Date:3rd June 2013 at 6:48pm
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Gareth Bale, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid

The Hotspur Way is used to seeing some generally ridiculous statements on its Twitter timeline, but there was something particularly ridiculous about something we spotted today in amongst the universal condemnation handed out towards Adrian Durham* following his mugging in Rio.

“Not much gossip today hey Spurs fans! #boring #rubbish”

Yes, that was an actual Tweet.

For a set of supporters that rip each other to pieces come mid August through ITK based frustration, you have to laugh at the sight of one of our own moaning about it. But to be fair, we probably do all share a far softer spot for the gossip than we care to admit. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

But while that Tweet might seem like an innocuous prod at what made a pleasant change for once, is there something a little bit more sinister in the lack of transfer talk? Because in terms of Gareth Bale’s future, less, most certainly is not more.

We’re not talking about flimsy transfer rumours or seedy whoring from his equally seedy looking agent. We’re referring to cold, hard statements from either the club or the player himself.

Because the while the chances are the Bale family might well be on their holidays in Barbados, Seychelles or more likely, a cozy two bed bungalow off the M4 somewhere in South Wales, the club itself most definitely never stops to sun itself. And you can imagine there are a fair few behind the scenes at White Hart Lane who have spent the last few weeks or perhaps even longer, trying to figure out just what on earth is going to happen this summer.

Or at least, following the Luka Modric debacle – one that arguably played its part in seeing us drop the points which cost us Champions League qualification – you’d like to think that someone in the club has the foresight to prevent history preventing himself.

For better or worse, if Bale is staying or going, his fate needs to be signed, sealed and delivered by the very start of next month. Demanding? No, we’re just expecting the best for our football club.

On the face of it, Gareth Bale probably is far too good to be playing for Spurs next season. It’s a painful, boring reality and taking your Spurs hat off isn’t something you’re really supposed to do on these pages. But after a season in which his talents were only really outshone by the two best players in European football, it seems a bit absurd to think he’ll sit out Champions League football for another season doesn’t it?

Either way, it doesn’t really matter one, tiny, little bit why he should or shouldn’t go. He will go either this season or the next. But if it is to be this season, for the good of the club, he must go imminently.

Daniel Levy can flog him for £70million, £80million or even £500millon – what does that money really matter if we have a week to bring in the replacements, endure a pre-season of uncertainty and hell as well as start the first three games of the season at a distinct disadvantage to our rivals?

Does this mean we should bend over and accept whatever Real Madrid or whoever else fancy giving us for our star asset? No, not by any means.

But what we do need is a sense of realism from both the club and chairman. We currently possess a squad that past the starting XI, has some really quite concerning flaws and it’s one that’s lack of depth was brutally, brutally exposed in the season’s final weeks. Those holes are going to take a fair bit of time to fill regardless of a potential Bale departure.

Now should he go, we will have a small fortune – even if not all the funds are pumped into the first team – to plug those holes. But we needs a pre season with an assembled squad, looking to build something in time for the new season. Not after it’s already started.

With no major tournament this summer (for those who are screaming Confederations Cup, have a day off) there can be no excuses. If Cristiano Ronaldo’s world record departure from Manchester Untied in 2009 was all wrapped up by July 1st, this notion that the size of Bale’s deal will add more time on to it, is absolute garbage.

New contract or record departure – whatever it is, it must be done soon. Anything short is simply unacceptable.

*the Hotspur Way insists that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke


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