Date: 24th October 2012 at 1:46pm
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Good afternoon.

I’m struggling to get my head around where the boss is heading with this whole business. Now clearly I write this from the perspective of someone who believes Adebayor to be a superior player to .

…at the moment we’re using one striker and Defoe is doing extremely well. At the moment, Adebayor is in contention for games where we play two strikers. He’s done extremely well in the games that he has come on but we have not found comfort in a formation with two strikers yet.

Villas-Boas oversaw this transfer. It was so – on – then off – then back on again – that it would be ambitious to suggest he didn’t have the opportunity to halt it. Also, there is this whole extraordinarily in depth scouting business. It’s really difficult to argue that once eventually showed up for training that smiles suddenly turned into frowns. must have known what he was buying.

Adebayor is not only a superior player of unquestionable human dimensions but he’s also not cheap. This isn’t like having Livermore sometimes getting a game, sometimes not. At least we now now that it isn’t a hamstring, it’s a tactical choice – but why Ade doesn’t fit the system is something I’m struggling to see.

I’ve great faith in the boss. But this does leave me really puzzled.