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Good afternoon.

Brentdon Rodgers is a card, eh? There is something in the water at Melwood. I don’t remember him being such an overwhelming twit when he was at Swansea. More to the point I can’t believe that so many Spurs fans would have been suggesting Levy & Co. appointment him after Arry’s demise if that were the case.

Fatigue seemed to be nipping at the heels of one or two. And the decision to fly out the traps was definitely a good one. The Azza Blud goal was a body blow the Bale free kick delicious for us, vomit inducing for them. But and there always is a but, if there’s something in the water up there, then there’s something in the ‘Tottingham Gene’ that tells our lot not to go for the jugular, not to make the victory emphatic.

Overview analysis is that we still desperately need a settled back four. Right now we all too reliant on others pitching in when the heat is on. The return of Moussa is a delight and I look forward to him getting into his stride, finding his groove and really begin pulling the strings again.

The gulf between what Suarez offers and what Defoe offers was chilling. A churlish person would use this as an opportunity to slip in that quote from Arry but I’m not, so I won’t. See what I did there? But the point is we need to have 11 players on the pitch for the whole of every game and with The Midget Gem all too often we are only fielding 10.

When the Bindippers lost the ball the were actually furious and tore about wanting it back. Too frequently we pull a ‘Oh FFS’ face and wait for someone else to take the problem on. Normally that someone else is Sandro hence the fact he’s looking pooped.

Elsewhere it’s the usual business of people seemingly choosing ‘if and when they decide to show up’. I can’t get too overwrought though, because we won and had it not been for a fluke we would have won by 2 goals and not 1.

He’s like one of those bacterial yoghurt drinks that are good for you because they are proactive.

Improved is what he was.

Creaking like a creaking thing.

Needs to play CB


Good 1st half, reverted to type in the 2nd

Like a dog chasing cars

A touch of class. Unfit, but classy.

Unbelievably good free kick. Unbelievable.

When is he ever going to be really good?

Started off quietly and fizzled out.

Fal-cao? More like Kieren Fall-on after a bung…

Guest spots for future HHH shows are still available so come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

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  • Boy Charioteer says:

    Just glad that we won. Although I think my aging process has accelerated and scientists might have to study it after I am dead.

    • hoofing says:

      That synopsis goes for ginger ninja also. He will grey in 2 years if has to sit through a second half like it was. Mind you in the past they would have folded so smash and grab early doors and then shut up shop might be the way before the sick and wounded return. Up to 5th.

    • Ricardo says:

      Great game, great result!

  • Benspur says:

    He started quietly and fizzled out….genius :freu

  • aidyj7 says:

    having dembele back we just like more of a threat, their goal was ridiculous but it was alarming the way we took our foot off the gas AGAIN. Parker back will help Sandro’s fitness but Sandro’s a starter for me and Parker will be off to QPR replaced with a more creative mind hopefully, still always lovely to beat the scousers, bar suarez and glimpses of Sterling this season they are dogger though and we should be beating them

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