib says:

        He is our Emperor. Here’s another stat:

        Since Levy restructured the club in 2004 via share issue and restructuring, we have finished in an average position of 6th and qualified for Europe for 7 out of the last 8 seasons.

        In the 9 Prem seasons before Levy/ENIC (1992-2001) we finished in an average position of 11th and qualified for Europe just once, never through the league.

  • rsvp_me says:

    It’s all going to click soon…. And the minority will be eating humble pie – were to good to go down the pan. Onwards and upwards I’d say Harry!

    • carl says:

      Couldn’t agree more. A little more time

    • Clarkspur says:

      I see it clicking soon too…I just worry it’s not the minority eating pie, everyone’s got their knickers in a twist about the transfer hype and want to blame Levy/AVB/Doris the tea lady/the grassy knoll.

      I always knew a little bit of success would bring out higher expectation but 2 good seasons in recent history and all of sudden everyone thinks we’re the biggest, richest and most successful club in Europe with unlimited resources and player-pull.

  • betty swollocks. says:

    Im running a book on how many games before you jack in the AVB is god line and realise you support spurs.. again. (8)

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      You’re always running.

    • Vic says:

      Dear Ms Swollocks
      I guess that as every game goes by you’re desperate for AVB and Spurs to fail just so your bitter, twisted and unjustified opinion is proved right.
      Why don’t you open that mind and get behind the bloke and give him a chance?
      It’s called supporting your team.

    • Liamyid says:

      HH has made his bed, he was so into getting HR out he has to stick by AVB no matter what.

      I genuinely feel we have to stick by him, but if we have another 3 result like that one it’ll be the beginning of the end already. The sad thing is, it was so obvious. Levy had to back, and back him early in the transfer market. The way he did things left AVB with an unsettled squad when he more than anyone needed a decent start. You can’t just ignore what happened at CFC. The media will be in full swing in a months time if the results dont change, the fans and players will lose confidene and I honestly believe by Xmas we will have a new manager. Thats my opinion, but I’m praying I’m wrong. COYS BACKAVB

      • Joe says:

        Surely, at least the way I see it hes has the the same 10 games HR f’d up at least before you can start hammering him. I’s true what the man up top says Levy has kept us a float, we do punch above our financial weight and play better football than most. Look at Newcastle, their strikers are out of ideas and only Ben arfa is as good as last season. I think by xmas we will be playing awesome.

    • jerkinmahjurgen says:

      I admit Harry had to go but this AVB geezer is fkn useless. He can stare, for sure. He reminds me of a Camillo dragon I saw at a zoo once. It’s like a little croc, but was so still I didn’t know if it was real or a model. I was even contempating touching it’s head, lol. Glad I didn’t… AVB is sadly, nowhere near as dangerous. We’re fucked. I guess Levy has to shoulder this one a bit. Harry, for all his faults, had us on the up. I’d love AVB to carry that on but I don’t see it. And some comment that negative fans can’t see what he’s doing? Think I can. Just don’t rate it. A squad that challenged twice before [admittedly] capitulating [manager error, not squad], yet how many has he shunned already? He’s even more particular than Redknapp, and that takes some doing. He’s a baby, has never played, and is just posh enough to go on a course. I’m thinking you’re probably a bit posh yourself, Harry? lol. What? Anyway, despite talking a good game, his system is rubbish, his selection is worse, and the flatness around WHL is there for all to see. He won’t pull us out of this already.

  • HeartofBale says:

    Hi guys. I’m a fan from far east.
    I just wondering about the nickname.(HH, sorry for another subject…)
    I thought our fan nickname is ‘spurs’ & ‘yiddo’.
    But my friend insists Spurs is just the team’s nickname, not for the fans.
    I wonder. What’s the true?
    I’m a Asian, so i like spurs more than yiddo.
    (Spurs is more friendly)

    So explain please!!
    The fan’s nickname, spurs? Yiddo? or both?

    Sleep tight. and thx.
    COYS :)

    • Spurs – nickname of the Club
      Yid, yiddo, yids – you, me and the rest of us.

    • Swampspur says:

      Ignore the above advice HeartofBale. You can absolutely consider yourself a ‘spur’. I dislike this ‘yid’ nonsense and so does the club itself. Horrid term.

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        Yep, agree with Swampspur. Spur/Spurs fan is fine.

      • Chirpy says:

        I agree wholeheartedly with Swampspur and MS.

        ‘Yids’ was coined by opposing club’s supporters and intended as an insult, which some Spurs’ fans subsequently adopted in an attempt to nullify. The club don’t like it and neither do large numbers of our support.

        I am a Spurs fan.

  • Harry,

    Couldn’t agree more on the subject of the cancer that Cheslski turned into an art form – otherwise known as booing. The dip shits that do it should fuck off out of the ground and do it to a pub big screen or even upset the neighbours and do it in their scum pits they call home.

    Bit harsh on Thudd. I think he’s played some great stuff but the full potential hasn’t been allowed to shine – maybe its confidence, maybe he is what you say… Hmmmmmmm.

    Berbatov – no your just looking for cheap laughs!

    • kennyid says:

      Been something of a Hudd fan but cannot see him in the high line, fast moving AVB set up. Regarding his performances he’s had a massive set of injury problems from which, given the notion of match fitness, he has not yet fully recovered from. And the sending off was harsh, to say the very least.

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