Can This Spurs Player Become A Centre-Piece?

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Spurs forward Harry Kane has turned in an immaculate season thus far for Tottenham, notching his 30th goal of the season in Spurs 3-1 victory over Newcastle on Sunday.

The England international has had a sensational campaign that has seen him score 22 times against Premier League competition, becoming the Spurs top option and a centre-piece to build upon in coming years. Spurs fans have to go back 23 years to find an attacking threat as consistent as Kane has been this season.

To say Kane has set the bar high for himself is an understatement. Kane has exceeded expectations this season, and he will be expected to live up to to his own billing in future campaigns.

Needless to say, Kane will not be an unknown entity next season as he faces stiff Premier League competition in his sophomore campaign. Coaches will plan for his presence, utilising man-marking in an effort to slow him down.

Although he will face game-plans that are specifically set against him next year, Spurs fans should be very optimistic about Kane’s chances of getting better each year. He is incredibly young, just 21 years old, and possesses leadership qualities that make even seasoned veterans take notice.

Kane’s consistent display of uncanny touch and vision, to go along with his obvious comfort heading the Tottenham attack, make him a very valuable cornerstone piece for Spurs to keep.

Not bad for an academy player coming through the ranks.

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