Player Ratings [Rip Up Your Season Ticket Now Edition]

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Good afternoon.

Some ‘supporters’ behaviour in the last 24 hours both in the flesh and online only serves to underline we are nothing if not ‘a broad church’. Bring back Henry VIII.

Those attending games need to stop behaving like ’empowered consumers’ and more like football fans. This whole ‘I told you so’ spiel is desperate. Three games in. Three.

Here’s the player ratings.

8 Boos. Seemed to have his heart in it. Made some excellent saves. Hopeless. 

6 Boos. Had a really indifferent game. Had been doing well but was anonymous. Get rid.

7 Boos. A decent shift bit he was mopping up for Kyle and was generally run about. I want my money back.

6 Boos. Had the audacity to make some great interceptions. Why doesn’t Joe Lewis put his hand in his pocket?!

5 Boos. Nearly gave away a penalty. Better luck next week. I used to support Orient, you know.

5 Boos. He’s rapidly becoming the Painting By Numbers of the squad.  Rubbish, I’m going home.

6 Boos. Passive aggressive headless chicken. I wish I’d stayed at home.

6 Boos. He doesn’t look up. So he invariably crosses to nobody. Leaving at half time is dench.

5 Boos. Too much like much like my local chip shop. Didn’t deliver. At these prices I’ll boo when I want, son.

6 Boos. On an upbeat note every game like this decreases the likelihood of a mega-bid in January. Levy Out!

8 Boos. Wanted to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Nearly succeeded. Fulham reject. 

6 Boos. He’s doing his best. I tell you what I don’t know why I come here anymore.

6 Boos. I don’t know how unfit he is, I just wish he would start. I won’t be here next week .

Endless Boos. He seems to be doing a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces with the picture on facing down. Harry come home.

Hotspurs Half Hour – Show 3 by hotspurshalfhour

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  • Harry Hotspur says:


    • calebray says:

      dont forget huddlestone. played before he was ready and cost us the game ;-) Him and that avb bloke need a bloody good punch on the bottom. they are ruining my spurs.

      and a big boo for levy too.

    • Jelly Smiff says:

      Didn’t frighten me!.Its the CL poison challis it attracts the JCL who will soon get bored & go back to the chav’s goons or whoever they came from.

    • Habib says:

      Harry you also need to stop writing this crap blog. I know this kid in preschool who has some real talent.

    • CptCaveman says:

      Err notice you didn’t give AVB a rating?? Three games yes but the signs aren’t good. Starting with two holding midfielders at home didn’t work against West Brom…and didn’t work here. Defoe up front doesn’t suit this formation…didn’t work against West Brom…didn’t work here!! When will this guy learn? Leaving Livermore on instead of Sandro is almost as bad as having J***** on the bench…and Livermore went on to give away a pointless freekick which led to the goal. At least AVB made early subs (unlike Harry) but the point is, we should have set up like that in the first place. Ps. I hear your shout about getting behind the team but i seem to remember you spending the second half of last season doing the oposite…Bale on the left anyone? Walker needs to go? Etc etc Pot Kettle and all that.

      • CptCaveman says:


      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Ps. I hear your shout about getting behind the team but i seem to remember you spending the second half of last season doing the oposite…Bale on the left anyone? Walker needs to go?

        I went anti Arry the moment he stopped caring.

        I was bored by Walker’s Forest Gump runs, I never said he needed to go, I said he needed to be managed.

      • Joe says:

        Yeah all very odd, why leave on Livermore. And j****???? But Harry made awful subs as well. Really sad to see VDV go, he will be truly missed. Dembele looks class. We really needed a real striker and playmaker. Shoulda got Marin and Carroll. still Things should improve, even for the sake of players wanting out!

      • Eyeball Paul says:

        The Eyeballer hates this idiocy ‘ we shouldn’t have played two holding midfielders at home’ quotes no sprouting up…it’s not the fact they are both holding, you need that in AVB’s system (4-2-3-1) to work, its the quality of these players.

        Livermore appears to be ‘not up to it’. Sandro needs to get his act together big time. Dembele can play the ‘modric’ role, so from the Reading game onwards, lets hope he does that.

      • SimYid says:

        You are correct captain. He/she is a massive hypocrite

    • Mitchell Thomas says:

      Boo-as Boo-as

      (see joke on previoua blog entry)

    • SuperSpurs says:

      Things aways seem that little bit better the day after the night before. Fair analysis and thanks for explaining below some of your reasons for blog what you do. Appreciated.

    • Happy hamster says:

      Boo hoo

    • pezza says:

      What the F$#k is it with you and your negativity.
      You want Harry out.
      You Want a replacement.
      You get AVB
      You complain after 3 games.When we have a patched up team.

      You are just spoiled,impatient brats.

      Drives me F&^king mad.

  • Scott says:

    Spot on report, probably to kind on Defoe as whilst he tried hard the game just passed him by. Gave away the ball away constantly, couldn’t hold it up and always shoots rather than help develop a progressive move. Threw things at the wall due to his performance!

  • nobby nobbs says:

    That team is capable of better. No Dembele..booze…8.

  • Chris says:


  • Rene Higuita says:

    Harry please come home. You looked so classy last night on the Telly. I promise not to any more trysts with young Portuguese cassanovas anymore!

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