We Should Have Hired Rodgers Or Martinez…

Good evening.

I don’t know about you, but frankly I’ve had enough. Who are Reading? This season is a write off and certain individuals need to take a long hard look at themselves.

The hair sprayed syrup of Glenda Hoddle had it right before a ball was kicked. Many, many Spurs fans are genuinely concerned about this …er possible … er maybe probable thing that hasn’t …actually happened. And didn’t, but let’s not deflect attention from what might well have been.

A win against Reading is nothing in real terms; the mistakes have been already been made. We need a proper footballing man in charge of this once great club.

Rodgers is a man with a proper footballing CV, not some one hit wonder Powerpoint merchant. In his whole year at Watford took them into the relegation zone and like Bruce Willis type act of insane bravery he carried the club out of that burning building and into 13th.

Brendan’s next achievement was a spell at Reading running from June to December of 2009.

The next two years were landmarks. Taking over Roberto Martinez’ Swansea City side he won promotion from the Championship and Swansea’s first season in the Premier League saw them finish 11th.

At Liverpool his first initiative was to wait for the transfer window to close before formally announcing that he didn’t actually really want any of Kenny Dalglish’s £100m+ gang of signings but Didier Drogba might be nice.

This season the Reds supremo has already secured 2 points from a possible 12 and one of those was courtesy of an audacious draw against current Champions Manchester City!

Roberto Martinez is another standout top notch manger. In his first job at Swansea he laid solid foundations for the future. Brendan Rodgers made about seven changes, but that’s not the point. This is clearly a man with an ethos.

Since 2009, Bob has courted relegation and bested it repeatedly. If you analyze the number of clubs that sit more or less permanently in the lower echelons of the Premier League all season, you’ll discover that routinely three of those sides tend to get relegated. Has Bob been relegated? No he has not. That’s his legacy.

His record as a man who simply refuses to be relegated has been an attractive facet to a number of dynamic, forward thinking sides. Both Aston Villa and Liverpool tried to poach the Spanish maestro but he has resolutely refused to be tempted away from Dave Whelan’s wallet.

This season Martinez has already set his stall out securing 4 points with ease.

Levy & Co. have clear all the decision making skills of The Three Stooges. The dark days of Santini, as predicted by so very many true supporters of this once great club have returned. The new training ground looks more like a some country club for fat American ladies. Anyone who remotely understands football knows all you need is a pair of high-waisted tracksuit bottoms, some cones and a ball.

The idea you bring in some Johnny foreigner who’s never played the game is laughable. Apparently in the game since 1998, allegedly having worked with Sir Bobby Robson and Joe Mourinho or something I’m actually bored discussing him. No wonder Burnley saw him for what he was. They know how to dodge a bullet in Burnley.


Fans at The Lane need take note. Fervent support of our football team is demonstrated on a routine basis by those that make the decision to engage and pursue away games either in the flesh or on TV.  Always outnumbered, never outgunned, our away support simply reflects all the brilliant millions of boys and girls overseas that believe and will on Spurs every single game.

Too many turn up at The Lane as if they’re ‘something special’, they’re not. Stop wasting a seat. Stop booing. Hey, get the message? just stop.


Hotspurs Half Hour – Show 5 The Cincinatti Yid by hotspurshalfhour


    1. I cant believe what rubbish you lot on here are spuing out . Dont forget long after all these managers etc have come and gone , we , the supporters will still be around . AVB is our new manager , he is passionate , did you not actually see his response when we scored . Get a life your sounding like the plastic gooners slagging off wenger and co . Get behind the club we are heading in the right direction on and off the pitch . If your old enough to realise supporting spurs is like being on a rollercoaster , if you dont like it go on a different ride . We have a great squad of players and I hope a great management team . It may seem that we have taken a step backwards , only for a short time , and hopefully the two steps forward will happen . Time will tell . Harrys gone , man up and get over it , and please stop whingeing .

      1. If you had ever read the blogs of HH before (or ever read just about anything before) you would realise you have just won the award for biggest tool this side of 2050 !

      2. well said, great response to a very bad piece of writing. We are spurs through and through and should get behind them and the manager every step of the way

    2. Can you not see the irony in this article. He is satirising each and every tabloid hack, part-time supporter, and armchair job’s worth football fan who have the attention span of a dead goldfish.

      Spurs have enlisted the right person to capitalise on a youthful team, full to the brim of quality, young players. Moutinho would have been a great addition and AVB can’t be blamed for a:
      Levy’s deviousness and inability to pay at ‘buy it now’ prices; and b: a possibly intended paperwork ‘error’ from the Porto admin staff – one which uncannily saw them keep hold of their lynch pin star playmaker – hopefully only until January though ; )

      Today Spurs looked a team finally at ease on the ball, not panicked by the irritable new generation of Spurs ‘supporters’ at The Lane (one thinks WHL should do background checks on any fans lucky enough to get season tickets; those who are replacing the old guard who’ve become dads and granddads, or – typically of the area – just can’t afford the corporation-driven prices of modern football any more. How the Lane will miss them…)

      So, good article. You did miss one, by the way – we never even thought of appointing Ron Atkinson!

      Our loss…


  1. Great play today, can only imagine that the players refused to listen to AVB at all. Clearly, they have all been on the phone to Redknapp and asked him what to do. And why is AVB so passive …. we score a goal and he doesn’t even blink, just trudges back, shoulders dipped to the bench. Get some passion AVB, or I will pickle an egg in your honour and call it ‘Boo’, drop it into the mail and let it explode into a shower of farts and your next board meeting.

    1. What a joke, sure AVB might not have gone mad after the goal that made it 1-0 but he went absolutely mental for the other two.

        1. I think he went mad for all three. I’m sure his missus know she will be getting it tonight.

        2. It was frantic, but tender all at the same time…. I love it when its all pressure up my final third… :wub:

      1. Bloody hell, is anyone getting irony today?? We’re British, its what we do people!!

        Please, in future anyone who hasn’t read this blog before must sit through at least two Monty Python films before commenting…Harry, please make it so…

  2. Truly, no confidence, no shape or momentum, no-one wanting the ball, and a crappy kit. Three flukey goals. We need Jenas back

      1. I do believe Toni that there is a fair amount of irony that has simply flown straight over your head – read, digest then reply.

      2. I don’t know whats happened to the bloggers on here??? They appear as confused as John Terry when he was aked to spell ‘Infidelity’… Finally appears that maybe some WetSpam supporters have finally decided to support a real football club!

  3. get a grip and support the team you call yourself a YID???
    we have played well in every game this season go and support Chelsea if you don`t want to back him harry wanted to leave for England until he was refused guess why to much Mouth get over yourself crap article and not a true yid give the guy a chance!!

    1. Sid trotter, cant believe the negative response towards AVB. Give the guy some slack and yes support your team. If you want to moan or is nothing else is good enough, go support ARSEnal. I
      rhought it was a good performance from everyone in the reading match. The team looks like theyre starting to gel. AVB kept it cool on the first goal because it wasnt over yet and spurs needed a second goal…soon as it did his passion had shown and same with the third. So dont give me that crap that he doesnt have passion, watch his response on MOTD tonight on the second and third goals.

        1. Re Sid Trotter: Looks like some Cheatski have decided to follow Spurs also….. Guys please for the sanity of all that is sane, please read the responses to your comments……


        2. Just watched the game on bbc, where they try to achieve balance and , thus , miss the actual imbalance of the game and, having come back from rehearsal and having listened earlier on 5 Live, where, due to reporting what is actually happening they find it more difficult to achieve aformentioned ‘balance’ I find myself, upon reading responses to Sid T, staggered at the inability of some to recognise “IRONY”……!!!! Sid, Sid, Sid….Don’t give up son. Some of us understand.

        3. Keep on fighting ‘ol chap…. the dripping of water will eventually erode the stone etc…
          “Oh, irony, haven’t heard that since the 60’s…”.

        1. Get a grip Sid Trotter. Call yourself a Spurs fan? Everyone knows that mushroom volly vonts go better with shiraz than sausage rolls. Do you do shirtys and pantys with that irony?

        2. Typical Sid,lines up Shiraz and sausage rolls, get’s it wrong-then blames the vollies-some people, eh?-if he’s a people?, maybe people person-whatever that is, cos you can’t be anything else really!

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