Date: 15th October 2012 at 9:55am
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Good morning.

The source is and their suggestion is that is wanted, enquiries made etc by football club to us, Hotsour football club about purchasing him for rumoured £10m.

Factors at play here are pretty straightforward.

Benny won much respect/sent shivers down a few spines with his public admission that football was just a job. Despite it being 2012, the world is still swimming with fans who like to see a bit badge kissing and actually believe the players remotely mean it.

Ashley Cole has reportedly been told that he won’t be getting a fat new contract and has as a response reportedly said he’ll pick up his boots and leave Second Hand Fridge when the window reopens in January.

But is this true?

Who knows.

Would it ? Well, I’d be surprised if Chelsea went for Benny. Yes, he’s Premiership house trained, but is he a typical Chelsea pick? I think not. He’s not solid enough, not uniform enough and I can see them seeing him as a bit flaky.

If we get offered £10m should we sell him to them? My first reaction is that I can’t see anyone else giving us anywhere near the same figure for him in this lifetime. Not a chance. My second reaction is that while I prefer Jan at left back, if we get an injury in one of the 27 competitions the boss wants us to participate fully in and win; then that £10m isn’t really going to help us too much.

What will happen then is Dawson gets wheeled out as the cash dissolves into the ether. So in conclusion it’s a thanks but no thanks from me.

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