Date: 30th October 2012 at 11:23am
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Good morning.

fans have a proud history of racism. I say proud because when something as rotten and miserable as race hate is associated with such a significant number of a group then it’s pretty obvious they aren’t actually resisting the association, rather embracing it.

For those seeking to contest this assertion then I could supply a full list but I was planning to get a few other things done this week. But to whet your appetite here’s some a couple of recent examples. Please note in the interests of fairness I have discounted the fact that John Terry is a fan.

June 2012: Danny Townsend-Bird filmed himself on his iPhone at 2 separet games screaming racist abuse including ‘f___ c___ spick’ plus footage of him shouting racial abuse at an Asian driver while riding in the back of a taxi on the way to a match including ‘f___ p__ c__.’ Mr Townsend-Bird received a 5 year ban.

April 2012: Stephen Fitzwater (a fan) admitted shouting racial abuse at Didier Drogba during the Cup semi final against Tottenham. Mr Fitzwater was banned from for life.

So why drag this up?

On Sunday at after Javier Hernández’s controversial late goal, the crowd in the Matthew Harding stand surged to abuse the player and in the footage below it is painfully obvious that an as yet unnamed black steward was crushed then thrown over the pitch-side barrier by at least one fan.

It was suggested by CFC that the steward might have slipped. As the raised arms of the man that threw him show on the clip, he did not slip, but was physically propelled. Perhaps CFC have not had an opportunity to watch the clip below.

“We are aware of an incident during yesterday’s match at in which a steward was injured. An investigation has been launched into the incident and our inquiries continue.” Metropolitan Police statement

“We are looking at reports of objects that may have been thrown or incidents around the steward taking a fall. We are investigating all the incidents around that time. My information so far is that he slipped and fell, may have hurt his knee, and was being treated by the side of the pitch. He’s been taken to hospital.” spokesman.