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Good afternoon. Well. That wasn’t very nice was it?

We were in all too many respects link a racehorse the handicapper got to. Bale’s wife went into labour. Dembele was injured and these two absences sent the dominoes inexorably falling. The worst of it was in the middle of the park. Sandro without his foil found himself drowning.

The first mistake was starting Brad. I really believe that we need to give Hugo a run of games now. He’s not some child, give him the shirt and let’s get on with it. This isn’t taking a punt. He wasn’t cheap. He’s one of the best keeper’s in the world. That’s not opinion.

Kyle Walker was finally busted. Not interested in how hurtful the Tweets were. He’s been gormless all season and we need to be thankful we spotted sooner rather than later. He might not need abuse, but he needs benching and it’s vital he’s dropped in favour of someone competent. The Forest Gump runs never impressed me and the headless chicken routine has just become depressing.

People were screaming for Gallas’ blood yesterday but with a no midfield in front of him and a lobotomised llama next to him he was never going to win the day. He did do some good work; but there seems a general undercurrent of unkindness toward him. His header out was powerful. It was blind luck it fell so kindly for Cahill.

Neither Caulker or Jan seemed to be quite at the races. Were they overawed? Well their performances against Manchester United suggest that wasn’t the case. But there were no runs, no dynamism. No sense of dynamism.

Huddlestone stepping in for Moussa wasn’t helpful. In fact it was equivalent of shoveling road gritting salt into a wound. He’s a sweet touch and that’s all he has. Like a comic trading off one good catchphrase. He struck several wonderful passes and then stood as if waiting for the applause. Desperately immobile. A desperate waste of a career.

Elsewhere we looked generally weak and a rather timid. The same old Lennon. Whizzing and skipping and zipping about but not really achieving all that much. It’s heartbreaking. Dempsey and Siggurdson were horribly unmemorable.

Villas-Boas is playing a risky strategy here with his choice of forwards and his seeming reluctance to make substitutions. Defoe is extraordinarily limited. Is Adebayor still not fit? If not, why not? This was a game where the midfield decided the outcome and we simply didn’t have one.

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  • philmccrackin says:

    Walker is a top top player.

    • Hot_Spur says:

      Clearly an emotional opinion rather than objective. Top top players do not make the embarrassing schoolboy mistake that he make for their 4th goal. Besides that he’s been making costly mistakes all season.

    • Gibbo says:

      People make mistakes no point destroying him, also he nearly scored another wonder goal them we would have been talking about him saving us a point

    • MrMay-D says:

      Is it really all doom an gloom from every thing i read an ppl say! Kyle is quality young fast and improvin all the time, we will b 4 pts off utd next week and alot more to come, its not bad we r above the scum still an only have man c t play this year from the big bois!! Avb will show us the way have faith and belive

      • Jambo says:

        I think the issue is that he is NOT improving all the time. In fact he is far worse this season than last. His positioning in every game is woeful and his attacking runs come to nothing.

  • Northern Spur says:

    I think if I respond to this ridiculous so called analysis it might give the article credibility.
    Complete & utter assassination.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Well we lost 2-4 against a very beatable team for some reasons that were our fault and some reasons that were not.

      If you thought anyone was significantly better than I did, do say so.

      It was a joyless loss in which we didn’t ever really get going.

      • Gibbo says:

        Lennon played well not amazing but well

      • Petit dejeuner with Garth Crooks says:

        I think Harry has it spot on with what he said but Avb must take blame too, how many times is he going to cost us points when we have a lead with his negative tactics?

        • Boon says:

          What negative? He wanted the boys to slow down the game which is the intelligent thing to do. When you are down, and want to get goals – speed it up. When you are up, and comfortable, slow and calm things down, frustrate the opposition, keep the composure and make no mistakes, hit them when they’re vulnerable committing themselves too much in search for goals. The boys failed utterly versus Chelsea who could almost turn it on at will, easily provoked into heightening the tempo and contributed to the chaos that Chelsea could capitalize on to get back at Spurs. Typical English league player mentality who doesn’t have the football brains of German, Italy or Spanish league players.

      • PortugueseHotspur says:

        It’s difficult to compete with the individual quality of the Chelski players (f*** money buys victories).
        If we think that with players like Hud, Gallas or Demp, we dominate the game early in the second half … Great job AVB, no doubt. As for Kyle, he’s a young player with great potential. He needs our support!

      • Urbane Sturgeon says:

        Good god Harry! A very beatable team? Have you seen the Premier league table recently or noticed the caliber of player chelski brought in last summer? I think describing them as very beatable is very wide of the mark, but maybe I’m just a quisling.

        I also have to add that I though we had got going a bit when we pulled ahead by a goal.

  • Warren says:

    I’m sorry, to add credit ability to the above, but I will reply. We lost two of our best players on the morning of the game. The £90 million that Chelsea have spent in the last year was considerably more than the transfer costs of the whole Spurs team yesterday. However, we were not out played, many a lot of chances, and but for some very good goalkeeping by Cech we would have won the game. Dempsey looked tired, and Siggurdson still has to do it, but Vertinghen looked good to me, as did Caulker, and sorry Huddlestone is not as mobile as Dembele or Bale – inspired analysis!!!! This team will win a lot of games this season. I do however agree that Llorris is the future and should be between the sticks now.

    • philmccrackin says:


    • Hot_Spur says:

      Never mind the good goalkeeping by Cech, we might also have won if our players could shoot on target. We had 23 chances and scored twice. Chelsea had 9 chances and scored 4 – go figure.

      • jerkinmahjurgen says:

        Step forward Defoe. Ade would play others in and everyone would get better chances. Defoe hogs all the chances, tries to shoot through walls of players, and creates an ethos we don’t need. Snatch, snatch, don’t pass it’s my turn etc. Lloris is better than Friedel and Ade better than Defoe. The starting 11 was our biggest hindrance yesterday. Don’t start your best 11 against Chelsea and then bring Livermore on you’re asking for trouble.

        • Phil McAvity says:

          I would like to see Ade get a run of matches now, how else is he supposed to get match fit? Defoe would be a great impact sub, especially coming on when defenders legs are knackered.

  • philmccrackin says:

    Ade was not at the races when he came on,he should have scored.

    • kentishyid says:

      He still has the first touch of a club-footed wrestler. I thought Defoe was one of our better players yesterday.

  • Bruxie says:

    You are correct about Walker, Hudd and Friedel.

    Sandro doing Hudds defensive duties and probably taking on too much.

    Ade needs to play at Southampton and Bale will be longing for that particular outing with his old mates.

    I knew we were doomed before kick off yesterday. Someone made the point that Bale, Dembele, Kaboul, Ade and BAE would have made the difference.

    By hell thay would have.

    Still I’m satisfied with some of the play – a good game, with periods of Spurs dominance.

    Now lets get a full weeks training in and a cople back and we can go on another run.

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