Date: 17th October 2012 at 10:50am
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Good morning.

The good news is in the clip below as saves a penalty conceded by an player and taken by an ex Arsenal player. Laurent Koscielny did his best to put Pedro’s shin into a different part of the stadium from the rest of him and the resulting penalty was saved well by our new boy.

I know we’ve seen little of him, but he looks right to me.

The bad news is in the clip below and you’ll not be shocked to know that it relates to the nasty treatment that Danny Rose (and others) were subjected to last night.

UEFA president Michel Platini has already threatened Serbia with expulsion from Euro 2012 before a ball was kicked; because of their hooliganism and racist fans. Clearly they thought he was bluffing. Which is funny, because I think he was bluffing.

If Platini does do any more than make a dull speech and call for a low key enquiry resulting in a notional fine I’ll be pretty surprised.

But all football’s governing bodies are the same. Bathed in cash, basking in their own self importance. It’s 2012 and we have two Internationals scheduled. One is marred by right wing thugs and the other is allowed to degenerate in farce as a roof that takes just 20 minutes to close is left open for hours in torrential rain.

I wonder, just much more of a ride the people at the top of football family tree can take fans for before the money begins to dry up?


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