Date: 15th November 2012 at 2:06pm
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Good afternoon.

There is a discernible mumble doing the rounds it would appear that we have made serious enquiries about ’s Theo Walcott. Sure this suggestion has surfaced before. Every rag from the Wall St Journal to War Cry has a run at some stage this year.

Another Arsenal contract running down so there’s a fortnight left on it. But in this instance this guy won’t be heading to United or City. He won’t be linked with a move to Barcelona. But does that mean we should look down our noses at him? I wouldn’t be in hurry to dismiss the idea.

Walcott isn’t the world’s greatest player. I’m not selling him to you as some panacea. Rather I’m thinking we could play him where we played Rafa and add a much needed zap of creativity to a midfield that has been left decimated. The conventional arguments against him joining are worthless. We have Gallas and on our books.

He knows the league, he’s motivated and he wants a career. The question is would you ship him in? I would.

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