Date: 1st November 2012 at 12:27pm
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Good afternoon?

Well I’ve had worse I suppose. The game itself wasn’t our finest hour nor was it quite self harming territory. The bottom line is that this competition was the last of our priorities. Nice to win a pot but for those believing we ought to have gone all out …I’ve two names for you. McLeish & Dalglish.

The appearance of Bale was a welcome surprise and had he not featured it’s a cheerless exercise to dwell on how we would have performed. He was the spark, the drive, the creative.

The young guys given a chance did their best. Falque is an interesting chap. There’s a raw energy there. A fast paced mind at work. But he needs managing training and guiding. I look at him, Livermore, Townsend and Walker all whom are ‘products’ of our academy or whatever it’s trading as this week and worry. 

Are we producing footballers or people who simply look like footballers, impressionists?

Maybe I imagined it, but Livermore looked to have more about him when he debuted. Now we have this Jenasesque fella that looks like he’d be more at home in one of those partially naked calenders that firemen do for charity. Walker looks like a rep for a company that services gym equipment. Falque like an assistant manager at Toni & Guy.

My point is why are their footballing IQ’s so low? Falque took two maybe three corners and the ball didn’t beat the first man once. In fact the damn thing was smacked in a light speed at knee height. Jake concedes the most cheap and hopelessly unnecessary fouls. Walker’s dive for the penalty was the work of an impressionist.

This was pretty much a Norwich B team vs a Spurs B team for want of a better description. I’m just saying I would have hoped for more given the opposition.

We went a goal up and then proceeded to act as as if the thing was won. Slowed the game, passed as if we were playing the time out. A child could have predicted this wasn’t a very good plan. Any child able to use a clock or a watch. 

Our traveling firm were great value. ‘Norwich City, your sister’s your mum’ followed by a Grant Holt’s arrival prompting a chorus of ‘Grant Holt, he eats when he wants.’

Norwich scored twice and we missed a penalty. This beast on Twitter was quick to voice her support direct to Clint on Twitter. Despite being at the game in person!

I take the view that if people are on Twitter they have to take their chances, maybe not everyone thinks you’re as wonderful as your mother repeatedly told you you were. But why would you Tweet Dempsey that? Jeez, he knows that he missed. My best guess is he didn’t do it on purpose. 

Is there a moral to last night’s story? Probably not. But we do need a striker and we need Moussa Dembélé. Like a rose needs rainwater, like a leopard needs its partner in the jungle, like… I don’t know what like.