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Good evening.

Time for us to focus our thoughts on what is a massive, massive game. The list of those we failed to replace, the injured and the retired is well documented. The victory against Maribor was welcome of course but needs to be appreciated in the context of – this was an unremarkable Maribor.

That said, it will create a feel good factor. That’s quite rightly how football works.

But how brave will the boss be against the Champions? My suspicion is that the answer is ‘not too brave.’ I don’t believe he’ll play Hugo and I don’t believe he’ll drop Walker and certainly not for Naughton. I believe that showing confidence in players cuts both ways and ‘that’ goal in the Naughton/Lloris fiasco shouldn’t be used as stick to beat either men with.

Carroll has to start. To dare is to naffin’ well do and I think he’s earned this. Against City I believe we need to play with a 3 in the midfield given the resources. Thud and Sandro isn’t enough. It will end up with Mr Beastly doing himself a mischief again. But more so it’s a case of we must be creative and the two Toms between them will give us a fighting chance.

Bale on the left, Azza Lemon on the right and for me it’s Adebayor to start. Do you drop your hat-trick man? The brave do. On the strength of the Europa game Ade is back or at least very close to being back in business. We miss Moussa horribly and between Carroll and Ade we can at least attempt to mend and make do.

I predict a 3-2 win.

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  • Hartley says:

    Top of the pops!

    • Sandra Rednapp says:

      Lloris all the way today!! There’s no way we can win with Grampa Brad hoofing the ball to the oppo everytime he collects it. Play Hugo, AVB, you ginger twat.

  • betty swollocks. says:

    Im glad you don’t pick the team.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      What’s your team?

      • liamyid says:

        AVB won’t drop Defoe, he should but he won’t. Walker has been steadier so will start. Dempsey will take Carroll’s place and Freidel will start, which I dont agree with. But then, I find myself not agreeing with a lot of what AVB does…

        • jay says:

          Agreed thats the exact team AVB will pick, wrong in my eyes, I dont rate Dempsey at all.

          Id go with 2 up top in Ade and Defoe, Hudd and Sandro in the middle, Have Ade drop short, Carroll cant be risked even though he would cope fine

  • Habib says:

    LLoris is not ready to face Aguero and Tevez in the Premier League. Friedel would be the sensible choice. With Silva returning for them its all about the midfield. If we do not have Sandro I do not see us getting joy ultimately though we’ll have our moments. Please be fit my Brazilian Beauty and the Beast.

    • ACAB says:

      How is Lloris not ready? Most probably, we’ll need him to come off his line to claim corners or through balls – something Grandad will never think of doing.

      • Habib says:

        He is not ready for the physicality and the pace of the premier league because he has not played the games to prove he is ready. Do you fancy him coming off the line to get the ball against Yaya Toure? It took ONE clanger of a tackle from King on Balotelli to give away the penalty that cost us the match and Lloris has had two dodgy moments in two matches running against much weaker opposition then the Champions of the toughest league in existence.

        It’s nothing personal. It’s just risk analysis.

      • Catcher says:

        At least Grandad wont drop the ball from crosses and corners, sorry but Lloris doesnt fill me with confidence

      • BrisbaneSpur says:

        I think the overacrhing concern is that Lloris would have been ready if Lloris has been played as he should have been…..

  • ACAB says:

    Agree to an extent, but with Siggy in for the Thud. Let’s attack ’em, it’s our best hope. Siggy must comne good at some point and he can score from distance – something we might well need to do in this game. A close 2-2.

    • Bukkake-breath says:

      We defo need to attack I’d have Defoe and ade Thudd and Sandro in the mid just hope the beasts fit as I can’t see us winning without him.

  • Paul says:

    Good choices, would like to see lloris and carroll for sure but wonder whether its still worth playimg ade and defoe with ade playing deep.

    For me lennon should be dropped, he just goes missing all the time, alternative? Falqué or townsend perhaps

    • Hartley says:

      Or Walker with Naughton at RB…..

    • Habib says:

      Are you kidding me? Lennon has been our player of the season so far and will trouble City as much as anyone we have. Bale has just started to press the pedal. Lennon’s been doing it from day one of the season.

      Spurs have the most counter attacking goals this season in all of the Premier League. We have to start with both Bale and Lennon.

      • Paul says:

        I have watched every game and i often ask where is lennon? If your still on the pitch then do something!
        so how has he been one of our best players?

        • Habib says:

          I have watched every game live in high definition :angel: He’s playing like a thirty million pound player. Statistically he had created more chances form open play then anyone except Cazorla. That’s Opta stats not me.

        • Frontwheel 2 says:

          I can never understand it when Lennon gets bad comments,he’s been great this season our most improved player and his defensive work goes unsung,one of the first on the team sheet for me.

      • UnkleKev says:

        Lennon and Bale on the flanks are an absolute must. So long as Huddlestone can keep feeding them it’ll give City something to think about.

        And as much as I’d love to see Carroll given a chance, I think the more prudent option would be to deploy Ade in the withdrawn striker role.

        Basically, though, anything except Dempsey.

        • Paul says:

          Whats the hd got to do with it? Lennon has been rubbish, every now and again he does something but he is too hesitent like walker has been slowing play down and bringing the ball back to start again. £30m player? No chance

        • essexian76 says:

          Lennon’s been rubbish?, really-must be a look-e-Likey on the wing then?-he’s had the odd quiet game, but generally he’s been pretty good and on the back of his performances has regained his England place-Habib’s already pointed out the patently obvious and compounded that with the facts-but yeah-30m is pushing it- to you.. 29,9999.50..go on it’s a bargain

    • CptCaveman says:

      Falque or Townsend instead of Lennon?? And you say you’ve seen every game?? Come on, this isnt Championship Manager! Yes Lennon still needs to know when to shoot and when to pass but as Habib said, the stats dont lie!
      I like Townsend I do, hes got a good cross and is not afraid to take people on and Falque looks like he could have something BUT they are no-where near ready to take on City. Its like the Lloris debate, I too want to see him as our first choice but currently Brad is playing well and until Lloris gets a run of games, his form will occasionally be indifferent. I certainly would not bring him right into this one.

      • essexian76 says:

        Actually, I’ve been thinking about Lennon’s form-and it’s his home form-and you could also put Bale into that category-as two examples of playing poorly at home with the system AVB’s deployed this season. Both played well in Weds line-up when they reverted back to 442.So even it all means a Harry style football without the Harry-I’d say that bloody marvellous-after all, aren’t some of the best idea’s just someone else’s but perfected by a little tinkering here and there?

      • Mark says:

        No. No player is going to play well every game but Lennon has had a good season to date, hence his recall to the England fold.

        Townsend is a drop in grade which you don’t want for one of the big games of the season. You need your big players.

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