5 To Be Offloaded In January

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What’s that gently flowing through my veins? Oh yes my old companion inertia. My proposed sojourn to the shops for a delicate bout of hoisting will at least keep me Royal Wedding gush free.

‘They are very much in love’ says some commemorative plate manufacture in Swindon with the sort of conviction he last used  when his bank manager questioned the viability of a business model that only peaks around the ceremonies and anniversaries of one family in the bleedin’ country.

And so to the football. Tonight is International Night! Oh sod it. I’m staying glued to TV all day just in case ‘Loose Women’ get a newsflash exclusive on THE dress’s designer.

So now seamlessly here’s  players I’d like shot of in January.


Plagued by ‘off the pitch’ allegations that happened to neatly coincide with him not being deemed fit to play for the first team he has at last found form that might justify Levy & Co’s optimistic price tag.


Alas he’s probably unsellable. Many  shrewd observers have stated that he hasn’t been that bad. I fall into the category of those who could cope with the whole Woolwich business if he was as good for us as he was for them. He hasn’t been.


Very similar angle as per Begbie. He has been on and off like a students snooze button for gawd knows how long. But now, now, he appears to have come good. Let’s not hesitate and repatriate him with the Toon in a bundle deal for Carroll.


I don’t buy into him being the great motivator, I don’t buy into the illustrious past tale anymore either.If Rooney fails to score in his next few games, Bobbity can tell people he’s now the 2nd most unpopular player in the league.


This smacks of impatience, but at least his stock remains passably buoyant. For a Premiership striker his record this term sucks. If there is a market for strikers like Kenny Pineapple, there is a market for Crouchinio.We sorely need someone better.

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  • welshyid says:

    umm.. … … 1st

  • welshyid says:

    Well HH, have you been on the pop… …. i dont think Arry will sell 3mp :unsure:

  • lobo says:

    i wish you would write the correct names so we know who the feck your on about

  • welshyid says:

    why dont i just shut the f**k up, i did not see this part in the excitment of being 1st

    So now seamlessly here’s players I’d like shot of in January.

    tail between legs and walks of slowly :pinch:

  • jj says:

    great, so we deplete our squad by 5 players, hit our usual injury crisis and leave ourselves short. Genius. In reality there are only two players we can let go that wont dramatically effect our squad strength. Bentley and Keane, two big earners off the payroll and neither play anyway.

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