Date: 10th November 2012 at 11:08am
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Gamesweek 11 then. There have been some snide digs made on here about the quality of my predictions, questioning my understanding of this the beautiful game.

Well let me share this with you. I was in my local bookies first thing this morning and Fred on the counter said that I am not only one of his best customers but also one of his favourite. And this is from a man who is both a hugely successful businessman. And a mason.

vs Fulham

Could they? I think they could. Fulham could get a result here. Only goal difference separates the pair of them and it’s a single goal that I believe that will separate them come full time. Arsenal’s recent form demonstrates they beat poor teams and lose to good ones. Right now, Fulham are doing a good impression of a decent side. Prediction: 0-1.

Everton vs

While nobody was looking Everton hit 4th and while everyone was looking hit 5th from bottom. I fully expect Moyes to get a result here and wouldn’t put it past Everton to knock in 3 or more. It seriously looks that way for Mr O’Neill. Prediction 4-1.

Reading vs Norwich

Mmmn. This may well not be one to savour. Reading seem entirely ill equipped for the Premier League both on the pitch and on the chalkboard. Norwich have Chris Hughton of course and if there is one manager who knows how to play the game to survive it’s him. Hughts has a squad of unmemorable players but he is combating this by getting them organized. Homw advantage could well kick in but… Prediction 1-2.

Stoke vs QPR

Ooh my days. The smart money is on cards here. Stoke are trying to kid us that they are playing football these days but it’s a marketing ploy. QPR are a mess. The manager and the director are taking turns backing each other, the only thing glowing are the player’s bank accounts. I half expect after this game that win lose or draw Mark Hughes produces a lucky rabbit’s foot and slightly holds it aloft before the world’s press. Prediction 3-0.

vs West Brom

This could be one of the dullest games played on planet earth today. But in terms of where the points go it will be one of note. A win for Martinez will really move them into what you could get away with calling ‘mid table.’ But a win for the Baggies would, dependent upon what we and Le Arse get up to could cement them as a top 5 side. For another week. Prediction 3-1. 

vs Man Utd

Difficult to see this as being anything less than a really nasty pile up. Firemen pulling bodies out of twisted smoking wreckage. The Villans are my secret tip for relegation and the thrashing they are likely to receive today will make that less of a secret and more of a racing certainty. Prediction 0-6.

Manchester City vs Tottingham

Here we go. In our favour, City have been out of sorts this season. It seems a club riddled with niggles and sideways glances. There seems to be a lack of esprit de corps. I have two hopes. First that we play our fast, thoughtful and inventive best. The second is that we don’t go out there, look goof for an hour then start clock watching. Can we win? Yes. Will we? Oh go on then. We did Utd so let’s have a Manc brace. Prediction 3-2.

Newcastle vs West Ham

Bizarrely West Ham are a point ahead of the Toon. I say this because Newcastle are clearly a superior side. But they’ve gone of the boil. Become a bit tepid. You can’t reboil previously boiled water. It’s simply not the same. Pardew needs to tip the kettle out and get it on the hob before the game starts. drinks Maxwell house out of a tankard. Prediction 3-1.

vs Liverpool

The Racists vs The Bedwetters. My needle on my Irrational Dislikeometer pings across the screen when the name of Liverpool is mentioned. But you can’t be championing Nazis. No good comes of it. I’ve seen The Blues Brothers. But Liverpool cannot win this. They are not capable of winning this. Prediction 4-1.

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