Enquiries Made? Eeek.

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Good afternoon.

There is a discernible mumble doing the rounds it would appear that we have made serious enquiries about Arsenal’s Theo Walcott. Sure this suggestion has surfaced before. Every rag from the Wall St Journal to War Cry has a run at some stage this year.

Another Arsenal contract running down so there’s a fortnight left on it. But in this instance this guy won’t be heading to United or City. He won’t be linked with a move to Barcelona. But does that mean we should look down our noses at him? I wouldn’t be in hurry to dismiss the idea.

Walcott isn’t the world’s greatest player. I’m not selling him to you as some panacea. Rather I’m thinking we could play him where we played Rafa and add a much needed zap of creativity to a midfield that has been left decimated. The conventional arguments against him joining are worthless. We have Gallas and Adebayor on our books.

He knows the league, he’s motivated and he wants a career. The question is would you ship him in? I would.

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  • JonnyHotspur says:

    He’s just a SH1T Aaron Lennon!?!?

    • Chris says:

      Scores more than Lennon…….plays for England more than Lennon……..can play wide or through the middle…….

      Ship him in please…..


      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Spot on. I didn’t have to wait long for someone to introduce the facts of the matter.

        • JonnyHotspur says:

          Gents, I do agree with you… I was just quoting a famous song…


        • a_felching says:

          I’m a Lennon fan, Walnut is a turd

        • CptCaveman says:

          Im with you on this one Harry. He’s got pace to burn, has a good cross but most importantly he knows where the goal is. If he plays throught he middle he’ll create and also he’ll give Lennon some well needed compitition. Lets face it, theres always been a wisp of disappointment with Lennon…poor crossing, bad decison making etc. Then when he finally looks like pushing on, he gets injured.
          Anyway Walcott’s also injury prone and god forbid we ever sign anybody thats not :shocked2:

          Im all for it, if hes up for it, ship him in.

      • mattspurs says:

        It’s a crime how successive England managers have failed to utilise Azza even as an impact sub. His defensive qualities have always gone unnoticed too. On the right hand side I’d say he was the better player.

        Walcott could however do a job for us up front and as well as cover/rotation on the wings

        • UnkleKev says:

          He wants to play through the middle. Wenger seems reluctant to deploy him there. How sweet would it be if we were to pick him up and turn him into the new Henry*.

          * Without the cheating, loathsome handball antics of course.

      • Phil McAvity says:

        I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
        I am the walnut, goo goo g’turd.

        • Garth Crooks is a bad man ruffneck ting says:

          So what if he plays more than Lennon for England, so does Tom Cleverley and he is pure shit.

  • StrappingYoungLad says:

    Eh, if it’s a freebie then why the hell not.

  • Richard says:

    Take him now and then sell him next season for £10M, it’s the Levy way…

  • Ronnie Wolman says:

    er…dont you think we need a striker

    • DaveYid says:

      His finishing is just as good as a striker. Look at the last North London Derby. Bar Defoe, Walcott looks a better finisher than most of our squad. Of course he won’t sign for us tho, this is just hypothetical…right Double-H…?? O.o

      • Billy Lane says:

        “His finishing is just as good as a striker”

        55 goals in 257 appearances, is not the kind of “striker” I want anywhere near the club.

        Oh and he has far less assists than winger Lennon. Note that Lennon actually is a winger and doesn’t have I pretend to be striker because unlike Walcott he is good on one position and bad in both.

        • Billy Lane says:

          That should have read Lennon is good in one position and not bad in both like Walcott.

          Walcott is one of the most overrated players of his generation.

        • Alspur says:

          Yeah, but he can run really quickly

        • Mark says:

          So you are saying Henry should never have been turned into a striker because he didn’t have the required strike rate before.

        • CptCaveman says:

          Not that im his number one fan or anything but thats a crap stat to quote considering he’s spent most of his time on the wing or comming on as a sub!
          Add up assists and goals and I bet you geta different sotry!
          Anyway for me, Walcott is much like Lennon, lots of promise but a f**kin disappointing end product!

  • jolsgonemental says:

    Yep, I would. Without hesitation.

    In all honesty when we play the arse he is the one player who scares the F@9k out of me.

    • psiber says:

      Agreed, He always seems to get the bit between his teeth against us. Would be good if we can get him, not instead of Lennon, but play him in the middle where we play that Clint Dempsey imposter right now. The speed of our counter attack would be terrifying!

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