Date: 7th November 2012 at 4:09pm
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Good afternoon.

The Society of Black Lawyers might, just might have their hearts in the right place. But clowns like belting around unchecked with irrational crusades drag serious efforts against genuine racial equality into a politically correct black hole of Calcutta. Hopefully common sense asphyxiates and crushes his idiocies some time soon. 

Herbert’s latest mandate free publicity stunt is a masterclass that may yet eclipse his last piece of stupidity. But first, let’s have look at Herbert [who unbelievably is a barrister] was on talkSPORT this week. Citing the case of Daniel Alley a footballer who happens to be deaf.

Alley was indeed abused by fans for a grunting noise he made when communicating¬† with fellow players one specific instance is recorded in decent enough detail here. Yet Herbert insisted this was not primarily about the poor guy’s disability, but because he was, ‘an Afro Caribean player who happened to be deaf.’

Then he went on to tackle the whole Mark Clattenburg fiasco, ‘We’re not commentating on this, it’s a matter for the police to investigate. We’re not going to take part in any trial by the media.’

That was the quote folks! Herbert was then asked, ‘What evidence do you have?’

His reply: ‘I don’t have any evidence… a report …widely reported in the media of racial abuse that appears to have been made and we are entitled to report that to the police… it’s a racial incident…we, on the basis of the information before us, we have the right to report that as a racial incident.’


This ambulance chasing schmuck is putting back the cause of black people faster than Ainsley Harriot’s TV appearances [and no Peter, I’m not singling out Harriot because he’s black. It’s purely on the basis he’s a hateful arsehole].

Thank goodness THFC have stepped in with some sanity in response to the aptly named Herbert’s latest brainwave:

“If neither Tottenham FC nor the are willing to take a stand then SBL will report the matter to the Service for investigation and, if necessary, prosecution. The report will be made if this behaviour does not cease by 20 November. We will have monitors in attendance to observe what occurs.”

THFC replied:

“Our position on this topic is very clear. The club does not tolerate any form of racist or abusive chanting. Our guiding principle in respect of the ‘Y-word’ is based on the point of law itself – the distinguishing factor is the intent with which it is used i.e. if it is used with the deliberate intention to cause offence. This has been the basis of prosecutions of fans of other teams to date.

“Our fans adopted the chant as a defence mechanism in order to own the term and thereby deflect anti-Semitic abuse. They do not use the term to others to cause any offence, they use it a chant amongst themselves.

“The club believes that real anti-Semitic abuse such as hissing to simulate the noise of gas chambers is the real evil and the real offence. We believe this is the area that requires a determined and concerted effort from all parties and where we seek greater support to eradicate.”

Perhaps if Herbert really cared, I mean really cared, then he could do something about the hissing noises. Perhaps if Herbert really cared, I mean really cared, then he could do something about the coin throwing. Perhaps if Herbert really cared, I mean really cared, then he could do something about the extraordinary Jew hating chants that we are routinely subjected to by Chelsea, a club now routinely referred to as The Blue Racists.

Of course Herbert won’t be remotely interested in this. It requires far deeper issues being investigated opposed to picking and choosing like some witless grandmother mithering over a tin of she didn’t even pay for.

Let’s Kick This 100% Herbert Out Of Football.

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