Leandro Damião Has Had A Dream

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And so dear reader the pitfalls of consuming cheese prior to turning in.

Longtime Tottingham target Leandro Dime Bar told Sao Paulo radio station UOL: “Every footballer dreams of playing at a club such as Real Madrid, but I am only 23 and there is plenty of time to take that step forward.

“Now is not the moment to be thinking of playing in Europe, I just want to continue improving and scoring goals.

“I have a contract with Porto Alegre, I love it here and do not feel the need to move away right now, although it is obvious that the day will come when I will leave Brazil to go and play in Europe.”

No sour grapes I promise you but I always felt this transfer speculation was botched together by the player’s agent and a media desperate for the next headline. At least we’ll know not to waste our precious time reading further guff on this guy in January I suppose. 

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  • Hartley says:

    Leandro……he’s not a yiddo.

  • BrisbaneSpur says:

    Is it that Levy wil actually make a ‘real’ offer?

  • BrisbaneSpur says:

    PS Ultimately nice swerve from AVB to DL…. You can’t be blamed for that one HH !! :daumen:

  • LLL says:

    I think we could have had him in the past 3 or 4 windows but we didn’t offer anything near the amount they wanted (which kept going up as Levy time dragged on).

    I don’t think this was agent talk at all, the selling club itself was quoted repeatedly as saying our offers were short. And if you are suggesting that Levy & Co. were mistakenly led on a wild goose chase for 2 or 3 years because of some ultimately empty chatter from an agent or two, you aren’t really giving them very much credit are you?

    • BrisbaneSpur says:

      Told you a ‘DL curve ball’…. HH thought long and hard about that one! :-p

      Off to bed have a great day in the UK !! Hopefully we will have Jose when I awake!

      • BrisbaneSpur says:

        PS I agree completely. Got caught up in a world of posting today. I’ll take my medication and all will be fine tomorrow…

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      LLL, I appreciate you want AVB, Levy etc dragged in front of their families and shot, but if you are seriously using ‘2 or 3 years’ of newspaper articles as a credible death warrant I worry about you.

      • LLL says:

        Credible death warrant? AVB and Levy dragged in front of their families and shot? Does the term hyperbole mean anything to you?

        All I want is some logic applied. We were chasing Damiao for 2 or 3 years. You are now suggesting that the whole thing was just some agents leading Levy up the garden path. Which looks rather shameful if true, eh?

        AVB mentioned him a couple of times this year. We were told that Levy sent out his top boys to Brazil to carve out a deal in the last week of the window. Defoe was poised for the exit. In the past few windows we’ve been the number one club linked to him for repeated windows. Please explain what this ‘agent talk’ you vaguely allude to is for? Link a player repeatedly to Spurs as that will definitely get Real Madrid interested? Have you put any thought into this?

        Seems to me that the ‘facts’ available would suggest that we have been chasing a player for a few years who has been moving further away from our budget allowance all the while and is now way beyond us in money and ambition terms.

        • Bobbles says:

          Which is, I’m afraid, the way the cookie crumbles.

          Rightly or wrongly Levy wasn’t prepared to take a punt on him for ¢15m (or whatever) when he was a teenager and now you want him shot?

          Some you win, some you lose. Personally I think the lad has no chance of playing for Madrid. We could well get him – but I can’t see him going anywhere until after the world cup.

        • LLL says:

          No, I don’t want him shot. Why does everyone keep thinking I want everyone shot?

          I’m arguing here with the above post from HH. I don’t think the whole thing was ‘agent’s talk’. I think Leandro could have been a yid but rightly or wrongly Levy wouldn’t stump up the fee – whatever that was at any given time.

        • Alspur says:

          Maybe it’s the loaded gun you’re carrying and the case of bullets, suspiciously labelled “AVB”…?


        • Phil McAvity says:

          To be fair to LLL he bought the case from someone on here, it had the name ‘Arry scratched out!!

    • essexian76 says:

      You’re making assumptions as to what consists of a decent offer and offer that we can afford-As with Modric, Real and Chelsea continually offered amounts we felt were not acceptable-same as any club would if they felt they had something worth holding onto?
      Because DL and Tottenham Hotspur are bidding for a player doesn’t automatically mean the selling club should just give in and accept anything we offer.
      When the deal’s straightforward as Dembele’s, was and Siggy’s-it was finalised pretty quickly-in the case of Vertonghen it took longer because of Ajax’s stubbornness not DL’s

      • LLL says:

        I’m not really making assumptions – all I’m saying is that whatever we were offering, at any given time, Internaciaonal deemed it short. Seems pretty clear cut to me?

        • BrizzleSpur says:

          Yep I agree with that.

          We played hard ball for three years and lost.

        • essexian76 says:

          It’ll be interesting as to how many ‘dud’ buys you consider SAF has made? about Mourinho?, Wenger? or perhaps Burkinshaw? Comolli? if you want to take it closer to home.. Actually I can’t see many posts in August saying how shit Siggy was before we signed him or those showing displeasure over signing Dempsey for that matter either-but Dembele and Verts seem to be OK though-so it’s not all-oh for foresight instead of hindsight-this time last year I’d have been a millionaire

        • LLL says:

          I personally was wholly underwhelmed with the Dempsey purchase and was very sceptical of the Sig buy – simply because he was coming from a duff team in an inferior league who had been happy to loan him out to a championship level club. And also because he was about to join Swansea with no competition for his signature until Swansea’s manager decamped to Liverpool. And even still, it seemed only when Rodgers tried to then sign him for Liverpool that we took an interest. I did find all that to be quite strange at the time, yeah.

        • spurious says:

          Leandro’s an absolute bounder. He had the audacity to keep improving, scoring more goals and increasing in value.
          Dempsey would never dream of such behaviour :whistle:

        • Alspur says:

          LLL – can you explain your comments about Sig, please? (duff team, etc)

          I don’t get it – when we bought him, he’d just played half a season for Swansea, in the Prem, where he’s scored 7 in 18, right?

        • Harry hater says:

          LLL stop shooting everyone and making assumptions and stop saying what your not even saying cos people on here can see your not saying what your saying!? Save the last bullet for Harry please!

        • LLL says:

          Alspur – Duff team in a lesser league being Hoffenheim, who loaned him to Swansea.

          Yes, he did OK at Swansea, but not so great that Hoffenheim were in much mood to take him back. Swansea were poised to buy him with apparently no competition from any other team anywhere, before Rodgers left, and then he set about trying to sign him for Liverpool. That seems to be when we became interested.

  • Fonzi says:

    Was wondering whether Harry Hotspur is still backing AVB with 3 games lost in a row, boring, boring football, uninspired signings in Gyli and Dempsey, no clue on sub decisions, getting rid of quality like VDV & Niko because supposedly they ‘couldn’t run’ as Harry Hotspur put it?

    Trying to sell Hudds and Daws only to come to rely on them now (insisting on playing Gallas ahead of Dawson?).

    Personally I feel thoroughly depressed about the decision to hire AVB, would like to know your thoughts?

    • BrisbaneSpur says:

      Yep he certainly is with his bad sounding backing group: Felching, Hartley and melcyid..

      Although HH is distinctly quieter these last couple of days, but his die hard groupies are ‘keeping it real’… :daumen:

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Brisbane, you may be the funniest guy in the youth hostel over there but I’m struggling to see why you use this blog either.

        You accused me -amid your usual idiotic array of exclamation marks and smileys – of disappearing from an argument last week. Try factoring in the time difference and indeed if you are actually worth debating with.

      • Hartley says:

        namecheck! :daumen:

    • nipper says:

      why is your glass always half empty? We beat Maribor! :-)

    • Harry Hotspur says:


      If you support Spurs I don’t really care how you go about it. But I do find it rather tedious that you come onto a Spurs blog to crow against the side.

      VDV wasn’t flogged off casually he wanted to go back and the fact he joined the dismal Hamburg even to the most stupid person speaks volumes.

      Niko was elbowed out the door by Arry having been demoralised for seasons on end. You throwing his name into this is a joke. By the time AVB got here the guy was unfit and disinterested.

      If you want to know my thoughts on AVB then there is an archive section in the sidebar.

      • LLL says:

        Hamburg aren’t that dismal, they only have 3 less points than us.

        Anyway, you can’t have it both ways. You repeatedly make the point that AVB has a far weaker squad than Redkrapp and and then turn around and write off VDV’s contribution last season.

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          I didn’t write his contribution off – where did I say that. Quote me?!

          He went to Hamburg for sentimental reasons. Sylvie Tweeted, ‘time to go home’. Hamburg were inthe relegation zone when he went man.

          Try engaging your brain before desperately seeking out a fast track to an argument. Eh?

        • LLL says:

          The main line on VDV was that last season he was often a spare part and couldn’t play for more than 10 minutes. This is a line I don’t really disagree with myself. Actually, I’m not sure where you stand after all, perhaps I did jump to a conclusion.

          As for ‘sentimental reasons’, not so sure, I feel that he would have been happy to stay and after all that Levy sanctioned the sale as ‘good business’ for a 29 year old with gammy legs.

          I think business wise it was sound. But reinvesting the money on Sig / Dempsey, business wise, not so sound.

          Moreover, there is a debate to be had about the relative quality of the squad’s at Redknapp and AVB’s disposal. You have certainly argued that AVB is playing with a dud hand in comparison. But I can’t really see, Modric aside, what we have lost?
          And if he does have a weaker squad, surely that has something to do with his and Levy’s transfer dealings?

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