Date: 17th November 2012 at 4:52pm
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Good evening job seekers.

5-2 eh? That wasn’t very nice, was it? Well, that agreed I had asked the boss yesterday for a 442 away and bless his strawberry blondeness …he obliged. That tactic undoubtedly gave us something of an initiative – because we scored. Also we looked at that stage as if our frailties might stand more than half a chance if we took that approach.

So to the thing. I know many of you were not watching on Sky so it may not bore everyone to share that Gary Neville said that he felt that Togo’s finest was ‘too pumped’ prior to the kick off.  The bottom line with that challenge is that had it been executed on or Azza then you me and even the woman next door who only heard it on the radio while she was doing some ironing would have been up in arms.

The bring back mob have of course raised their Troglodyte heads. Idiots crowing, ‘I told you so’ are achieving what exactly? If they could summon up a coherent argument that even vaguely touched upon us throwing away a 2 goal lead with 11 men and a far far superior squad under that schmuck then perhaps they might care to expand.

As I said to a pal earlier, I’m emotional as a fan; yet I now no longer invest too heavily in personnel. So me backing isn’t a Villas-Boas centric campaign, rather wishing the current guy managing well. If the boss behaves like Arry did when Arry became ‘distracted’ from the pass then I’ll be the first to suggest we bin him.

Where the gaffer did the business for me was in his substitutions. We’ll do some analysis in the am, but whilst I’m fed up, I’m not angry. January will be pivotal. This side urgently needs reinforcements.