Date:22nd November 2012 at 11:40am
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Good morning.

A grim start to proceedings then as we woke to the news that the inherently racist Lazio Ultras greeted Tottenham fans in the Drunken Ship public house Rome at about 0130hrs this morning in the traditional manner; battering and cutting them.

100 armed Ultras attacked leaving a current count of seven Spurs fans wounded and two stabbed.

The Italians baring Lazio colours wielded baseball bats, knuckledusters and knives. Some wore helmets. The police and fire service attended the scene and whilst arrests were made, many of the cowards involved fled. Italian media suggests that CCTV fotage of Campo de ‘Fiori is being examined.

To be honest I’d demand the game to be called off to emphasise to the powers that be that this sort of thing won’t be tolerated. I didn’t think my contempt for UEFA could increase but no, this has don’t it. There is too much money in the competition for excuses anymore. Fans must be protected.

The latest Spurs podcast is out now, folks!