Whatever Did Villas-Boas Say To Bale?

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Good evening.

Was it majestic? Perhaps not entirely, but how many times have the sides that have supposedly kept us in our place nipped of with ‘just the points?’

I was slightly wary watching the game at the time of the celebration by the boss. After the game.

It wasn’t lunatic, rather a ‘measured’ punched fist but he made a point of congratulating the lads and thanking the travelling support with the old ‘shirts into the crowd’ thing. This says to me he’s genuinely appreciative of the support from fans – that ‘AVB’s Blue & White Army’ chant is one I love the most.

The second is that he wants to really emphasise the value of winning to our lot. This guy hasn’t just got off the boat football or otherwise and I think upon reflection it was a very clever call. Villas-Boas is evidently looking to motivate his group and that has to be a good thing.

‘It’s such a good win. We want to be at the top, we want to make the best of fixtures at Southampton and Wigan before we play Man City and Arsenal. If we carry on showing this level of competence we can really push on.

‘I’m extremely happy for Gareth. He’s a massive player for us and when the small opportunities come he makes the difference.’

Funniest one-liner caption type thing wins a fortnight’s supply of helium.

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  • fistfone says:

    Who’s ya Daddy

  • Jimbo THFC says:

    That’s the only way you’ll be scoring in the next couple of months.

    • john reed says:

      joking aint ya buddy? my baby mother was ready within 2 weeks the damn nypho!! i was loving the break :/

  • Hartley says:

    AVB..Good to have you back Gareth…..I’m putting you on the pill from tomorrow, we can’t be having anymore of these big match pregnancies….
    The boy Bale..Arry never worried about that boss, he said my unruly features would act as a contraceptive…
    AVB..We can’t rely on that alone though Gareth, not now you’ve signed an improved contract…

  • lordship lane drunk says:

    You was right about this bracelet son! the chicks love it!

  • lordship lane drunk says:

    mercy bookoo

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