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Good morning.

It’s funny how people’s minds work when they become anxious. The boss’ line up was naive, the changes he made a no brainer if you listen to those that don’t wish him well. After Arry’s appearance MOTD the same mob are anticipating QPR finishing 5th. And does anyone know why Arry has his arms on his seat like he’s driving a wheelchair?

If we learned much from yesterday it is that Jamie Redschnapps is a malicious toad that we need reinforcements. This was proof if it were ever needed that we did indeed get off lightly against City. Or at least some 75 minutes of of proof. 

The knock on effect of players being out has been guys being played out of position and guys getting played who simply aren’t good enough. Let’s have a look at the whys and wherefores player by player and see if we can reach a conclusion that makes sense in the bit under Villas-Boas’ snap. 

Given the circumstances I’m more minded to think how many we might have conceded had he not been there. This bizarrely or not depending upon how your mind works is is precisely the right time to hand over the reigns to Hugo. We cannot afford to play with this guy’s head. We already have one psychological minefield on our goalkeeping staff and don’t need a second. Was it a faultless performance? No. Welcome to the real world. Brad’s 141, he’s be just fine about it.

I remember running a piece a few years back saying that King had had it. One bright spark suggested that blogs such as mine were irresponsible and didn’t aid the player’s recovery, in fact the opposite. I was making his knee worse. So I await the accusation that I made Kyle Walker daft as a brush. Watching him has become a bit depressing. He urgently needs someone assist him to master basic defending and then half a dozen other simple passes he needs to master. All this belting around is largely pointless. 

Good works get overlooked and mistakes are bellowed about from the rooftops. Sounds a lot like the way my ex operated. Maybe he’s as sick and tired of playing alongside Forrest Gump and ‘this weeks’ other CB as we are watching them. You build a ateam from the back. And the return of Benny cannot come soon enough.

Despite shoeing some promise, this was a step to far. Again, if we had better options then he wouldn’t be exposed like this. For all of Benny’s faults and various quirks he’s a proper Premier League left back and minus him we’re simply wall papering over the cracks. Verts does play for Belgium at LB, but the last time I looked it is a Tottenham shirt he wears every week. The defense needs balance and that will only come from being settled in it’s formation.

Had a comfortable enough game but I’m convinced that the way forward is him playing CB with Kaboom. Benny on the left of them and we throw the two Kyles half a pool cue each. ‘Now, our operation is small, but there’s a lot of potential for “aggressive” expansion. So, which one of you fine gentlemen would like to join our team? Oh, there’s only one spot open right now, so we’re gonna have…Tryouts. Make it fast.’

A bit of a nothingy performance if we’re going to be honest with ourselves.

‘Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!’ One tough rockin’ bar steward. No prisoners, but more importantly he is constantly wanting to build, turn possession into attack. You can hear him on the ball. ‘Who’s with me?!’ What a great buy. Inspirational character.

Oh look, let’s stop kidding ourselves. Get that Carroll lad in from the off and be done with it. Carroll deserves a run based upon whilst he doesn’t offer the occasional breathtaking pass he offers so much more in every other single department.

How the mighty have fallen. This was supposed to be a big season for him and he’s becoming increasingly invisible for huge parts of games. We need him to put in bigger shifts, it’s that straightforward. Defensively he thinks he’s above it all and sure, while the goal was superb, the rest of his 95 minutes wasn’t. Needs some tough love and less indulging. 

What an idiot and anyone who wants to whine about Howard Webb’s decision to show a red is being beyond naive. 

A largely horrible performance were any good he did was marred with a largely miserable attitude after Adebayor walked. So for 75 minutes his one dimensional contribution was joyless. He constantly looks to others and never to himself. Infuriatingly limited.

We keep waiting, hoping.

Did playing 10 men for really add up to a 3 goal difference in the scoreline? No. Having to field a hotch-potch side yet again and having to play without the best player from our last game is what killed us off. The opening 11 was good. I didn’t see anything wrong with it at all given the missing personnel. The substitutions were also spot on.

What some of you may not wish to factor in is that the Arsenal side that played was stronger than was widely anticipated and they actually had a good game and deserved to win. 5-2 isn’t pinching it. So you need to look at why and not just make knee jerk responses.

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  • Bruxie says:

    No Ade.

    Bloody Dempsey for the next three games! :angry:

    • LosLorenzo says:


    • Bruxie says:


      Is that an important game, now?

      No it is’t.

      I want no more injuries. We cannot afford to field a weakened team against the spammers next Sunday.

      What a ridiculous Saturday for results.

      Everyone down to 13th is in the frame for a top six finish.

      We have to buy some goodies in January.

      Nextgen strikers on the bench next weekend, then.


    • Garth Crooks is a bad man ruffneck ting says:

      Avb out, Livermore, Hudds, Gallas, Lloris and Dempsey can join him.

    • half_baked_spuds says:

      should’ve hung onto gds!!!

  • Rene says:

    You are spot on this time. Carroll is a Hollywood player , when he succeeds with his passes it is like watching Stevie G at his best.

    • hoofing says:

      Yesterday some players played there last NLD. The Lillywhite shirt should also have been worn. Carroll is a first choice ahead of Hudd who should be moved on next year. There are glimpses of magic in Carroll which I hope AVB recognises and natures. For the rest……. I along with the main feature.

  • LLL says:

    Don’t blame AVB for yesterday, thought he got it broadly right at last, and his tactical switch at half-time was refreshing considering his usual substitutions are crimes against football.

    But what worries me most is not the metaphysical pining for more and better or less broken bodies. This is the team AVB and Levy put together in the Summer. The state of the squad is no blameless, inevitable singularity as people seem to put across. The injuries won’t help, but they never will. Anyway, what bothered me most was the weakness, the inevitable crumbling after the sending off. Guess what – you don’t have to fall apart and let in 3 goals in 20 minutes in a game you’re actually winning just because of a red card. You can consolidate and defend. But the way the emphasis shifted so dramatically and catastrophically was as if the players of both teams, and their fans, had all seen this show before. Why?

    So having lost the game in that 20 minute period, the changes AVB made were admirable in their ambition but had already come too late to effect the outcome.

    • Bruxie says:

      Agree with all of that.

      Two banks of four after the sending off.

      But we had Hudd.

      Not a player for when your backs are to the wall and you need a mover and shaker.

    • Justhadtosay says:

      Spot on.

    • half_baked_spuds says:

      Thing the general lack of character might have something to do with all the crap that’s happened to us recently; managerial comings and goings, top players exiting, top players not quite arriving (by 4 minutes?) etc. Not forgetting the ultimate kick in the goolies served up by chelski last season; I honestly believed this team is shell shocked. You could argue that the signing of the chelski reject manager didn’t exactly calm their nerves!

  • Woody Green says:

    If you’re going to 2 foot a gooner player at least leave some scarring. Reinforcements needed indeed. Adebayor out for 3 games and off to South Africa for 3 weeks or so mid Jan. Togo will win and Ade made minister of sport and never seen again. Instead of faffing around buying average (Sigurddson, Dempsey) Levy should have spent the extra and got AVB his Moutinho.Expect Bobby Zamora Jan 31st and Kane and Jenas recalled from loan. Classic moment yesterday when the runt wilshire was harrassing the ref for a red and Sandro pushed him away with his little finger with a contemptuous “go away boy” look.

  • LLL says:

    Also, Arsenal are still an ever diminishing force, their defence is comical, so to get thrashed by them 5-2, regardless of circumstance, is humiliating and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise. They won’t beat too many teams by a similar margin this season, certainly not decent ones.

    • kranky says:

      Just think about what you said (They won’t beat too many teams by a similar margin this season). Shows you how shite this Spurs have become under this little runt.

      • half_baked_spuds says:

        We seem to be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Can’t for the life of me see how things are going to get back to last season. Hopefully avb can learn from his mistakes so far, and hopefully levy can actually come up with the goods this window, if he doesn’t then the slide will continue.
        It’s not knee-jerk to see the deteriation of the team that was applauded as playing the best footie in the epl last season. Yes we had bad patches but on the whole things were good, certainly end league position wise and quarter-final champions league which ain’t easy – ask man city! Them is unarguable stats too!
        Admittedly we’ve lost modders and we’ve had injury problems, but even so that doesn’t excuse some of the woeful “performances” and especially the lack of aggression – not of the adebayor type but going at teams like we know we’re better than them, and not just throttling back and defending after scoring one goal. What the fook? this is tottenham, last season white shirts bearing down made some teams shit bricks, now they’re thinking “wow there’s no petrol in that engine anymore, thank god for that”.
        Lets just hope we get a result at lazio to get some confidence back. At least ade can play right? Mind you they’re gonna wind him up aren’t they.

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