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Good evening.

Given the mood in the Spurs camp getting coherent information is a blessing. So a sincere thank you to ‘Mr S’ who kindly shared the news yesterday with us that the boss is going to get some proper support from Levy & Co. This manager isn’t going to be binned on a whim. He was selected for a host of reasons and it is ambitious to suggest that much aside from the poor bar steward’s resources have changed.

Daniel Levy remains behind the Portuguese boss and is ready to give him significant funds to spend in the transfer window.Villas-Boas wants a new left-back, central midfielder and a striker. – Daily Star

Tottenham’s chosen agents have already begun work on trying to lure the club’s top targets to London.

– Daily Mail

CSKA’s Russian Euro 2012 star Alan Dzagoev, 22 – a summer Spurs target – ­remains on Villas-Boas’ shortlist and Roma’s Bosnian Miralem Pjanic, 22, is a name being considered. Daily Star

Andre Villas-Boas will be handed £20million to revive Tottenham’s faltering Champions League ambitions.

– Daily Mail

Nothing leaks unless sanctioned is what we need to understand in relation today’s spoon fed newspapers who are running with Andre Villas-Boas getting not only time but cold hard cash in January.

If I hear booing, it will cause me pain in my soul… I do not think these pessimistic wastrels understand the club as some others do, forgive me for thinking we are a special club but that is what I feel. We might not have won dozens of titles but we have an essence few clubs can rival, I see us as a class removed from the likes of Chelsea fans and West Ham’s vile rabbles, we are slipping down the road, we risk becoming the latest example of the lowest common football supporting denominator!! I expect the boys to rally in the next week. – ‘Mr S’

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  • ELELEL says:

    Nice one. Using assorted tabloid transfer rumour tittle tattle to back up your own hapless ITK ‘exclusive’.

    Of course he has 20m to spend in January. If he is, indeed, still here then. This doesn’t take much working out to work out. There’s about that much change knocking around in the transfer kitty left over from the Summer’s assorted flopped ‘big ticket’ signings.

    I do not think these pessimistic wastrels understand the club as some others do,

    This is one centimetre away from telling us that some of us aren’t ‘real fans’.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I say you’re wrong.

      I ran the piece yesterday against the popular tide. I was even told that AVB had been given 3 games to save his ass.

      Then the following day 2 papers get fed essentially the same story. Coincidence? Yeah right. The Daily Mail would love to announce we’ve sacked him.

      On the centimetre away thing – don’t add or deduct words from the man’s quotes. This chap is simply very passionate and to deride that is a cheap shot.

      He wants us to succeed. Christ, is that a bad thing in any way???? Come on man, give someone a break, eh?

      • ELELEL says:

        What ‘popular tide’? All I heard were two bits of equally laughable ITK. One was that he was going to be given 2 seasons to do whatever he wanted and the other was he was to be given 3 games. Both are nonsense because a. there is no way Levy will back someone indefinitely, over any period, see past history, and b. talk of the sack is obviously premature and bollocks seeing as how we are 8th (and hardly a 2 from 8 type situation just now).

        There are news stories about transfers all the time, and 99% of them are fabricated horseshit. There is also literally nothing in these stories which corroborates the ‘two seasons’ schtick. As I say, there is money left over, I’m sure it’s ear-marked for January. Levy may be a little tight on occasion but he’s not stupid. The squad needs it! I’d imagine that if, in the worst case scenario, we started tanking down the league and were flirting with relegation, the money would be a damn sight more than 20m too!

        ‘He’ wants us to succeed? So what? We all do. You say it as if it makes him better than other people in some way. As if there are those amongst us who follow Spurs to see them fail.

      • BHD says:

        Harry, I am a 40 year old yid. I have Been going home and away for 25 years. I was at Oldham away under ardiles on a cold wet Wednesday night, and I was at the San siro (twice) and Real Madrid under redknapp. Whilst redknapp had his faults it was the best football I have ever seen. People have short memories. Avb is a clown, transitional seasons, the future, it is always jam tomorrow . Positives out of Saturday , don’t make me laugh. Who are you to pass judgement on everyone else ?

        • dixta says:

          oldham when we needed to win to stay up? the game that got postponed and was played on a thursday nite, i was there and remember a mad skinhead spurs fan body sliding through the mud when we scored.
          anyway, just reminiscing.

        • half_baked_spuds says:

          its becoming harder to disagree with BHD’s view after every match, we’re going 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

    • Bobbles says:

      Coincidentally, I think some of you are 1 cm away from being real fans.

    • Hazard's Bandaid says:

      Agree, so, so much. This is a joke blog. ‘We’ are fans – we live our lives through an entity we can’t control, it’s called Tottenham Hotspur. It’s owned by a currency speculator who lives in a mansion on top of a hill in Argentina. It’s run by a guy who is appointed by the guy to run him a company called ENIC. They do their best to make the team ‘attractive’ but that means to ‘the market’, not to ‘us’, the chumps who keep on believing that ‘we’ are somehow different from West Ham/Chelsea/Arsenal (porn money/Rusian gangster money/Russian gangster money) are chumps.

      This blog cloaks itself in some combination of ITK and ‘intelligent’ commentary (apart from the racist Defoe cartoons and the sick, Bolton ‘flat-line’ heading) but, of course, it’s as ineffectual as any conversation down the pub, on the Paxton Road, or at a ‘dinner party’. ‘We’ do not control and cannot influence Tottenham Hotspur. ‘We’ have to endure no-triers like Dempsey, inadequates like Livermore, disappointments like Huddlestone, Lennon, Walker, assassins like J***s, year-in, year out. And we spin it and spin it and spin it and it never gets any better except when it does – those brief flowerings – 5-1 Chelsea, 5-1 Arsenal, 3-1 I. Milan, 1-0 AC Milan. FFS, Arsenal qualify EVERY YEAR for the Champions League, what don’t you get? What don’t ‘we’ get? What don’t I get? I’ve supported this team since 1959. What’s the fucking point? It disappoints and disappoints and humiliates. Bring back Jol – at least ‘we’ had Berbartov and Keane to score us five goals now and again; bring back Burkinshaw when he was speaking to Steve Archibald; bring back Alfie Conn; bring back something I can believe in, because I can’t believe in Defoe as a centre-forward on his own to ‘terrorise’ defences, or Lennon to run and run fruitlessly, or a French goalkeeper who wishes he was somewhere else, or Dempsey. It will get better when Dembele and Parker are back – ‘we”ll go from 14th to 8th. great, looking forward to it. Can the bullshit stop, please? Bury me with my Ossie Ardiles poster.

  • Boy Charioteer says:

    Like Lt. Columbo shaking the murderer’s hand in “Death Lends A Hand”. And he suddenly knows he’s the murderer and he says “You know what? I suddenly feel more optimistic. I think think things are going to turn out ok. I suddenly feel better about this”. A good feeling!

    • Boy Charioteer says:

      Or not.

    • hoofing says:

      “Death Lends A Hand”.

      It certainly does. But I’d like to pay it back.

      The club is investing for the future now. If you want it on a plate now take the district line and give your cash to them. Never punch above your weight and thats cash now. The slaughter of managers is gospel to the word of Sky. The red tops are fed intel daily, but the vision of THFC is planned long term as it should. AVB has the trust of the board, and so our trust from hence forth.

  • Phil McAvity says:

    I hope he is given some money to spend to get in some players that he wants, however I don’t think £20m is going to go that far unless he’s got some unknown gems on his radar!

    • calebray says:

      this is the point for me. Levy will let him spend money on whoever he wants. just not alot of money!!
      because of this we can be sure we have a manager who knows everything there is to know about every emerging talent. He keeps dosiers on everyone remember?
      for me, we will see some good squad players come, some poorer ones lave and the missing pieces filled.


      • ELELEL says:

        I don’t know if I want to see any more of the dossier which brought us Dempsey and Sig.

      • Essexian76 says:

        Oh, behave yourself LLL,you’re going on about anything you can possibly use to try to prove a point that cannot be proved-Who was Vertonghen’s buyer-Was it Harry-was it Levy or was it AVB’s?
        He was in the ground last home game (under Harry), but not signed until AVB had taken the job-so who’s buy is he? As I understood things- AVB is actually head coach, and working on the European way of doing things,I’d suggest that AVB doesn’t actually sign any players-which is probably why DL’s looking for a DOF as we speak

        • ELELEL says:

          We aren’t talking about Vertonghen.

          What point that cannot be proven?

          Why do people get to choose which buys are AVB’s to suit their own preference?

          As for AVB not looking at players – what about Moutinho? Willian? Were they Levy’s targets too? Can’t have it both ways!

        • Essexian76 says:

          Who signed our new players of course-do you know?

        • Essexian76 says:

          I’m not having it in any way-as you said-you cannot keep harping on about who does what to whom until you know the facts-I don’t- and you certainly don’t either, so why are you saying that Dempsey and Sig are definitely AVB’s preferred choices? Why wasn’t Verts in the starting line up in the first games if that was case?

        • ELELEL says:

          Managers never ‘sign’ players. But they take responsibility for them, certainly in the absence of a recognized DOF. If AVB didn’t want Sig and Dempsey then we shouldn’t have bought them – it’s no more complicated than that. If you / Michael Elphick are suggesting that they were bought against his wishes then Levy needs to reign it in, eh?

        • Essexian76 says:

          Do you do the twist at parties-YOU posted AVB bought those mentioned..I posted perhaps he didn’t, perhaps Sherwood acting as DOF Regent at the time had a hand in them? along with DL? Who knows..I don’t-you don’t-so why assume,that’s all I’m sayin-but you continually go on about all the ill’s that are currently eating away at the club-saying how you hope upon hope AVB get’s right-but equally look at reasons-some merely conjecture on your part as how he’s getting it wrong-when the reality is (here we go again), there are circumstances and situations beyond anyone’s control, and we’re in the eye of a storm as regards to available players-and you will not allow the bloke any chance to retrieve the situation and judge him accordingly.

        • ELELEL says:

          Nah, I didn’t say he definitely did buy them. I said I didn’t want to see any more signings from the dossier they came from. I predicted (in my head) that someone would quickly retort that they weren’t his signings. So, the only person saying anything as a statement of fact here is Elphick. My point was / is that regardless of who voted for Sig and Dempsey, AVB should have had ultimate say because he ultimately takes responsibility. And I repeat, if that wasn’t the case then what were we doing buying them?

          and you will not allow the bloke any chance to retrieve the situation and judge him accordingly.

          I’m giving him as much time as you are. Which is to say, I’m watching all the games and waiting for improvement. I don’t decide when he’s had enough time, neither does HH’s ‘passionate’ ITK. Levy will ultimately make that decision when he deems personally necessary. And if there is any truth in the idea that he is being granted more leeway than any other manager has had, it’s probably going to have a lot to do with the fact that Levy really needs this one to work for his own personal reputation, rather than the man himself being due such special treatment.

          I’ve judged him based on what he did last week, the week before that, and will judge him again based on what he does tomorrow and this weekend. I don’t choose to judge him on what I have imagined he will do in a utopian future when all the planets have aligned and we have no injuries and he has signed 25 players of his choice. Forgive me for that.

        • Essexian76 says:

          you’re forgiven-bless you my son

      • hoofing says:

        Wish I could buy a 19th century fresco but alas my mother nods her head ‘no’ and contacts her agent.

    • crespur says:

      The 20m would increase with the sale of ………. there again it may cost spurs a few bob from the 20m to get rid of ……..

    • Garth Crooks is a bad man ruffneck ting says:

      He could splash out and buy Willians afro and Dzagoevs side parting with that sort of money.

    • half_baked_spuds says:

      he wants 3 good players for £20 mil !!! does levy think its 1999 or something?

  • elfranklins says:

    Evening Mr H

    What a point to highlight, that Spurs is something special, different from the Spammers and the cheatski – youre not wrong there.

    we were spoilt last year albeit fraudulantly under the guidance of the non-england manager and that’s what stings I think, change of tact and players is bound to affect what was, but god there was some good football untill that trip down the road. I hope we do get it together and I believe that we will, but god it’s a long and protracted road trip to get there, this would be one road trip where drink driving should be compulsory. ‘hic’

  • matt_spurs says:

    Roman Abramovich: “We are in the process of finding a new manager who shares the club’s beliefs”. Ron Atkinson is now favourite.

    You’re welcome.

    • Urbane Sturgeon says:

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Essexian76 says:

      :whistle: top man

    • hoofing says:

      Hopefully Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    • Boy Charioteer says:

      The Club’s beliefs? What precisely are they? An oligarch that uses millions from God knows where to prop up it’s challenges to all competitions. To give unconditional backing to the utterings of a slimy racist whose ravings on the pitch could be taken from Der Sturmer? To run a football club where only victory at literally any price can assuage his thirst, and that he sees it as his own personal fiefdom? Ron Atkinson, brilliant! Ticks all the boxes. :shocked2:

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