The Heavyweight Bout

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Good morning.

We face the oldest enemy tomorrow. No, not gout but a blight upon our being every bit as burdensome. The Arse.

The North London Derby or as it is in reality a peeing up the wall competition that sadly has left us all too frequently with little more than wet feet and our old chap clasped in our hand.

This week’s podcast then required nothing less than a top draw guest for a preview and Arseblog kindly obliged. We discuss the tipping point for Arsene Wenger though sadly not where he ought be tipped. What was interesting was Arseblog being quite taken aback that we would consider binning Villas-Boas so soon. But then of course, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

Download the show from iTunes. It’s gratis, free and without charge. In the words of Money Mark from 1998, ‘Push The Button.’

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