Moutinho Agent Talking Up CSKA & Barca Deals

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Good morning.

Ah, the familiar strains of the lesser spotted weasel faced football agent. The following from Pini Zahavi [ taking to Izvestia] who appears to be representing Joao Moutinho. Moutinho some some readers may vaguely recall was linked with us in the last transfer window.

If this quote is anything to go by, we don’t feature prominently in the boy’s future.

“I will not hide that there is interest on the part of Zenit, and we will analyze their proposal in January! Zenit is a very strong team, who may be the next step in the career of Joao.”

“However at the same time we have to take into account the interests of Joao! Any footballer would like to play in Barcelona, and this option is a priority for us. In my opinion the style of his game adapts perfectly to that of Barcelona. In addition he is a fan of the club”

When you see how characters like this are at work how easier it is to magic up a tale that the incompetence of Levy & Co. is in fact the driving factor behind unsuccessful transfer deals.

Oh well.

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    • elfranklins says:

      I read the Metro as the constant drivel peddled in the red tops of a morning makes my blood boil!

    • Habib says:

      My thoughts exactly

    • Top Tottys says:

      …All football “agents” should be murdered!! Nothing but ponces leeching off the backs of dumbass players who dont have a phukkin clue how to conduct their own business or too stupid to employ a lawyer for a much cheaper outlay!! All clubs should get together and freeze these phuqqin poncey “agents” into extinction!! Every club should get together and draw up a standard 2 or 3 year contract ratified by the FA. It will be 1 way to stop the ponces and the dodgy backhanders going on all over the place!!

      • Top Tottys says:

        all tongue in cheek of course…Iwouldnt really advocate any kind of nasty deeds on agents, but they are financial problem for most club directors are they not?

  • Don Mcallisters says:

    Do we need this bod ?….more pertinent , how do we see Pathe News Boy slotting back in ? or not as may be the case..I might stick a crafty sheet on him returning to those Tobys from Upton Park in January..

  • steve says:

    we’re gonna need all the help we can get when scotty’s fit – don’t want to run sandro into the ground, plus there will be games when it might be prudent to play both of them. whilst the supporters (me included) love to play the ‘strongest team when everyone’s fit’ game, the very best sides have two teams of almost equal strength which is what we should be aiming for.

  • cartel says:

    if sandro and dembele continue to impress and really gel we nay have no need for avb’s love child

    • Ronnie Wolman says:

      A creative midfielder would provide another option.
      Right now with who we have,its more about power and speed.
      A finesse player is needed at times but right now we really need a power striker and without that the creative players mean nothing

    • Hot_Spur says:

      cartel – You’re missing the point. If we had a playmaker (Moutinho)to play the Modric role, it has an additional knock-on effect of being able to play Dembele further forward behind the striker. He would terrorise defences from that position and be far more effective.

      • Hot_Spur says:

        And in any case, how can you justify saying we have “no need” for a world class midfielder? If we ever want to be able to challenge for a PL title we need every top player we can get.

  • 89Spurs says:

    The Lesser spotted is a lot rarer than the Greater spotted, when it comes to Woodpeckers.(not weasel faced football agents, don’t see many of them round here) Who needs woodpeckers? Who needs Moutinho, it seems to me that the squad that we have at present is more than adequate to achieve a place in Champions League next season.

    COYS. :daumen:

    • Hot_Spur says:

      You’re satisfied with that then are you? You don’t want to win the PL then? Presumably you’ve never heard of Bill Nicholson or seen his quotes.

      • Yid Vicious says:

        Back in the Champions League would be improvement enough for now. Just because the great Bill Nick said that it’s better to fail aiming high, doesn’t mean that you can’t be realistic. Did Leeds nearly going under have an echo of glory, for example?

        Moutinho would be a great addition but he’s not the only player that would suit us and we’ve already got a central midfield partnership which is looking excellent in these early days.

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