Two games won, only thirty-six more to go

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It’s all looking unusually easy at the moment for Spurs; another professional if not spectacular display at the weekend saw three points added to our early season total.

It was a game that in truth we never really looked like losing.

Swansea are often famed for their possession based game which has seen them claim their fair share of scalps in recent seasons. On Sunday, they were just never really given the chance to settle. The likes of Capoue and Paulinho were ruthless in their relentless hounding of the opposition who looked in perpetual disarray in the middle of the park.

I can just imagine the cowering figures of Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey quivering at the though of going toe-to-toe with our new look midfield, Sunday just cannot come round soon enough.

Soldado is looking like a very expensive field goal specialist at the moment, aside from a few clever flicks he was never really involved enough in the game. Which to me begs the question as to where our Moussa Dembele has gone? I can only assume that the usual fitness concerns have reared their heads again because this was a less than convincing display from the Belgian.

Vertonghen and Dawson were as immense as ever, the latter at his usual agricultural best. No the Dawson diagonal has not gone out of fashion if anyone was wondering.

This now brings me onto a few gripes.

Whilst the new look pre-match entertainment was all well and good, should Spurs not be getting the basics like admitting fans right first?

Whose smart idea was it to have one StubHub booth for the hundreds of fans collecting their tickets? The endless queues down the Paxton Road just summed up what a shambolic joint operation this deal is already appearing to be.

Similarly did Ticketmaster not think it useful to send over scanners that actually worked? I forget how complicated those paper tickets use to be.

For an apparently well-run club we do have a habit of making a hash of the simple things.

Back to the football.

A huge question that has been on my mind for a while; when is Walker being booked in for his lobotomy? Another mindless display of aimless energetic bursts coupled with defensive mind blanks, and to make matters worse Danny Rose seems to have got the virus.

Those few moans aside, this was an incredibly professional job over a very capable Swansea side. Andros Townsend looked impressive on his full debut and his inclusion smacked of the new meritocratic approach to selection, totally at odds with our previous regime.

Two games won. Will we make it three against the Woolwich on Sunday?


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