Date:20th October 2012 at 3:11pm
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Good evening.

What becomes of the broken hearted? It would seem they end up supporting Tottenham Hoyspur.

The game took two turns for the worse before the kick off as the news broke that both the boy himself Gareth Bale and Mr Demblele were going to both out of action. On the Bale end of things I have to express a dismay. I know people who’ve had to miss funerals due to work commitments.

In my limited yet hugely valid experience of childbirth the father being there tends to use the, ‘I was there, wasn’t I?’ as some sort of a statement to reaffirm that he still cares and still adore a woman who they have long since begun to loathe and frankly see as un-adorable. Bale’s absence to me was just yet another example of modern football being far too interested in what footballers feel or care.

Am I blaming the defeat on Bale? Of course not. Am I using him as a whipping boy? Of course not. Just sayng it’s symptomatic of things. Things that aren’t good.

Huddlestone’s gifted but lethargic calling card is expired. Dempsey looks woefully shy of the mark. Walker wants melting down and turning into glue. The boss needs to have more faith in his plan and less in the players. Make substitutions sooner.

 I’m off for a cold chicken sandwich and some crinkle cut chips. It’s the way I roll…