We Could Land Brazilian For A Mere £10M Say German Media

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This might be something. It might be nothing. You have to have a heightened sense of suspicion during International break, however this comes from the Fatherland and not Fleet Street.

Michel Bastos is the name in the frame and the German edition of is suggesting that a bid of €10m could be on the cards come January.

Again another biwingal winger – although he does favour the left. He’s 29 and has been at Lyon since 2009. I did a small amount of Googling and I’m not sure about the money side of this. It was reported only last year through a few English newspapers and the figure being touted then was of €22m.

Add to this, the knicker twisting of the Lyon chairman over the Hugo Lloris deal and we really could be in for some protracted fun and games.

Will this happen? In a word, dunno. What I do know is that this type of player would be a brilliant addition to shore up Bale having moved into a more central role.

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  • a_felching says:

    International breaks are shite

  • Bukkake-breath says:

    At 29 (maybe 30 by the time the transfer window opens) I think it’s a non goer, I still like the sound of Isco from Malaga scores loads of goals is 20years and should be able to get him cheap as Malaga are broke.

  • Spurstough says:

    Seems like a lot for a Brazilian. They’ll do one for a tenner down the tanning parlour! :freu :-p

  • Bruce Grove says:

    Bastos would have been an excellent signing a few years ago, but at 29 I don’t think Levy is going to pay 10 million for a player who is likely to be a back up for BAE, or Bale or even Vertonghen. I’d much rather see a cheaper and younger left back come in and give BAE some proper competition for his place in the first team. Save money and spend it on players like Isco and Willian, and play the game like a traditional spurs team, attack, flair, skill etcetera

  • Ronnie Wolman says:

    its still october

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