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Good morning.

Shakattack Don’task play Chelsea tomorrow night and another Spurs summer target that didn’t happen Willian has said:

‘Tottenham is a big club and it has a good person in charge. Andre Villas-Boas wanted to bring me to Chelsea and also tried at Tottenham. He always sends me messages. We are always in touch, and he has become a friend, for sure.’

Which sounds quite positive until you read on…

Choosing between the two clubs would be difficult. I don’t know. Chelsea is Chelsea. They are a great team, with amazing players and are the champions of Europe.

‘I would love to play for either of those clubs. But my mind remains at Shakhtar, and I’ll do my best to get the win against Chelsea. Everybody knows what my goal is. I’ve clearly stated that I would like to play in a bigger stage, whether it be England, Spain or Italy. I want to come back to the national team, and being in a bigger spotlight would help me get noticed.’

Nothing to get upset about, rather an honest reflection of the man simply wanting to advance in life.

Elsewhere some stroke surviving Intern at ESPN has decided to play fast and loose with a Hugo Lloris interview with Stade 2

“It’s not my motivation to be on the bench, I do not worry but I feel powerless, I want to play and I think I was brought to Tottenham for this purpose. I’m ambitious and I want to be on the pitch. I have respect for all the people in the club, but things are clear, I’m not here to live this situation any longer. I think selection for France and Tottenham are two singularly different things,” he said. “I did not need this match against Spain for my status as No. 1.”

I don’t speak French which is almost academic as the video isn’t working. But this is translation by a media outlet looking for a story.

Hugo isn’t going to say, ‘Oh je t’aime being on the bench c”est triffique.’ is he? So he when he says he didn’t expect to be rotated it  is quite a normal response. To say that he doesn’t pick the team is also quite a normal response. I wish I had more cheer to bring you.

Tomorrow I’ve an ‘interesting’ Maribor special and a cracking shiny new HHH is in production.

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  • Hartley says:

    Get in!

  • LLL says:

    Whatever the skewing of the interview, it’s clear that Hugo is getting a bit peed off now. So am I. Do we want to risk our world class goal keeper of the next 6-8 years so that our current one has a nice and comfy drift off to retirement?

    I thought AVB dealt with this well in the beginning but it’s dragging on a bit now. He had pre-planned to start Friedel for the Chelsea game regardless of form, why? In any case, given his and Gallas’ collective performance, Sunday’s game was no country for old men.

    • elfranklins says:

      I’m wondering just how much longer AVB will need to “Experiment” with the team to find the winning formula? How many matches? How many seasons?

      I know he’s got a job on his hands with sick notes and holes in defence, midfield and hey what the heck, a limited upfront with your-man defoe but it’s a project that needs hurrying up a bit.

      • Boon says:

        Spurs still don’t have all the players needed to implement his full plan. It’s really at it’s early stages.

        • Petit dejeuner with Garth Crooks says:

          Get rid of Livermore and pick Lloris for starters.

        • Boon says:

          AVB can’t pick Lloris as permanent No.1 with the comments he said about Friedel being his No.1 a month back. To go back on his words so quickly…don’t think it’s going to happen this soon.

          Livermore can’t be rid off, until a few midfielders are brought in in January, so that he could be offloaded then.

  • elfranklins says:

    Lloris needs to be played as our first team goal stopper ( Sorry Brad) and why are we paying Ade 110,000 a week to wark the bnench with him?

    • The Tottinghams says:

      Yep, I would have Lloris as our starting GK from now on. Brad has been nrilliant for more time than can be expected or asked for. A slow decline has started. I still respect him though but just as a great 2nd choice.

      I want Huddlestone nowhere near the team as he has now proved that the Premiership is beyong him. Our Midfield choices are quite limited though. Would you really want Livermore as our only other option if Dembele or Sandro are injured? We need to strengthen in this position in January.

      I want Ade to start every game at the moment. Defoe is a one trick pony & always has been. He doesnt have enough “Dimensions”.

      • Bruxie says:

        We got to a stage last year where we targeted players eho could take us to the next level.

        I always felt that Hudd was one of the players to be replaced – with a class act midfielder who could pass and defend and be mobile.

        I am convinced – even though he is just returning from a serious injury – that he is not up to taking us forward. He is PL standard, don’t get me wrong. But if we want to win the PL he is not the calibre we need.

        I could say the same for Deuce, Siggi, Gallas and Lennon based on what I have seen so far. I just hope Walker comes good again!

        Time to take stock and re-stock where needed.

        Those three chelscum attacking m/fielders are tasty and we could do worse than mimicking that format with slightly cheaper versions. Willian is possibly one of them. I’ll have a look when he plays for Shaktar.

        I want Kaboul back!

        • LLL says:

          Problem with that is: Shaktar want 20m++ for Wilian, meaning he isn’t cheaper than those 3, who we were too cheap to buy ourselves.

          Furthermore, Thudd isn’t a title winning midfielder, but he is a top 4 place winning one – as he has proven in the past. More than can be said for Dempsey or Sig. And the notion of overhauling all of our un-title-worthy playing staff is very far-fetched – how many players would we have left and how much money would we have accrued to replace them with these cut-rate world beaters you speak of? On track record alone, I’d say we are stuck with most of them until Levy can either turn a profit or break even on them, which may well never happen.

          Atm we need Thudd to come back to full fitness and we need the manager to work to get the best out of the signings he has made – Dempsey and Sig – as we have no other options. We also need him to grow a pair and bench the old boys for a the next PL game. Even if that means swallowing a bit more pride still and giving Dawson his opportunity. Redknapp was a manager for whom personal pride got in the way of sensible decisions on a number of occasions, I hope Andre doesn’t go the same route.

          Lennon has been our best attacking player this season so far, don’t understand why people never tire of getting on his back?

          Yeah, yeah, I know. Arguing for the sake of it.. :whistle:

        • Bruxie says:

          Hazard £32m.

          Oscar £20-25m.

          Mata £23.5m

          Willian will go for less than any of these. Shaktar are doing the usual hiking of both their quality and his price.

          As for Hudd. I don’t see him helping us to progress. He’ll keep us at the same level. That’s my point.

          Dawson. Not sure. I’d prefer Kaboul and Vertonghen as CBs with Caulker as back up. Daws is certainly not a UCL CB. Nor is Gallas.

          Dempsey (up to present), Siggi and Lennon are not in the Chelscum’s trio class and we have made an error in buying the first two. But as we got them fairly cheaply we might be able to get L’pooh to stump up.

          All of this is irrelevent until we can put our best 11 on the pitch. And we all have our own versions of that formula.

        • LLL says:

          Yes, yes. We were supposed to be ‘in’ for Hazard. At 32m? You what??

          I heard we had a deal that ‘matched’ Chelsea’s in and agreed for Oscar, but they gazzumped us. Weren’t we even supposed to be in for Mata at one point?

          Anyway, even if Wilian goes for 18m, that’s still too rich for us. We tried to buy him in the Summer, we even offered more than Chelsea apparently – but didn’t come close to their price.

          The other factor with him is that none of us know fook all about him. In the ‘clips’ I’ve seen he looks alright. His stats are OK, nothing special. Would he really improve us? Andre obviously thinks so, the rest of us don’t know.

          Thudd may yet help us to progress if he can get fit. And by progress I mean he may help us be a better team than one with Livermore in it instead – as I say, those are the options right now.

          Dawson, again, of course Kaboul and Vert should be our first choice, but until then maybe Dawson at least deserves the chance to show that he can head a clearance out of the box now that Gallas gift-packaged Chelsea at least 2 goals the other day?

          Dempsey and Sig will never be in Oscar, Mata, Hazard territory – not ever. That’s why they cost less than a quarter of their transfer fees. Lennon is closer in quality but no, he isn’t a 25m player either. Maybe a 15m player. In other words, if we were to ship him out we’d only likely get a player of similar quality back as we’re never spending 25m on an attacking midfielder / winger.

          If Dempsey continues to look like a turkey we should try and get the 5m back in January, and we may be able to, even from Fulham perhaps (a la Pienaar and Everton). He is established. Any longer than that though and he’ll start morphing into a Jenas / Bentley type – part of the (unwanted) furniture. But I can’t see anyone giving us 7m for Sig on current form. We’ll have to hope he can prove himself just a little bit.

          I’m not really arguing now, just waffling, admittedly, for the sake of it.

        • Bruxie says:

          I do not advocate spending £20+m on anyone. But wish we could.

          I merely suggested we go for the mobility epitomised by Hazard, Oscar and Mata.

          That can be replicated with cheaper options. There’s a couple of good Germans about.

          I don’t anticipate Livermore will be with us next season unless he has an epiphony of some sort.

          With Bale and a couple of mobile attacking types in front of Sandro and a playmaker I’d be quite happy.

        • LLL says:

          F***ing hell, reading it back, ‘Lennon is not a 25m player, maybe a 15m player’, and then thinking of what Pooh have actually bought for that kind of money. Downing? Eh, what? Lennon is at least twice as good as Downing. Maybe 6 times as good. Maybe they will still want Sig and Deuce after all.

        • Bruxie says:

          You see!

          Now you’re arguing with yourself!


        • Bobbles says:

          This ‘next level’ talk is pie in the sky until the new stadium is up and running.

          The big teams rarely buy a player under £20m, we have never bought one over that amount.

          Pay peanuts, get monkeys, so the saying goes.

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Oi, you leave Bale out of this!

      • Rupert says:

        It was Hudds first start for 18 years, he weighs 40 stone at the moment, and he was playing against one of the best midf’s in the country (on current form, give him a break

        Livermore is way down the pecking order, Parker will be ahead of him when he comes back, and Dembele will be back in game or 2

        I didn’t read your last 8 paragraphs but saw some mutterings about Dempsey – when he and Sigg are properly settled we’ll love them and they’ll be banging the goals in, as with AVB -GIVE THIS/THEM TIME and support them like a true fan FGS

        • LLL says:

          I didn’t read any of that but I reckon there was something there I might not have agreed with, so cut it out and get behind the team like a real fan (like me), for fucks sake.

  • LLL says:

    As for Wilian, given what the Shaktar boss said about the size of Chelsea’s bid, it seems they spent that pile of loose change on Victor Moses. So my guess is we are the only team seriously in for him now. Maybe. But while they ask Levy for 20m+ we might as well all go home and forget about it.

    • Boon says:

      They had too much players that play where Willian plays. Eden and Thorgan Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Marko Marin, Lucas Piazion and Moses. So really, he looks likely to come to Spurs.

      Ironically I’ll be supporting the Blues versus Shakthar in their 2 games over the next 3 weeks. If Chelsea and Juventus knocks Shakhtar out of the group stage, then the chances of him leaving for Spurs increases as he wouldn’t have Champions League to play for at that point in January.

      • LLL says:

        Don’t do it to yourself (support the despicable racist scum, that is). He obviously doesn’t give a shite about Champions League – he was desperate to join us in the Summer when we had no CL. He just wants to get onto the bigger stage (and probably the bigger salary).

        • Boon says:

          Hope you’re right. If your club is already past the group stage of CL in which you played a big part in, maybe you’d not think of leaving just yet.

          As much as I hate Chelsea, this actually might help our cause, Willian’s been AVB’s target for a while.

          BTW, the game Shakthar played last night versus Chelsea, that’s pretty close to what Villas-Boas intends to implement in Tottenham, high-tempo attacking, quick combinations from front-four, supported by relentless attacking from full-backs, and 1 holding midfielder bursting forward (aka Dembele).

      • UnkleKev says:

        I’d rather see Europe in the grip of bubonic plague than Chelsea so much as score a goal.

      • Boy Charioteer says:

        It would be easier for me to pick fly s**t out of sugar with boxing gloves on than support anything that The Blue Racists do, on or off the pitch.

      • Billy Legit says:

        ……..I’ll be supporting the Blues versus Shakthar in their 2 games over the next 3 weeks

        No you won’t.

    • Rupert says:

      You’ve not factored in he’s not signing a new contract and his current one ends summer 2014, so will only be year and a half of bargaining – price will plummet if they don’t sell him in Jan. Levy will get him for 15M unless someone else bids

    • rich g says:

      you’re a real fan, a real fan of arguing pointless bollocks and winding people up, f*cking job-seeking c*nt

  • Boy Charioteer says:

    My wife is watching “Loose Women”. The fall of civilization is complete. However if they can sort out our defensive frailties I’ll start watching it.

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