68% Of Spurs Fans Voted Defoe Deserved To Be Subbed

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Good evening.

The results of a rapid fire opinion poll survey thing I ran earlier today are in and here are the results. About 1000 people joined in which for a chilly Monday after a home defeat isn’t a poor show, so thank you for that.

Enjoy the rest of your night and please do observe the Firework Code – you are no use to me as a reader with charred rocket sticks protruding from where your eyeballs used to be.

Which of these lists are closest to the priority you place on potential achievements for the season?

Top 4 finish or better 61%
Top 5 finish 27%
Top 10 finish and win a pot 13%

Looking at the Premier League table we sit 5th after 10 games. How do you feel we are we getting on?

Could do better 60%
Quite nicely 35%
Bit of a joke 4%
Famously 1%

The transfer window wasn’t great for us. Who do you blame?

Levy & Co. 40%
Both of the above 36%
Market forces 24%
Andre Villas-Boas 1%

Lots of injuries, but do you expect the boss to do better with the players he does have?

No, he’s probably doiing the best he can 44%
Yes, still lots of great talent there 39%
I’m actually amazed we’re doing as well as we are given resources 17%

William Gallas. Straight question. Do you rate him?

He’s average enough, no better 57%
He’s doing a great job 32%
Without him we’d be screwed 7%
No, ex gooner rubbish 4%

Booing at games (that old one again)

It’s not something I believe helps the situation 89%
It’s what they deserve! 11%

On Saturday prior to stropping down the tunnel Defoe only touched the ball 11 times and only made 5 accurate passes. Did he deserve to get subbed?

Yes he is a selfish git 68%
No, he was gonna come good 32%

Back to missing players and AVB, how do you see the 6 games?

A further dip in form, 1st teamers return, then improvement 93%
It won’t make a blind bit of difference AVB can’t manage 7%

The Europa. Given the injuries what would you like to happen in terms of team selections?

Focus entirely on the Premier League & the Europa 50%
Focus entirely on the Premier League & the FA Cup 28%
Focus entirely on the Premier League 22%

How do you watch games?

On TV, online that sort of thing 43%
Some live games 37%
Season ticket holder/borrower 20%

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    I answered all the questions 847 times


  • Sid Trotter says:

    I have a Catherine Wheel spinning from my but ….. not good, but is keeping the gonads warm …..

  • Sid Trotter says:

    1st ….. Dam …. 3rd

  • Luke says:

    The JD question Is a bit black and white, TBF he had poor service, I think we had more chance with him and ade on the pitch but the way the question is posed then of course one thinks it was the right thing to do.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      In fairness mate I’m struggling to see a third option.

      He stayed on or went off :blush:

      • Hartley says:

        He went off because he was off, if he had been on then he would have stayed on….. :hae:

      • Habib says:

        We could have put Bale as left back, Defoe as left winger and Vertonghen as defensive midfielder with Siggurdson as the deep lying playmaker.

        But this sh*t sounds good on the net – In practice it probably woulda been a disaster :p

        • Astro Spur says:

          We could play Loris as the big man up front, get him into the team ye know!!!!

        • Jamie says:

          I think so. 4-4-2 with Sigurdsson coming off the left flank and Bale overlapping might have been more like it.
          But you’re still talking un fit Hudd and Livermore being over run in midfield.

        • Kosta14 says:

          The changes I would have liked to see wouldve been to take off thudd bring in naughton at left back and drop vertonghen in def mid take off Dempsey for adebayor. Defoe would’ve worked better with ades hold up play allowing him to feed off his layoffs which is his strength – control and shoot. At that stage of the game we needed that sort of approach. Vertonghen would’ve provided cover, hard tackling and drive, he’s just that good!

        • Matt says:

          Kosta – Sounds a great idea. But do you remember what happened mid week, when we brought Vert on for Carroll? In theory it should have made us much stronger, but we fell apart. if he had done that everyone would be saying “why didn’t AVB learn?”

      • Luke says:

        Fair do’s mate. Thought it was a good survey all in all And my Andrews were in line with most rational yids which is good. I think the first question is all important. I think people need to recognise that 5th would not be a step back. I’ve got great belief in this squad. Just need to get some players back. Coys

      • bdgreenway says:

        never even saw the poll hh ,cant blame defo for no service .Am i happy with the way we are playing, NO. No depth mabe is our problem. have we replaced modshit an van de man . NO.

      • Bobbles says:

        The phrasing was leading though wasn’t it?

  • The man from room five says:

    We were shown up by good tactics- nullifying midfield, ensuring no service to JD or ADE. We had no answer…what was the question?

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