He’s not the messiah; he’s a very naughty boy

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Kyle Walker

I think the International break is finally getting the best of us, two weeks without Spurs is beginning to feel like an eternity. England’s exploits are hardly the tonic for our needs, and I doubt Tuesday will be too different either.

The press appear to be bored too, unless the off-field exploits of our prodigious right back are what is deemed fit for back page news these days. Kyle Walkers “hippy crack” shame was a lead for the Mirror Sport:

“His reckless behaviour will astound fans who consider the player a hero and will concern his club and sponsors.”

“Nitrous oxide gives a feeling of intense euphoria but users can die of ­suffocation. The gas can also cause strokes, seizures, blackouts and stress on the heart.”

Now for a start I don’t condone Walker’s behaviour at all, but has it been blown out of proportion? Just a bit.

I may be no chemist but nitrous oxide, unlike what the papers would have you believe, is far from the high-risk killer that it has been painted as. Widely used in medicine as well as recreationally, where it is legal, “laughing gas” is potentially harmful in much the same way a constant hungering for a ‘Big Mac’ is.

Of course this isn’t the behaviour of an icon, but do we really expect anything different from our young full back? Walker isn’t the sharpest out there and for the Mirror to highlight him as a ‘hero’ for fans maybe takes it a step too far. A quick telling off would suffice, not the drawn out castigation that has littered the press these past few days.

If parents want their kids to have someone to aspire to in the Spurs ranks, Walker would never have been highest up on the list. The Messiah figures can be found elsewhere.

Give me the ‘Beast’ any day over the brain dead Englishman if you ask me.

All this sorry tale highlights is the need for Saturday to swing round fast, for all our sakes.


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