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Good evening.

The fifth in the series and this week ODM and I are joined by The Cincinatti Yid who provides a welcome perspective from fan in the USA. 

Given the creaking start to the season we look at where we really stand after the transfer window and how long Andrè Villas-Boas ought to be given if we lose at Reading, or indeed if we wallop them.

Other topics include the the thighs of some bloke OneDaveMackay developed a crush on during the Olympic Games as we ask the question, ‘who gives a solitary flip about International football anymore?’

There’s high praise from me for our dedicated away fans as we look at Sunday’s trip to the Madejski and this week’s toe tapping choons are dedicated to Gylfi Sigurdsson and Kyle Walker.

We’ve have a great response from fans wanting to be our guest star and please be assured you will all get involved one by one!


Hotspurs Half Hour – Show 5 The Cincinatti Yid by hotspurshalfhour

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  • Gestie says:

    i see what you did there HH

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Busted :shifty:

      • Gestie says:

        just listened to the show. apart from you occasionally sounding like you are in an outside toilet the show was great!
        I hope that AVB gets much longer than anticipated to demonstrate his ability as a manager. i think if we win this one comprehensively he will buy himself and the team some time. I do not like saying it, but i think quite a bit – in terms of media pressure, will be riding on the result of this one.
        IF AVB goes this side of xmas it will be one of our biggest mistakes and will mark a “from the sublime to the ridiculous” moment in our history in terms of decision making in 2012

      • Jerkinmahjurgen says:

        Have they replaced Chris Moyes yet?

  • HeartofBale says:


  • mr pamplemousse says:

    If we dont win this one then rightly so shall AVB judged

    • essexian76 says:

      How can any manager be judged over a few games? Just look at our own past and see for yourself. Often it’s better to get off to a slow and indifferent start than a flyer, simply because a manager can see where the team is lacking and address the problem, rather than hit the ground running, and wonder where it’s all going wrong when the wheels fall off?
      The seasons played over 38 games plus FA Cup, Europa league, League cup-not a few early season games, with a new set of players, back room staff, tactics and responsibilities to consider?

  • Frontwheel 2 says:

    Good show lads,disappointed to hear the scum nicked our popularity 4th spot in the States.Good point about Dempsey making us money in shirt sales,so I’m looking forward to see what Chinese or Indian player we sign in Jan.

  • Yidango says:

    Toe not tow HH master of the English Language.. Like the podcast….

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