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Good afternoon.

The latest Hotspur’s Half Hour is here. And this week’s extra special guest is Spurs fan Bob from NYC who shares his views on this whole Andre Villas-Boas business plus an insight on how Clint Dempsey is viewed in the United States.

ODM and I discuss at some length the sanity of not giving the boss time and resources in which I suggest some people shouldn’t be allowed cutlery and reflect upon the tragedy that is being dropped on ones head as an infant.

We look back briefly at Adebayor’s red mist, red card then red face but really we look forward to the upcoming escapades with Lazio and our dearest friends, West Ham.

If you want to take part in a future show then do get in touch. We ideally like to record on Mondays at 1930hrs BST and so all you need to be is sober, and have Skype set up on your Commodore Vic-20. Email me at

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  • CincinnatIYid says:

    Dematteo sacked. Surely Bob is commenting on this.

    • Aristotle says:

      Not Billy Bob Thornton?

    • legalalienfromaliencentral says:

      I am now. I missed all the fun and games yesterday as I was escorting a group of Chinese around Alien Central. Matteo’s appointment was an impulse reaction to the racist mob winning the CL. His sacking is a knee jerk reaction to them exiting the CL. Do I care – not one jot! All that concern’s me today is that it is Thanksgiving which means it is a holiday and Spurs do it for those poor Spurs fans who were beaten up beat the Roman facists.

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Not as the show was recorded on Monday :shifty:

  • Ronnie Wolman says:

    whats the matteo with that Abramovich…..

    Maybe he should be the new boss of the apprentice and Sugar can take that gig.He fires more than Tump and Sugar combined.

    AVB is with us forever.You have to say one thing.Jenas may not be good but he is certainly resilient

    • Boy Charioteer says:

      Do you think Abramovich is part of Treadstone?

    • Ronnie Wolman says:

      No BC he IS Treadstone (by definition) but Bourne (AVB) wont be outdone by this maneuver He immediately moved the High Line defence to Berlin and the midfielders to the Auxillary Women’s Hospital in Nepal. He is quick that Bourne (He is a Bourne again and again). Levy is also on the situation.He signed Di Matteo to be a peanut seller up in the West Stand,Black L rows 15-22.
      All the exits are covered.There is nowhere for Jermaine Jenas to run to.

      to be continued…

      • Habib says:

        It’s a privilege to know you sir

        • Ronnie Wolman says:

          Habib for 50m quid I can make you part of the plot.

          How long will it take for you to reach Nepal? but look things are tight here….economy of course…

        • Ronnie Wolman says:

          that is you must travel economy…you buy the ticket…Ill pay you when I get to Berlin…

      • Ronnie Wolman says:

        BC can Habib use Fenchurch street to get to Nepal?????

        My GPS is not working.Help me BC.Help me

        We are lacking the rest of the team.Lots of agents but no midfielders.Habib we need you in Nepal.

        • Boy Charioteer says:

          No, because I think I am being watched. Does the man washing his hands in the toilet glance up one too many times and use the hand dryer a bit too long? The man cleaning the station platform isn’t the usual one. Why is the cafe deserted? Was that a flash of sunlight reflecting off the window or an optical lens mounted on top of a cylindrical object? What’s that click on the phone line? Why does my wife sometimes look like Pamela Landy. Is their a secret meaning to the numbers of managers coming and going from a shady location in SW London? What is the Nottingam connection with*****? Have The Danish secret service infiltrated the BBC with Sandi Toksvig? Is Blackbriar really AV…………

        • Ronnie Wolman says:

          My head is racing….

          Michael can I have the third question first and the last question 5th….

          Look BC this is not a joke.You dont even mention ‘Berlin’ you remember…..The beer keller….Marlene….and that foggy day at Leyton Orient…when they found…Jermaine Jen…are all our players named Jermaine…do you think its to do with Berlin…..what shady location in SW London…they are ALL shady locations in SW London…I mean is this is a scavenger hunt???????????????? get real BC……

          No Im telling you its Bourne…Its Habib and its a game in SW Italy tommorow thats what it is….
          or wait…maybe not….

        • Boy Charioteer says:

          Shady clandestine locations in SW London are precisely that. I cannot be precise about locations. All I will say is that the Italian connection last night didn’t go according to plan and as a result heads have rolled. The Berlin connection is rather conspicuous, especially between two posts and a crossbar so I won’t go there. Fenchurch Street is the key to everything. But which train….

        • Ronnie Wolman says:

          Ok forget,Berlin,Habib and all trains to Westcliff-on-sea.Its not happening I understand.
          Our man in Sloane street is telling us he has no idea what is happening there which is enlightening and ecouraging in view of circumstances in the Tottenham High road lately.The boos must have worked.
          There are no boos in sloane street (I said boos),they just get on with the business.Its Wednesday and we must have a new manager they say.Theyve gone to weekly rather than monthly or annually.They cant wait there.One loss out west and you are chopped liver (but what do they know from chopped liver?)
          No its not that simple but I would agree.Fenchurch street is the key. There are two Russians right now as we speak at the end of the pier.One is Mark Hughes. Its obvious what Abramovich’s next move is.
          He will surely keep hiring and firing until Jose turns up again.
          Bourne is waiting.
          It is kind of funny that it does say ‘Treadstone’ on our new shirts for next season.Could it be that the RA will destroy them and buy us?
          Maybe he really was fond of AVB after all.

        • Hartley says:

          You guys are nuts……. :daumen:

    • hoofing says:

      He is a lot richer than Tump and Sugar combined. Those Russians do business alot more ruthlessly than a couple of trumped up hand downs-

    • George says:

      Control is convinced the Mole is Fat Fwank…we’re calling him in….

      George :winke:

  • richspurs says:

    roberto. luck ran out sooner than later. not using Abrahams favourite son.
    chelsea to implode now.

  • IVYSPUR says:

    Will levy be getting RDM in to replace AVB so we can have a go at winning something im sure he would be up for it especially as he would have a whole 20 ml to spend in january lol.

    • Ronnie Wolman says:

      Abramovich is getting Benitez to replace Di Matteo who replaced AVB and all stations and managers to Jose Mourinho.

      Wait.There is also Harry and the ‘ave a go….go on ‘ave a go…you wot?you fucking wot….you fucking kicked the ball at my ‘ead…are you a fucking football player or what?…..

      No I am not a football player Im your dog

    • ELELEL says:

      He’s going to have something to prove to everyone too. Plus he’s a proven winner. And no compensation to pay out to Chelsea. Would really stick 2 fingers up to the Chavs to boot. :whistle:

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