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Good evening job seekers.

5-2 eh? That wasn’t very nice, was it? Well, that agreed I had asked the boss yesterday for a 442 away and bless his strawberry blondeness …he obliged. That tactic undoubtedly gave us something of an initiative – because we scored. Also we looked at that stage as if our frailties might stand more than half a chance if we took that approach.

So to the Adebayor thing. I know many of you were not watching on Sky so it may not bore everyone to share that Gary Neville said that he felt that Togo’s finest was ‘too pumped’ prior to the kick off.  The bottom line with that challenge is that had it been executed on Bale or Azza then you me and even the woman next door who only heard it on the radio while she was doing some ironing would have been up in arms.

The bring back Arry mob have of course raised their Troglodyte heads. Idiots crowing, ‘I told you so’ are achieving what exactly? If they could summon up a coherent argument that even vaguely touched upon us throwing away a 2 goal lead with 11 men and a far far superior squad under that schmuck then perhaps they might care to expand.

As I said to a pal earlier, I’m emotional as a fan; yet I now no longer invest too heavily in personnel. So me backing AVB isn’t a Villas-Boas centric campaign, rather wishing the current guy managing Spurs well. If the boss behaves like Arry did when Arry became ‘distracted’ from the pass then I’ll be the first to suggest we bin him.

Where the gaffer did the business for me was in his substitutions. We’ll do some analysis in the am, but whilst I’m fed up, I’m not angry. January will be pivotal. This side urgently needs reinforcements.

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  • johnnyboy says:


  • CincinnatIYid says:

    I disagree on the Red Card. Here in the States the tackle did not look vicious. This is the THIRD red Webb has given Ade. Meanwhile he treated others, including Sandro as if it were afternoon tea.

    The substitutions were good AVB was trying his best. To me. Gallas is way over the hill. Pension him off. He screwed up on at least three of their goals and he has no pace left.

    When Kaboom and Bennie are back he weds to go.

    BTW De mosey was giving it plenty in the second half, as was Daws. Lay off of them both.

    • Hot_Spur says:

      I don’t know what view of it you had in the States but here in UK it was clearly dangerous and a definite red card.

    • Mark says:

      Vicious has nothing to do with it. You are simply not allowed to go in with studs showing full stop. Couple that with both feet off the floor and you have a tackle where you are not in control.

      In today’s game it is 100% a red card. Ade has to hold his hand up to that one.

      • Alspur says:

        It still think it could have been called a yellow and no-one would’ve batted an eyelid…

        Was it reckless – undoubtedly (definition of a yellow card).

        Was the tackle executed with ‘excessive force’ (the definition for an automatic red), I would say no…

        It was a one-footed tackle; he caught Cazorla’s foot fractionally after the ball had gone; he seemed to be attempting to win the ball.

        “Studs were showing” always makes me laugh – it’s almost impossible to execute a sliding tackle without studs showing, especially if the ball is above the ground.

        It was a crazy tackle and a yellow card all day long, but I still don’t think there was excessive force or a desire to harm the other player, so no red for me.

      • James the James says:

        STUDS SHOWING? There is no law against this, it is either violent conduct or serious foul play. He was in control, he was at full stretch and his trailing leg was no danger at all, Cazorla was fouled nothing more. When FIFA explicitly outlaws the sliding tackle, the STUDS SHOWING debate will become defunct. Football, last time I checked is play with the feet & as such must be ruled a contact sport, you people ratifying Webb’s (and other refs) dreadful decisions such as this one are going to kill the game as we know it.

      • James the James says:

        ‘in today’s game’ Sorry, were there some new laws ratified in the past few days changing the laws of football? Did it become a non-contact sport? Did 50/50 ball become a gimme to the player closest? You people. Go watch basketball or handball or something… It is not okay to ruin a ‘match’ after 10 minutes because of a bad tackle. YELLOW all day

        • Tom says:

          James mate, there is supporting your team – and then there is talking shite like you are. It was not a 50-50 ball, he went studs up 2 foot off the ground, and caught Cazorla on the ankle. Stop being a mug, you’re making us look bad.

  • CincinnatIYid says:

    De mosey? Maybe so. Today, Dempsey.

  • Teddyboy says:

    I second that Harry,
    Loved the line-up, Loris, 442, everything, substitutions even, bar of course dempsey who is obviously not worthy of the shirt, which by the way is ugly and not fitting of a football team,
    Damn, that was just not good

  • CptCaveman says:

    I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been AVB’s biggest fan, I have disagreed with most of his tactics and substitutions! But credit when its due, he played a formation today which I think 99% of us would have agreed with. Starting with a top two of Ade and Defoe was the way to go, take it to a struggling team, not just sit back and try to counter…and boy was it working…I really felt we were gonna give em a pasting.
    Ade smacked of Crouch in that Real Madrid game, a stupid and pointless tackle. We have given Arsenal the confidence to push on, just when we should have been crushing them (like last year). That is our biggest loss, a win today would have left them broken but it wasn’t to be. Now we have also lost Ade for 3 games which leaves us back to square one, one striker and passive counter attacking football.
    Lets just pray that AVB saw enough of us here today to give this system another go.
    I cant stand this ‘we told you so’ attitude, we are Spurs fans and should act that way. No we dont agree on everything, of course, it would be f**kin boring if we did, but when people are on here insulting others opinions, its a joke.

    We lost the battle today, but you know what…that first 20 minutes gave me new hope. Hope in the team, hope in our play and most importantly hope in our manager…his half time subs went against everything I thought about him. Maybe this guy knows his stuff after all.
    Losing 4-2 away from home with 10 men was gutting but boy did I smile as the 2nd went in…the emptycrates fell silent, who would have thought they were winning by two! Shows the lack of confidence they have at the moment.

    So with great players coming back, the top four teams have all been player, AWAY…yes we lost the battle today, but for the first time this season I believe this time, we will win this war!

    • FreundsArbeitArmy says:

      Seconded RE: Crouch tackle vs. Madrid…too pumped indeed. Mindless mindless mindless. :dizzy2:

    • AllWhiteMark says:

      Trouble is it’s gone mid November before he sussed that out? Not exactly rocket science to play our best team and tactics, as discovered by previous managers, is it?

      • James the James says:

        which previous managers were they then? Jol? Ramos? Santini? Graham? Francis? ahhhh you mean that shameless crook Redknapp!!!

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