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Good afternoon.

This is it folks. The Maribor Ultras have been a strict diet of kosher breakfast salami for a fortnight now and are chomping at the bit to greet our valiant away fans who have been issued with kevlar scarves and tote bag sized fire extinguishers in event of any rogue flare related issues.

What better to get you in the mood that another healthy dose of Hotspur’s Half Hour? Okay. Cold imported beer and maybe some salted snacks on the side. But you know what I mean.

This week our extra special guest star is the firm’s top man in North America @JustASpur.

Subjects up for discussion included how ODM thought we were terrible against Chelsea, but then he spoke to the bloke next to him at The Lane decided that upon reflection we probably weren’t. We also ask Mitt Romney, man or machine?

Football wise we agree that being nasty to Kyle Walker isn’t productive and sighing at games maybe the new booing.

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