What Were Villas-Boas And Steffen Freund Thinking?

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Good afternoon ladies.

There have been so many attacks on the boss since his appointment it’s just a pleasure to slowly watch them all be revealed for what they were. The work of low rent hyenas.

All of the nonsense that was spun seemed destined to appeal to the cheapest kind of fan, the sort that claimed to support Spurs, yet also harboured an irresistible desire to shout ‘I told you so’ in some twisted, utterly pointless game of one upmanship.

The one that bugged me was the assertion by some that Villas-Boas lacked the necessary passion. What was this ever based upon? The fact that he didn’t make balloon animals during his press conference? The fact that he speaks English fluently and appears to take the job seriously? Wow, what a schmuck.

What were these two thinking? Best thought/speech bubble suggestions wins a free download of this week’s Hotspur’s Half Hour.

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