Date: 7th September 2013 at 9:59am
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It has been many years in the pipeline now, but the advent of the NDP was supposed to be the catalyst for a world-class regeneration of the white half of North London.  A state of the art stadium to match the stunning training centre at Bulls Cross, the NDP was meant to transform Spurs into a club able to go toe to toe financially with any in world.

Fortunately for fans the onus of architects has been on a facelift that incorporates modernity with a genuine consideration for atmosphere and acoustics. The designs of 2008 a singled tiered stand behind one end, as well as a promise that fans would be as close as possible to the pitch.

Too often modern stadia have favoured corporate capacity over anything else and left a sense of sterility where there once was heart and soul. Not for our club we all said.

Is there a potential hitch?

The club have now turned to as a means for rethinking the current plans, suggesting a possible abandonment of the original KSS blueprint. Should we fear these new boys?

Responsible for undoubted works of art like Wembley, the and the Olympic Stadium; Populous seem to have a genuine grasp for the modern needs of a sports venue whilst often leaving terrace experience a distant afterthought. Having been to all three venues on a match day I can safely say they embody the featureless wastelands that we were trying to avoid with our stadium development. Of course I am not comparing like for like, Athletics and Football are totally different beasts, but it was clearly plain to see that none of these stadia are ‘footballing’ arenas.

As it stands it is unclear whether Populous are in to consult on alterations or simply to overhaul our plans. Maybe they can steer clear of their soulless previous offerings and serve us up the stadium that we as a club truly desire. A spokesman for the club had the following to say in the :

“We have approached Populous with regards to an internal fit out of the stadium. This will have no impact on timings.”

So maybe this is as harmless bit of consultancy work and nothing more; but why then the need for a complete change in company?  Did KSS really do such a bad job on Way?

Whatever way you look at it, the move away from KSS is genuinely something to fear.

What do you think Populous’ involvement means for the NDP?