Date: 23rd October 2012 at 11:48am
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Good morning.

Shakattack Don’task play tomorrow night and another summer target that didn’t happen Willian has said:

is a big club and it has a good person in charge. wanted to bring me to Chelsea and also tried at Tottenham. He always sends me messages. We are always in touch, and he has become a friend, for sure.’

Which sounds quite positive until you read on…

Choosing between the two clubs would be difficult. I don’t know. Chelsea is Chelsea. They are a great team, with amazing players and are the champions of Europe.

‘I would love to play for either of those clubs. But my mind remains at Shakhtar, and I’ll do my best to get the win against Chelsea. Everybody knows what my goal is. I’ve clearly stated that I would like to play in a bigger stage, whether it be England, Spain or . I want to come back to the national team, and being in a bigger spotlight would help me get noticed.’

Nothing to get upset about, rather an honest reflection of the man simply wanting to advance in life.

Elsewhere some stroke surviving Intern at ESPN has decided to play fast and loose with a Hugo interview with Stade 2

“It’s not my motivation to be on the bench, I do not worry but I feel powerless, I want to play and I think I was brought to Tottenham for this purpose. I’m ambitious and I want to be on the pitch. I have respect for all the people in the club, but things are clear, I’m not here to live this situation any longer. I think selection for France and Tottenham are two singularly different things,” he said. “I did not need this match against Spain for my status as No. 1.”

I don’t speak French which is almost academic as the video isn’t working. But this is translation by a media outlet looking for a story.

Hugo isn’t going to say, ‘Oh je t’aime being on the bench c”est triffique.’ is he? So he when he says he didn’t expect to be rotated it  is quite a normal response. To say that he doesn’t pick the team is also quite a normal response. I wish I had more cheer to bring you.

Tomorrow I’ve an ‘interesting’ Maribor special and a cracking shiny new HHH is in production.