Date:21st November 2012 at 2:37pm
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Good afternoon.

The latest Hotspur’s Half Hour is here. And this week’s extra special guest is Spurs fan Bob from NYC who shares his views on this whole Andre Villas-Boas business plus an insight on how Clint Dempsey is viewed in the United States.

ODM and I discuss at some length the sanity of not giving the boss time and resources in which I suggest some people shouldn’t be allowed cutlery and reflect upon the tragedy that is being dropped on ones head as an infant.

We look back briefly at Adebayor’s red mist, red card then red face but really we look forward to the upcoming escapades with Lazio and our dearest friends, West Ham.

If you want to take part in a future show then do get in touch. We ideally like to record on Mondays at 1930hrs BST and so all you need to be is sober, and have Skype set up on your Commodore Vic-20. Email me at