Spurs Look to Aquire Czech Keeper

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With all signs pointing towards Hugo Lloris leaving North London for Manchester United this summer, Tottenham are now forced to look for potential replacements.

Indeed, the French international is looking to play Champions League football and Spurs have failed to qualify for the league in each of the past four years, leading to Lloris’ desire to leave Tottenham for a team that will be able to qualify.

With very few solid options on the market, Spurs are reportedly looking to aquire¬†the signiture of Chelsea’s second string keeper, Petr Cech.

Cech is a very capable goal-stopper who has lost his first string position with Chelsea. The Czech international is unhappy playing behind Chelsea’s preferred keeper, Thibaut Courtois, and wants to return to the starting lineup for a different team.

If Lloris does in-fact leave White Hart Lane, Tottenham will enter the race to aquire Cech, although they will face stiff competition in obtaining him. Cech is reportedly also considering teams such as Arsenal, Liverpool and Inter Milan.

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