The Man Who Put A Smile On The Face Of All Who He Met

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Good morning.

Two bits of footage for you this morning. The first is of a man that many fancied to manage Tottenham when Arry was binned. Ladies and gentlefolk I give you Brendan Rodgers. A man who makes David Brent look like Albert Einstein.

Being: Liverpool episode 4 airs tomorrow night on Channel 5 but I have the full show for you clicky and at 43.21 is the bit where Brent Brendan produces 3 envelopes and tells the entire Liverpool squad and staff that each envelope contains a name. The three names are those individuals that he believes will ‘let us down this season.’

The stupefied response of the room says it all. But hey, as Brentdan profoundly states: You have to believe it, to achieve it. What a pillock. Bullet dodged? Nuclear bomb dodged, more like.

The second clip is our boy Hugo training with the French squad. Butcher’s. Dog. Fit as. The footage courtesy of 101 Great Good to see him baring up despite the internal goalkeeping feud at The Lane. Maybe if this football managing thing doesn’t pan out, there might be a vacancy on the Daily Mail sports desk.

Sportsmail understands Villas-Boas is planning to recall Friedel for his revenge mission against Chelsea, who sacked him last season.

Lloris pleaded with Villas-Boas to keep faith in him but looks set to be disappointed. Friedel was frustrated by the decision to axe him for the Villa game, while it is believed a clutch of Spurs players were also stunned by the choice.

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  • BrizzleSpur says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Hugo play regularly. It’s just a shame that there’s been so much BS drama surrounding the whole thing.

    • calebray says:

      all the people clamouring and demanding hugo is 1st choice now and have since the beginning of the season aree actually keeping this from happening.
      because of all the quotes, he is under immense pressure (as is avb) to be perfect – not great, but perfect.

      in a few weeks it will sort itself out.

      whoever is chosen will not let us down, neither will avb

      coys and coygfg

  • Gav says:

    I’m please with AVB and believe he will do a good job for us, but you’re wrong about Rogers. He’s a bright guy and will prove himself to be an excellent manager in time.

  • CptCaveman says:

    Think I’d like to see Lloris in for the Chelsea game. Since he’s played the last two for us and will play a few times for France, I dont consider it ‘throwing him in at the deepend’. This is the best chance we have to put him seamlessly in the 1st team without all the pressure of ‘ooh Brad played a blinder last week’. Fact is, Brad is playing well, hes a great shot stopper but he’s also 40 and rooted to his line. Lloris gives us that something extra. Yes he will make a few mistakes but what keeper doesn’t (Insert Gomes here) but ultimately we paid the money because we believe in him, he needed a chance, he took it and has looked very assured with his play. Brads a great back up to have but I think we need to be looking towards the future now. We have a solid defence forming with great options and back-up, what looks to be a world class keeper, now we just need to tweak the midfield and get a new goal machine (so we have more options) and we will do well in the Champs League next year :-)

    • LLoris left boot says:

      Brad is totally wedded to his line but he also can’t play the ball. He’s rubbish. He boots it up and almost always gives the ball to the oppo. He’s shite. He’s too scared to play the ball. Lloris can actually play football. If brad is in the pitch for the Chelsea game I’ll be losing faith in AVB.

      • Ronnie Wolman says:

        Harry is this you????

        But look…I agree!!!!

      • doyin says:

        Brad might be wedded to his line but he has been absolutely fantastic though I wouldn’t mind loris in between the sticks. Any which way I trust AVB and have faith in him.

      • essexian76 says:

        What a load of non-sense-look at his organisation and can you honestly tell me the fence had been the problem early on? try looking at the full backs not doing their jobs, try looking at mids and forwards not holding onto the ball-but the goalkeeper had been MOM in all the early games- he saved AVB’s arse if truth be told

    • UnkleKev says:

      I think our manager knows full well that Lloris is (by some distance) the better keeper of the two and played him on Sunday specifically so he’d be better prepared for the game against Chelsea. In spite of newspaper reports to the contrary he has handled a delicate situation extremely well and demonstrated yet again why we are lucky to have him at the helm.

      • essexian76 says:

        I’m really not bothered about newspaper reports Unc, but am about how this would pan out in the dressing room-and it wouldn’t go down too well I’d think?

        • Ronnie Wolman says:

          essex we both disagree on the issue of who should be number one as you know but I dont disagree with the the fact that the players maybe a bit upset at how it was handled.
          Respect should have been given and its looks like it hasnt

        • UnkleKev says:

          I really think you’re making a mountain out of molehill, Essexian. If nothing else Brad’s a true pro and I’m sure he will have accepted the decision as such. I seriously doubt that any dressing room unrest will have been caused.

          Fact is we have two very good ‘keepers on our books which means that one of them is bound to be disappointed. Personally I’d rather it was the oldie at the end of his career than the young ‘un at the beginning of his.

          Added to which Lloris looks supremely confident in dealing with corners (having Caulker in there helps as well, mind). It’ll be interesting to see how many we concede from such set pieces this year with him in goal. I’m guessing it won’t be very many at all.

          Speaking of Caulker, we may well have a very similar situation on our hands between him and Gallas soon. Once Benny is fit Vertongen will doubtless revert to the centre which means another choice will have to made regarding his partner. Gallas has been an outstanding player for the last few years, is playing really well at the moment … but I’d still choose Caulker over him nine times out of ten as he’s the future.

        • Ronnie Wolman says:

          Uncle I agree with Caulker coming in when Benny is back even though Gallas has been massive.
          These players should still get respect though and given some serious games.
          Vert should be a steady player for us in the team and could play at the left for easier games and at CB for the tough games when everybody is fit

        • essexian76 says:

          @Ronnie-that’s been my only stance form the outset-It’s not a question of player v player, it’s a case of right and wrong and what’s best for the team’s well being and harmony. AVB began doing a similar thing with Lampard…To quote the Bananarama song—‘It ain’t what you do-it’s the way that you do it’

        • essexian76 says:

          Again- as with Caulker and Gallas-I’d stay with Gallas each and every-time-still, at least this situation won’t exists next season as Brad, Bily G and probably Parker (Sandro will be the 3rd such situation), will be history and hopefully we’ll be looking at better prospects in their stead

      • cincinnatiyid says:

        I think Vert is going to stay at LB, working with the Diver. Benny may be SOL, at least until AVB follows our advice and moves Walker up to RMB, spliting time with Azza. That comes with the return of Kaboom.

  • Hot_Spur says:

    Could be a bit of “reverse psychology” on Roger’s part. Clever rather than stupid in my opinion.

    • LosLorenzo says:

      Meh. It might motivate some, who feel they guilty for not trying hard enough and “know” they are in the envelopes, and want to prove Brentdan wrong.

      The universal message, though, is that “I don’t have faith in all of you”. Surely a very dangerous message to be sending. How are players supposed to have faith in each other, when the gaffer says he doesn’t…?

  • Gus says:

    I think I’ll leave the selections up to AVB. It would appear that by his body of work to date, he’s earned it… ;) COYS

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