Van Der Vaart’s New Love [photo] & Three Unrelated Moans

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Good morning fight fans.

Every site is telling us that Dances with Scones has got away with ‘that’ incident. I beg to differ. He would have generated less publicity had he been carded there and then. All this business has done is ensured that every referee between here and Hong Kong has watched the footage – which in slo mo does Tommy no favours at all – and pretty much leaves him a marked man in Europe.

Another niggle revolves around Europe and specifically the Inter Milan game. Or rather the manner in which the whole ticketing deal is being handled. An allocation of 5000 seems on the low side and explained away by THFC as being down to operational reasons.  Presumably that translates to how many gendarmes they can rustle up.

You’d think with all that filthy Champions League loot flying about some of it might be diverted from disappearing into Club coffers and go into making the event more accessible to fans… who will will not add to the occasion but also …ultimately generate …more money.

And there is of course the endless dramas faced by fans who want to simply stay either at home or go to the juicer to watch a game. The Landlord of the Red, White & Blue pub in Portsmouth is tilting the windmill marked, ‘Premier League’.

Karen Murphy is attempting to assert her right to buy what she wants in terms of televised games. Her argument certainly makes sense financially. The Red, White & Blue is typical of a vast number of British boozers. Not very big and probably in these testing times scrapping for every penny. The cost of Sky for any licensed venue can be in excess of £1000, whilst a comparable service from a company such as Nova bills in at about a tenth of that.

And you don’t have to put up with the monkey pawed Dicky Keys or the balloon with pubes stuck it’s sides that is Andy Gray.

If Karen is successful it’ll be not so much a landmark case but a modern day equivalent of the collapse of the Roman Empire. I wish her well, but if it happens I’d like to request my hat be marinated in Nando’s Peri Peri sauce prior to me tucking in.

My solution would be for the clubs to license the Premier League to flog TV Season Tickets. As longs as going to a game is 100 times better than watching it on the telly, attendances won’t be affected.

Many supporters simply can’t get to games anymore. Pick a factor. Cost. Kids. Travel. The general agg of getting from where they live to their stadium of choice. Membership charges, handling fees, recorded delivery, hotels, buses, tubes that are shut… the list goes on forever.

The cost of such a lunatic scheme would ultimately be against what the market could bear, but hey we need something to whine about. No?

Or you can go bald trying to get a naffing online stream to work.

Oh yes, here’s VdV tucking in to some old dear…

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  • marts2smooth says:

    I would suggest not talking about football streams to much as HH may get in to trouble… :(

  • welshyid says:

    here in sunny perth i watch every game live….. all for the small fee of $50 per month. triffic

    • spurlative says:

      Is that on Aus Sky? Is it satelite?

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        If you want to watch LIVE games then get something more suited to your location and requirement. When I lived in Spain I could watch Sky (except for Ch.5 surprise surprise and no loss) on a dodgy Sky box, and many MORE live football games via a Canal+ box. You could even get an African box and watch games from that!

        It will largely be dependent on where you’re at as to which satellites you can hook up with, and what size dish you could (legally) put up. For instance, the Sky box needed a very large dish – 1.2M where I was if memory serves…

        I think the FA are way behind the times, and should offer all games live via their website for a one-off paid fee (to International subscribers only). A service which other US (sport) leagues such as MLB and NFL already provide and have done so for years now.

        That way the FA/clubs can’t say it really affects ticket sales, and it brings in yet another revenue stream (nice choice of words there). Plus, with the right setup, (home cinema/TV with Wireless/WIFI, DLNA support) you can then watch it on your telly as well. It’s the way forward!

        • spurlative says:

          Getting something more suited for the location that is the UK market is the tricky part and what we are discussing. As you and i agree(as i previously said in a reply earlier on) all the games should be available online without taking away from the current packages available in any given country.
          I care about this, but pretty sorted as i pay 10euros a month to watch every game. if i paid an extra 4 i would get it in HD.(but i dont live in the UK hence the fact that this is available to me)
          Relative to the UK market, in Holland, the Local league games are a more expensive subscription because its the local market (tv rights etc) but you can also watch them online for 6euros a game throug the leauges official website. So they are with it let say. Prem league take note.

        • 7screws says:

          @MysteriousStranger living in america i find it absurd that i hear these posts about how people in the UK cant access the Premier League games. here between the early saturday game on ESPN, the games i get on Fox Soccer Channel (for a fee of 7.00 dollars a month) and the games they provide on (for an additional 14 dollars a month) and a few good (alhtough illegal streaming sites. i havn’t missed a Spurs game in a couple years due to it not being on. With the Premier League being the biggest league in the world in terms of money and followers, it is absurd that there is not a type system set-up for all Premier league games through either each clubs site or through the Premier League official site. when it comes to technology the FA in general and the clubs are really really lacking

      • welshyid says:

        yes, fox sports…. like sky sports but twice as sh!t.

  • moosetheyid says:

    Reply for Alboy

    Could do that mate, just a word of warning, think its going to be difficult to get a ticket on the day, and if you do might find you can’t get in with it.
    Had a look around and it seems to be able to get a ticket you need to supply passport info etc, plus an address in milan to have tickets delivered to as they don’t release them until a few days before game
    Have a look at “” they have tickets but bloody exspensive

    • When we played Milan a few years back we bought them on the day off the game for a neutral section from one of the banks in Milan.

      Just had to supply passport.

      Suppose it might depend on the Poliza.

  • HarrysAplonker says:

    Oh dear Harry….still having delusions of the baird.

    Mate you really nedd to READ what you are typing… need to make sense mate…..if you could write one tenth as good as it sounds inside your head it might just be passable.

    Now go away my dear lad….your starting to annoy me!

    • Jazz15c says:

      I’m guessing no-one is gonna dignify this prick with a response…well I will.

      If you don’t like what you’re reading on this site then piss off to another one.

      It’s quite simple really, I don’t like Coronation Street, so guess what…I don’t watch it. I certainly don’t waste my time watching something I don’t like merely to criticise it. Take that mouse and click onto a different site, rumour has it that there are plenty to choose from.


    • Alboy says:

      …and you NEDD to get a life, you sad, sad man…

    • Spurstacus says:

      Oh dear Harry….still having delusions of the baird.

      Baird?? Baird??? John Logie you mean? Or did you mean bard, like shakespeare?

      I’m all for a bit of banter but really that comment is just rubbish.

  • MedwayMan says:

    The Champions League was set up to prevent a breakaway European League as the major clubs wanted the guaranteed money that European ties brought in. Football is not about the fans, although it should be, it is not even about sport anymore, it is about business, everything else is window dressing.

    • TMWNN says:

      Too true. We’ve all been taken for mugs and have allowed these berks to steal our game.

      Shame on all of us.

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