Remembering ‘Ginger Pele’

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Bought by Luton old boy David Pleat for £1m back in 2000, Doherty epitomised the distinctly average nature of the Spurs set-up at the turn of the millennia.

Dubbed ‘Ginger Pele’ by his loyal cult following, Doherty was a player that fancied himself as both an attacker and defender but if we are honest he was never really that good at either. As was characteristic of the Spurs management structure at the time it took a good few years before the club realised the reality of Doherty’s shortcomings.

The label of a utility defender is always somewhat questionable, able to play in a number of positions but not really talented enough to establish himself in any particular role. His defensive mishaps were enough at times to make Anthony Gardener look like a saint.

That being said we loved him all the same.

This was a darker era in Spurs’ history where we perhaps just need to look back and laugh. He was eventually moved on to Norwich by the Santini/Arnesen regime after over 60 appearances.

I am pleased to note that Doc was afforded the same legendary status by fans in East Anglia.

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