Benny Off To The Bridge?

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Good morning.

The source is and their suggestion is that Benoit Assou-Ekotto is wanted, enquiries made etc by Chelsea football club to us, Tottenham Hotsour football club about purchasing him for rumoured £10m.

Factors at play here are pretty straightforward.

Benny won much respect/sent shivers down a few spines with his public admission that football was just a job. Despite it being 2012, the world is still swimming with naive fans who like to see a bit badge kissing and actually believe the players remotely mean it.

Ashley Cole has reportedly been told that he won’t be getting a fat new contract and has as a response reportedly said he’ll pick up his boots and leave Second Hand Fridge when the window reopens in January.

But is this true?

Who knows.

Would it work? Well, I’d be surprised if Chelsea went for Benny. Yes, he’s Premiership house trained, but is he a typical Chelsea pick? I think not. He’s not solid enough, not uniform enough and I can see them seeing him as a bit flaky.

If we get offered £10m should we sell him to them? My first reaction is that I can’t see anyone else giving us anywhere near the same figure for him in this lifetime. Not a chance. My second reaction is that while I prefer Jan at left back, if we get an injury in one of the 27 competitions the boss wants us to participate fully in and win; then that £10m isn’t really going to help us too much.

What will happen then is Dawson gets wheeled out as the cash dissolves into the ether. So in conclusion it’s a thanks but no thanks from me.

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  • Billy Legit says:


    Benny wouldn’t do that, play for the Blue Racists?

    Say it ain’t so, Benny!

    • geoff1948 says:

      Where do you get off calling my team racist,have you not seen the make up of our squad our owner is jewish and we have nearly every colour and creed at our club.Just because of JT I will not have you labelling us as racists and I take it as an offence to me as I’ve spent my whole life when correcting people when they use racist terms .

      • JonP1882 says:


      • calebray says:

        just because you are not does not mean that your club isnt.
        Your club has decided to openly defend terry and not prosecute against video evidence, fans who mimic gas chambers “for a bit of a laugh”

        just a bit of banter eh?

      • Bruxie says:

        That’s why your fans sing anti-semitic chants and make hissing noices when they come to the Lane, is it?

        You might be a very decent person…but your fans are pretty squalid.

        Cole and Terry. Say no more.

      • wiltshirespur says:

        you support a team thats fans openly sing ‘spurs are on their way to auschwitz, hitlers gonna gas em again’ as well as making gas chamber noises at us. Sorry if we offend your delicate sensibilities by labelling that as racist. obviously every time large numbers of chelsea hardcore sing that to us this weekend you’ll tell them off will you? no? fuck off. if you don’t want to be labelled as racist don’t support a team with notoriously racist fans.

      • Harry Hotspur says:


        I routinely call your lot racists as they routinely behave like racists every time I see them watch us play.

        Hissing, coin throwing whilst shouting, ‘F’ing Jew c**ts etc… it’s always horrible. Nobody in the modern era behaves like this outside of Eastern Europe.

        You my be a decent chap. Sadly, you aren’t representative.

      • Tommo says:

        Racists !

      • Boy Charioteer says:

        Do you condemn any of the dreadful antics of some your supporters? No, you take it as a personal insult. Until you deal with the problem of THE NAZIS that pollute your support you will always be called “The Blue Racists”.

      • Spurstacus says:

        Scummy Filthy Blue Racists. Oh I forget, the well known campaigner for racial equality Ashley Cole plays for you.

      • Billy Legit says:

        PAUL CANOVILLE……….nuff said!

      • Tommy_Puddle says:

        Every blue racist fan i’ve ever known has called me something that implies hatred towards the Jewish faith! Sure you’re chairman is Jewish but that just proves the complete stupidity of your fans. You’re club is an utter disgrace.

        Not even the goons stoop that low.

      • mattspurs says:

        Is JT still the club captain despite the FA findings an the comments of the judge in the court case?
        Do Chelski fans still sing racist anti jewish songs and go unpunished?
        Did the Chelsea hierarchy alter Ashley Cole’s statement to include the word black?

        Can’t see Benny going there for all the money in the world – he may be in it for the money but he’s a man with a moral compass.

      • Kev says:

        Meet a Chav on holiday in menorca at a bar started talking football seemed a fair bloke,he got a few down him and his real personality came to light.”three by two fuckers” hitler didn’t get enough of them.edl,national front,c 18, loves I send my women back to the hotel and proceeded to clap the fuck out of the nazi c*nt.left in a pool of his own blood.enjoyed it

      • Alspur says:

        RACISTS!!!! How about your “mates” try to stop hissing when they come to the Lane, next time?

      • rich g says:

        what a fucking idiot, ever hear the gas chamber noises and the nazi saluts? silly frontbum

      • Gibbo says:

        Go home u dirty chav

        • geoff1948 says:

          I think you do protest to much.Fair share of idiots follow Tottenham as well.

        • Billy Legit says:

          There are a fair share of idiots who follow every single football club in this country because society as a whole has more than it’s fair share of idiots.

          Unfortunately there are a small number of clubs (and we all know who they are) where the usual trotted out defence of it was only a ‘tiny minority’ and ‘a few rotton apples’ simply doesn’t wash.

          Elements of ‘support’ within these clubs have had long standing affiliations with far-right wing fascist groups in this country and abroad, which exist to this day and have existed for decades- the Blue Racists is one of them.

          As for your comment above about the Portsmouth match, four ‘fans’ (yes four) were convicted for hurling vile abuse at Judas (racial and homophobic)- and rightfully so in my opinion- and Spurs themselves stated that the guilty party’s invoved would be banned for life- compare that to Blue Racists’ official stance regarding Captain ‘i’m not racist’ Terry!- even after the FA found him guilty!

          One racist tw*t is one too many in my book, but comparing four knuckle dragging neanderthals at Pompey to the thousands (and it is thousands) of your mob that disgrace themselves regularly at our place and when we go to yours would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic!

          But don’t just take my word for it, read Paul Canoville’s (one of your own) autobiography………it’s very, very revealing in more ways than one.

          Oh, and we’re gonna stuff ya next weekend- BIOYBRC!

      • Matt says:

        The chants against Sol Campbell were never racially motivated… I didn’t like it (as much as I agree with the hatred for Sol, the judas) but he was hated for his actions, not his skin colour or ethnic background.. King was our Captain at the time and is a legend at the lane… Slightly different too the gas chamber hissing.. Around my area the majority of people are Chelsea fans (even if not really football fans / followers) and I hate to generalise, but many of them fit that ‘racist’ bill… Which is quite shocking in this day and age, seeing as the area has quite a varied ethnicity…

      • Mabelode The Faceless says:

        As regards Sol Campbell, I understand it was his loyalty that was called into question, not his racial lineage.

      • Boy Charioteer says:

        Give it up Geoff. Every one of your points has been blown out of the water by our erudite contributors.

    • Spurstacus says:

      The CLUB is so filthy they made a black player testify to John Terry’s innocence. Chelsea are rotten from the top down.

    • LLL says:

      20,000 fans singing ‘We know what you are’ to Anton Ferdinand, with the noise echoing around the other 20,000 empty seats at your poxy ground?

      We know what you are.

  • rich says:

    Non starter. Why do you conclude that the derisory offer wouldn’t be beaten? He is in the top 4 players in the league in his position. Everton valued Baines at £20m this summer!

  • calebray says:

    benny will go at some point. is he much better than naughton? is he worth 10mil? will the money ensure the striker we crave (especially with ade nipping off for a bit)

    we have sufficient, quality cover for the first time in our back four with an exceptional keeper and understudy – lets leave it eh?

    10 million will not get us where we need to be any time sooner, and i think hes too cool to play for them toe rags.

    nice compliment though

    coys and coygfg

  • TommyHarmer says:

    I don’t think you should be taking this seriously … This has all the hallmarks of a made-up piece of desperate newshound gossip …… Cole is off – who might be good enough for Chelsea – Benny is out injured, etc. I doubt that BAE has enough of the ‘wholly reliable cheat’ about him for Chelsea – the ability to foul and then lie and then believe your own lie is not well enough developed in him. In addition I can’t see HIM following orders and corroborating JT’s versions of events to order.

  • BrizzleSpur says:

    And how much would it cost to find a replacement? I think we still need him for the sake of having options at least.

    It is plausible, an ageing Cole with a tidy LB just up the road at a non CL team. But it would be a shocker to see a deal like that go through when we are looking at developing the team. Levy has kept the club stable so were not desperate to sell anyone other than our fringe players. Another thing that makes it a tough call is that we have not only Benny but also Kaboul injured which makes it difficult to speculate who and what our 1st choice back line would be.

    Gallas has been great too.

    Regardless, these are good dilemmas to have as we have some great defenders to chose from and I don’t think the presence of Vert renders Benny redundant. It just gives us options.

    Benny would look at this as a promotion however so can’t rule it out completely.

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